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Finance Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Guest blogging can be a very effective way to grow your online business.

Whether it is to build social proof as a freelance writer, have samples of your work published on authoritative blogs/publications, or promote your online business, you can make guest blogging work for you.

If you’d like to guest post in the finance niche, below are some blogs that are willing to accept your post. If you’re looking for blogs outside of the finance niche, you cancheck out our list of blogs that accept guest posts in other niches.


Alexa Rank: 337,265

Domain Authority: 44

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read through the guidelines and contact the team before submitting. You must have an active blog.  Your post should promote financial independence.


Alexa Rank: 339,353

Domain Authority: 43

How to Submit  a Guest Post: Personal stories have a higher chance of getting published. Topics about investment, money-saving or smart earning advice are preferred. Read the guidelines for more information. Pitch your idea via email.


Alexa Rank: 1,355,433

Domain Authority: 39

How to Submit a Guest Post: You should either be a member of the Yakezie Group or owner/author of a personal finance blog. Once accepted it becomes the property of Beating Broke. Write about your ideas in the contact form and wait for a response. Read more in the guidelines.


Alexa Rank: 267,266

Domain Authority: 51

How to Submit a Guest Post: Build up a relationship with the blog owner by commenting on blog posts, connecting on Twitter, or getting involved in the Facebook group forum. For more information, read the guidelines page.


Alexa Rank: 219,842

Domain Authority: 36

How to Submit a Guest Post: It helps if you’re interested in personal finance, financial products and financial literacy. As this is an Indian financial website, knowledge of Indian investment situations will be a bonus. You can find more details here.


Alexa Rank: 341,535

Domain Authority: 52

How to Submit a Guest Post: You must meet certain criteria to get published. Format your post correctly, so it’s readable and scannable. Send the article in the body of your email. Read the guest post guidelines for more details.


Alexa Rank: 317,988

Domain Authority: 52

How to  a Submit Guest Post: Find out what works on this blog by reading the top posts. Next, check out the topics covered here.  You’re free to republish after 30 days. Email your submission. Read the guest post guidelines for more information.


Alexa Rank: 617,492

Domain Authority: 42

How to Submit a Guest Post: Posts are accepted from personal finance blogger. Email at least two ideas for consideration. Make sure your post is original and edited. Read the guidelines for more details.


Alexa Rank: 1,900

Domain Authority: 82

How to Submit a Guest Post: Writer about Biblical principles and advice on how to pay off debt and build wealth. Articles on the right topics will encourage their community of loyal readers to interact and engage. Submit your guest post in an email. Read more here.


Alexa Rank: 2,594,996

Domain Authority: 24

How to Submit a Guest Post: The categories include mortgages, insurance, credit cards, money saving tips and energy saving. Make sure your written English is of a high standard. Fill in this contact form for more information.


Alexa Rank: 1,642,859

Domain Authority: 28

How to Submit Guest a Post: Guest posts must bring fresh perspectives and inspire the readers. Ensure your post is proofread and edited for grammar and spelling mistakes. Inappropriate links will be removed. Read the submit a guest post guideline for more details.


Alexa Rank: 1,451,922

Domain Authority: 28

How to Submit a Guest Post: Content can be on any topics related to finance such as money saving tips, discount vouchers and reducing costs of products. More information is available here.


Alexa Rank: 151,999

Domain Authority: 56

How to Submit a Guest Post: Having a personal blog is a bonus. Otherwise, you need to provide a writing sample. Before you submit a guest post, complete the contact form on the guest post policy page.


Alexa Rank: 18,760

Domain Authority: 70

How to Submit a Guest Post: First, read the guide for writing a guest post for valuable tips. Write an original post. Back it up with research, charts, data and expert quotes. Fill in the contact me page with your ideas.


Alexa Rank: 40,081

Domain Authority: 62

How to Submit a Guest Post: Your guest post will be accepted if you’re a certified public accountant or want to influence the profession. Get detailed information here about guest posts. To begin, register and create a blogging account. Read the rules and guidelines page for more details.


Alexa Rank: 119,279

Domain Authority: 40

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write for the target audience who are physicians, dentists and other professionals looking for financial advice. It helps if you’re a regular reader of this blog. Submit your post via email. Read more about submitting on the guest post policy page.


Alexa Rank: 703,634

Domain Authority: 44

How to Submit a Guest Post: First, send an email to approve topic which could be about  investing, saving or frugal living. The guidelines have more details with links to other guest blogger’s content.


Alexa Rank: 63,940

Domain Authority: 74          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Due to the high submissions of guest posts, you must meet certain criteria. Your post should be original and story based. Cite your sources, proofread and edit before submitting. Read the guest post guidelines here.


Alexa Rank: 1,898,336

Domain Authority: 29          

How to Submit a Guest Post: The team reserve full editorial and approval rights and will remove inappropriate links. You can republish your post after three months. Read more in the guidelines which also has the contact submission form.


Alexa Rank: 34,068

Domain Authority: 67          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read the submission guidelines before submitting a guest post. It should be well-written with practical money-saving tips, advice or ideas.  Show an interest in the blog by following it and commenting on posts


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