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Paid Writing Gigs: 20 Fitness Magazines That Pay up to $500 Per Article

fitness magazines that pay writers

Fitness magazines are constantly looking for freelancers, as there are quite a few of them out there. Many of these publications offer small prizes, or health-related items in return for articles and stories submitted to them.

We wanted to introduce you to the following publications which will offer you real work and pay you — in many cases — very well. Many of the magazines listed here require prospective writers to query them before getting to work, so please do read their sites in detail to see where your skills match their requirements.

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1. CrossFit Journal

Pay: Unspecified

CrossFit Journal is a publication dedicated to functional fitness. They are in need of content in the following categories:  general evidence-based fitness, empirical results, “black box” testing; exercise science, physiology, biomechanics, training tools, equipment, home gyms, do-it-yourself gear, gym design; books, videos, Internet resources; relevant military, LEO, first-responder topics; training and personal safety. Their articles range between 1,500 and  3,500 words and longer. They pay on publication.

This magazine publishes original content only, and welcomes photos with submissions.

2. Women Running

Pay: Unspecified

Women Running is a women-specific running magazine and it covers all aspects of the running lifestyle. This publication prefers queries rather than full articles. Length of articles are between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Pay varies based on article scope and writer experience.

3. Vibrant Life

Pay: $100 – $300

Vibrant Life is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to promoting mental clarity, physical health and spiritual balance from a Christian perspective. They welcome both completed articles and queries. Articles length range from 450 to 1,000 words. They pay between $100 to $300 upon acceptance of articles.

This publication also invites freelancers to submit quality photographs, pertinent to their stories.

4. Experience Life

Pay: Unspecified

Experience Life is a widely-circulated magazine, which promotes a healthy way of life. They prefer receiving pitches and queries, rather than full articles or manuscripts. Articles length range from 500 to 3,500 words. They pay upon publication.

This publication has a comprehensive submissions guidelines page. Please consult this for more detailed information.

5. Idea Fit

Pay: Unspecified

Idea Fit publishes a wide array of original content that meets the need of fitness professionals. They invite prospective freelancers to send in queries rather than completed manuscripts. Details of length and payment are determined by the editor after your idea has been reviewed.

They pay 60 days after final acceptance of manuscripts.

6. Box Life Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Box Life Magazine is a CrossFit publication dedicated to covering everything from nutrition, weightlifting, overall mental & physical fitness and motivation. Articles length range from 600 to 2,500 words.

This magazine invites freelancers to send in electronic submissions only, and welcomes photos with your stories.

7. Healthy Living Magazine

Pay: $150

Healthy Living Magazine covers a wide range of topics related to living healthy, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and more. They prefer to receive articles rather than queries, and reply within 6 business days if your article is to be published.  They pay $150 upon publication.

Please read their terms and conditions for further details.


Pay: $500

T’ai Chi Magazine is dedicated to publishing articles on self-defense, internal skills, health, meditation, fitness, self-improvement, ch’i cultivation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and spiritual growth. Articles range from 500 to 3,000 words – and more. They pay between $75 to $500. This is determined by article length and quality. They make payment upon publication.

Tai Chi Magazine has specific manuscript details, available in full on their website.

9. Runners World

Pay: Unspecified

Runners World Magazine publishes quality, widely-read articles related to the running lifestyle. They consider full articles for certain departments in the magazine. They pay on publication.

Runners World warn that they already have staffers who fill most of their editorial needs. They however, have openings for freelancers who fit their brief. Please consult their website to see if you qualify.

10. Snow Shoe Mag

Pay: Unspecified

Snow Shoe Magazine is a long-running publication, focusing on snowshoers of all levels; nutrition information for fitness enthusiasts; and equipment and gear reviews. They encourage freelancers to submit queries rather than finished articles.

Articles range from 500 to 2,000 words. New writers are invited to send in links to previously published articles along with their queries.

11. The Health Journal

Pay: 15 cents per word

The Health Journal is written for, and marketed to readers interested in essential health topics related to optimum physical and emotional wellness. They like to receive full articles via email and pay 14 cents per word.

This publication has specific editorial guidelines, so follow these to the letter, if you’d like to submit work to them.

12. Radish Magazine

Pay: $150

Radish Magazine is dedicated to improving readers’ health through the natural foods and correct lifestyle choices. They are in need of content on the following topics: Eating Right, Great Places, Health & Fitness, Food for Thought and more.

They pay between $50 and $150 – depending on length and quality of work. Radish magazine has only a limited number of freelance opportunities, so do consult their website before starting work.

13. Yoga Journal

Pay: Unspecified

Yoga Journal covers the practice and philosophy of yoga. They are in need of content for the following departments: Om, Eating Wisely and Yoga Scene. Articles range from 150 to 1,400 words.

Yoga Journal encourages writers to email queries instead of full articles. They like their writers to be familiar with what they publish, so it’s a good idea to read a couple of magazines before sending in your proposal.

14. Men Fitness Australia

Pay: Unspecified

Men Fitness Australia is Australia’s premier health and fitness magazine. They cover topics on exercise, health, nutrition, training and sport. They expect you to pitch your ideas for response on payment and length.

This publication happily accepts pitches from new writers, but copies should be suitable, exciting and informative.

15. Impact Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Impact Magazine publishes information about Western Canada’s individual sport and fitness world. They expect you to pitch your queries and ideas to the editor. Articles start from 600 words.

This magazine encourages writers who have an expertise in their chosen subject to query, so it would be beneficial to write them a proposal if you fit the bill.

16. Natural Awakenings

Pay: Unspecified

Natural Awakenings magazine is dedicated to publishing information on natural living topics to help readers attain a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Before writing, they prefer you to pitch your ideas to the editor. Articles range from 250 to 1,200 words (sometimes longer).

There are precise guidelines on their website. Please do read this fully if you wish to write for this publication.

17. Inside Fitness Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Inside Fitness magazine promotes health, fitness, and wellness. They like to review your idea before you begin writing.

This magazine is especially happy to hear from industry professionals, so send in your proposal if you fit the bill.

18. Carolina Fitness Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Carolina Fitness is Carolina’s State magazine dedicated to fitness. They expect you to pitch your ideas, including the length of the proposed article. Payment is discussed.

This publication actively encourages unsolicited articles, but they must be sent by email.

19. Austin Fit

Pay: Unspecified

Austin Fit is a long-running, widely-read magazine, focused on keeping the Austin area residents fit, healthy, and active. They accept both queries and manuscripts by post or email.

Submissions have to be sent through their unique online system.

20. WOD Talk Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

WOD Talk magazine is a functional fitness lifestyle magazine. They are in need of content on the following subjects: functional fitness, nutrition, recovery and sports psychology. Articles range from 500 to 1,500 words. They accept queries and manuscripts.

This publication is also happy to receive photos from freelancers.


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