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My Income and Traffic Report – February 2011

I make it a duty to report my earnings and traffic on this blog every month irrespective of the amount of money I make or the amount of traffic I get. My reasons for this are numerous, some I won’t even be able to say but my ultimate reason is to inspire you and let you know that I truly know what I’m saying.

I’m not writing these reports to brag (or at least so I think) and I try to make this clear by giving as many helpful tips as I can below these reports so that you can be able to achieve what I have achieved and even more: To be completely truthful with you, I might be happy making thousands of dollars monthly but my money has little impact on me because I’m only after true success, and the only successful man is one who can help others achieve success too.

This month isn’t the best month as many of you will see but it looks like the best month for me. My income for this month wasn’t great and I’ll explain why below, but my traffic was okay and I hope to significantly improve both in the coming months.

February Traffic Report

February was really great in terms of traffic and one great thing that happened to me that made me happier is getting my guest post featured on Smart Passive Income. It was a really great achievement for me in my blogging career. If you also observe me closely you will notice I didn’t write many guest posts in February. In fact, I didn’t write a single guest post in February because I believe it should be a month for me to rest and enjoy myself – not just work, work, work. And believe me, I will be out soon and you will begin to see me on most of the top blogs in the industry…or at least, I’ll try to be on most of them. Below is my traffic screenshots for the month of February:

Main Traffic Report

According to the above screenshot I have been able to increase traffic to this blog compared to last month and what is most notable is the bounce rate and average time spent on site. 10,461 is a big number to some people but to me it’s somehow ridiculous.

Top Traffic Sources

If you take a look at the top traffic sources you will see that Smart Traffic Income was the third top traffic source followed by my mailing list. I was able to get published on Smart Passive Income in February and around 600 of those 800+ visitors were from my guest post. I also got some traffic from my comments on the blog and my overall remark is that the blog is awesome, not only when it comes to the amount of traffic but the quality of traffic also.

While getting 500 visitors from my mailing list might look awesome to some of you I’d like to tell you this is very small for so many reasons especially considering the fact that I had problems with email broadcasts in February. Nevertheless, it still goes further to prove that there is power in building a mailing list: If you’ve been hearing people say you can get more traffic to your blog by building a mailing list, this is what they mean.

Top Content

Something that happened that gave me more insight into what is happening and how to improve this blog is the last screenshot. You will notice I’m supposed to only show around the top 10 content but I showed the top 25, my reason for this is to give you more insight into what is going on on this blog and some remarkable changes that will be happening soon – I believe it will be best for us.

Try to take a look at all the above posts and you will notice something, all the popular posts in the above list were posts I wrote and there was hardly any guest post that made the list (except for a few exceptions). I’m not someone who is really concerned about checking my stats other than knowing the number of people who visited my blog in a day or in a month but I recently started taking a look at the majority of my most popular posts and there wasn’t much guest posts on the list so you will start seeing more posts from me and VERY VERY few guest posts. I might even publish 2 posts in a week and not publish a single guest post instead of trying to meet with a schedule of 3 posts a week – what matters most isn’t meeting with a deadline or writing for its sake but writing something that is genuinely useful: For example, most of my most popular posts were written last year so instead of trying to publish more guest posts for the sake of having more content I believe my effort should be better focused on having more evergreen content.

So to every guest blogger, I want the best for myself and this blog so if you’re not sure of your skills you might not want to submit a guest post because most of them will be rejected before they are read. If you have really great guest posts I can assure you this community will be more than happy to support you.

The Best Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

10,461 monthly visitors isn’t the best in the world and I can tell you it is relatively small compared to what most people get, but I can tell you I got something more important than millions of visitors, and that is the knowledge and not the traffic. There is no point in having a million visitors if I won’t be able to gain that much if I were to start a new blog. If I were to build another blog, here’s what I will do.

1. Focus on Giving the Best of Your Content

I know this might be really difficult because you might even have to give out your secrets, but believe me, doing this has made me thousands of dollars. A great tip is to teach people from experience because doing this reflects greatly in your writing and your readers will appreciate you greatly for this.

2. Recruit as Many Help as You Can

I don’t usually do this but it can sometimes be helpful. I’ve been lucky to get people like Matt Wilson and Jared O’Toole from Under30CEO tweet my posts. The result of this is that it is AWESOME and it leads to more traffic. My first post that was tweeted was about entrepreneurs going to college and that sent in some cool traffic. Getting people like these to help spread the word about your content will go a great way to impact your blog, and your success.

3. Don’t Sit Down There Doing Nothing

If you think I just wrote great posts and expected traffic to come you’re mistaken. My second top traffic source is Google because I built a lot of links, my third and fifth traffic sources are my guest posts on Smart Passive Income and Problogger respectively because I did something to spread the word about my blog and help improve other people’s blogs. Even though I’m not that good at social media, I got over 1000 visitors from different social media sites combined and what all these means is that I didn’t just sit down there doing nothing, and so you shouldn’t. If you want traffic, do something! Go out there, spread the word about your blog…don’t just read and read and read and be inspired and be motivated and this and that, because they won’t give you anything – it is your actions that will give you results.

4. Optimize

A lot of people get traffic blindly. They believe that they only need to combine a lot of tactics and expect the traffic to come – it doesn’t work that way! I stuck to guest blogging for one reason, and that reason is because it worked for me. Try to take a look at the top traffic sources that give you the best results and focus on them and them alone, you will get more results from this than from implementing all the traffic tips in the world.

My Income Report

How much did I make in the month of February? $10,000? $7,000? If you’re thinking around that line then you’re wrong. Below is a breakdown of my earnings for the month of February:

Writing Services: $2,200

Affiliate Marketing: $400

Total Income: $2,600

While February isn’t the best month in terms of income I can tell you February was my best month because life isn’t about how much money you make but what you get from life. I made a lot of income in January but I was experiencing a lot of problems and my life was unbalanced, things began to settle late January and early February and because of my health and several other reasons I decided to give myself some rest in February so my income was affected. I have decided to raise the bar this month and I have plans to make over $7,000 this month – this isn’t impossible especially considering the fact that the more I work the more I earn. I have decided to focus more on my writing services for this month so you should be expecting something big in this month’s income report.

My Only Tip to Help You Make Money Online

Reiterating the fact from my recent post on why some people might not make a fraction of what I make online I’d like to give you a single tip which I believe is the best when it comes to making money online. And that tip is to genuinely help people the best way you can. Don’t try to be a copycat because it won’t take you far but look for one thing you’re best at and use it to genuinely help others. It is from this you will be able to make more money.

My point here is that if you have a thing for noticing errors in posts, books and anything writing you might want to start a service in which you charge people for proofreading their work and if you’re best at helping people live a better life you might want to start a service as a life coach. I so much love writing and I never get tired of it, I can write posts that are thousands of words long (like this report) and I can write tens of posts a day, and to make things even better, I’m around 70 words per minutes fast when it comes to typing. I’m utilizing this gift of mine by focusing on making more money from writing than from any other thing, and there’s nothing to say that can’t be you.

Stay in Touch

My income reports are usually the most viewed posts on this blog and both income reports I’ve written have been viewed at least 1200 times each. I’m not utilizing these reports effectively so I’d like to do so now.

If you really love my blog, my work and what I stand for you might want to stay in touch. While this can help boost my numbers, my ego (if I do really care about that one – I don’t know, though) and my success it will also help you tremendously because I have a lot of great plans for this blog (I always have:) – but this time it will be different). I plan to be releasing some very helpful ebooks that will be available to subscribers only soon, I will also be increasing the value of the posts on this blog and there are a lot of cool incentives available to subscribers of this blog alone. If you really want to be a partaker you can subscribe to this blog via EMAIL or RSS, you can subscribe to my newsletter by downloading my guest blogging guide and you can follow me on facebook by liking me on the sidebar and on twitter here.

60 Comments on "My Income and Traffic Report – February 2011"

  1. semmy @ Make Money Online says:

    Hi Oni nice income! Hope you will reach your income goal! Look forward another posts!

    • Onibalusi says:

      I’m so sure I’ll reach it. The fun of it is how everything goes though.

  2. Samuel says:

    Nice one bro! The quality of your post matters a lot. When you keep sticking to schedule, it might affect your post! Readers appreciate WOW content and not sticking to post schedule! What’s the probs with your health bro? What genotype are you? Sorry for being down for a while. Awesome report man, atleast you’re still hitting some bars 🙂 keep up the good work! You rock 🙂

    • Onibalusi says:

      I think my genotype is AC. I’m glad you loved the report 🙂

      • First time I’m hearing of the AC genotype. I hope it ain’t one of those that makes people fall sick frequently.

        May you get well soon.

        Nice income report. I might have to research CloudCrowd and see if I can get any work there.

        BTW in the post your anchor text was SMART TRAFFIC INCOME instead of SMART PASSIVE INCOME 😉

  3. Ding Neng says:

    Hey Oni, I’m proud of your achievement, because you achieve both monetary and time freedom this month 🙂 You are probably the most hardworking blogger I know. Work hard, but remember to play too!

    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha Ding,

      Thanks so much for your awesome support, and believe me, I so much appreciate and respect you.

      I’ve also been resting since the first of this month so I will be starting work full force next week. I’m going offline as soon as I reply this comment 🙂

  4. Nice one Dele. Your report always ginger my swagger. Thanks for sharing!

    • Onibalusi says:

      You’re really very fast. It seems your comment was even live before I hit the publish button 🙂

  5. Pumama says:

    Nice Stats! I always follow you. I see that your affiliate incomes is larger than last month. Very Good!

    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha, it seems I’m getting more results from it as my traffic increases 🙂

  6. Hey Oni,

    I agree with you when you said “life isn’t about how much money you make but what you get from life.” I can relate this with one’s satisfaction when doing thing with all his passions. After all, money is not everything in our life…doing something we love that makes us always want to give and give without complaining.

    I also agree of the great tip you shared,”Don’t try to be a copycat because it won’t take you far but look for one thing you’re best at and use it to genuinely help others”. I plan to start a life coaching program in future since my girlfriend and I, we just realized that I’m good at it.

    Man, you are so genuine in sharing your wisdom with your readers, I wish you all the best with your aim of generating $7,000 for this month income.

    I really really look forward to learn with you personally of being successful blogging and making money from it as well.

    Thank you for all the tips and guides, God bless you!

    • Onibalusi says:

      That’s so awesome to hear and I’m always really happy to hear from you 🙂

      I achieved a lot in January compared to other months in my blogging career but considering the state of my life, the peace of mind and every other thing February is the best. This month is going really great so far and I hope it becomes even better than February :).

      Thanks so much and have a great day!

  7. Vivek Parmar says:

    Impressive rise in traffic as compared to last month and a significant drop in income (sorry for this)
    Congrats again for getting good traffic better luck next time

    • Onibalusi says:

      Exactly! There’s really nothing to be sorry about. I’m so happy!

  8. Roy @ Work from Home says:

    I look forward to these posts every month – hope you make the $7000 in March. Don’t work too hard!

  9. Krzysztof says:

    I have a question about your only tip to make money online…

    What can do a man whose interest is “make money online” niche? With no experience and knowledge about the niche and market?
    How will I receive the best content and help people if I haven’t got any of the two the most important things – experience and knowledge? How to start?
    Giving the best content is very important to me, but without these things I’m little confused…

    Thank you!

  10. Manuel says:

    Even though you didn’t make as much money as you did in January, you have still achieved something worth sharing… your work is getting better (I mean the quality).

  11. I think this is an awesome report, like always.

    Now,. I see your writing service income kind of dropped since last month…

    Anyway, I like you took better snapshots these time… what tool are you using?

    Keep up rising the bar! I’m not sure if you know, but your drive actually motivated me to start my 2011 daring goal: writing 50 viral blog posts.


  12. Hi Oni excellent report. And I am checking out Smart Passive Income. “The more you work the more you earn” is quite true.

    Giving yourself some rest now and then is good for your business and personal life/health.

    Good luck,

  13. Mahendra says:

    Hi Oni,
    I had noticed that you havent published ads on your blog is there any secret for that

  14. I’m confused how you have such an insanely good Alexa ranking when you get <30k hits a month?

    I love the site, read every article, but did you figure something out with Alexa? Is it that you're guest posting to people who are checking alexa rankings with the toolbar? Any special secret?

  15. Mariam says:

    hmmm… Now am thinking to consider smartpassiveincome. thanks for the share

  16. VNG says:

    Nice Report. The Visits/PIs could be a little bit better.

  17. Andreas says:

    A question about your writing services, what are your rates? I didn’t see a link to your writing services on your website.

    • Onibalusi says:

      I think I’d leave that as it is. I have an agreement with the company I work for not to disclose some information and I hope you’re not crossed if I don’t – I believe everything above and in my other income reports should be more than helpful to anyone 😉

  18. KennyVoon @Imoney2day says:

    Hi oni,

    Found your blog from somewhere. Seems like you’re doing a great job at this young age. *salute*

    You’re right. help people the best way we can.

    Your story is truly inspiring to the youg generations. If you’re willing, can I have the honour to do an interview by email with you? keep me in contact through email.

    To our success in 2011!

    Kenny Voon

  19. Jon says:

    Hi Oni,

    10k visits in a month is no easy feat for most people, great job! It’s fantastic that you identified the imbalance in your life in January and corrected it for February. The quality of life to earn your revenue is often overlooked by folks.

    Congrats on being published over at Pat’s SPI site. You seem to be more proud about showing up there than at Problogger.

    Keep up the great work.


  20. Really nice to see you sharing your blog’s traffic sources report, keep up the good work and hope your visitors will increase more and more in future.

  21. You made pretty good money from writing services and affiliate sales, considering that my blog broke 50k visits and brought in a little less than $500 for February 2011. I don’t of course make blogging or writing my full time gig and don’t do paid writing services strictly earning from passive programs like AdSense, Amazon Affiliate and occasionally some sponsored posts.

    You are doing quite well and I know many people would love to achieve your income earnings from just writing online.

  22. silpada says:

    Good achievement and I am very hopeful that your income will increase in the month of March.

  23. Hi Onibalus,

    Been following your activities since the time i spotted you on Smart Passive Income and are very much impressed by your results. So is the affiliate income merely from this blog? If so thats a fantastic result.

    I think February has been a successful month for you. Of course in February you are three days down on the previous month. Are you particpating in the niche challenge by Paddy?

    Keen to hear more great results.



  24. Neil says:

    Great job. The last few months has seen my organic traffic grow so hopefully I can get some figures like your’s soon.

  25. Bojan says:

    It’s about merging the things you love and passionate about and being useful.

    I am traffic junkie myself, I love to read blogs and I love to write, so I am trying to make most use out of it. By combining it to an endless stream of inspiration to write and read at the same time.

    I like the focus part of the traffic generation. I am social media guy and I am all over Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks, but I found that leaving blog comments leaves you with best comment back rate.

    People on Facebook and Twitter, drop by, read your stuff and go. Bloggers tend to make relationships and network among each other, which is increasingly important for you as a person and one amazing benefit.

    It’s not about ego, it’s about reaching out, so yea, drop by and leave that comment.

  26. TsarShu says:

    I like the phrase ‘my duty to post a report’! 🙂 I guess such posts and reports give chance to others and the directions where to go and where to tend.
    As usual your results were great! And your bounce rate is great in comparison with other sites and blogs!

  27. seenu says:

    Oni Your rally inspiration for many. You are reflecting your mindset thru these kind of articles.

  28. Compatible Inkjet Cartridge says:

    The more work you do online,the higher earning you make. However, if too much work already makes you sick, then it’s time to take some rest before working again.

  29. This post is very precise yet loaded with information. What more could one ask for from a good blog.Keep writing such more posts.

  30. Alex says:

    Just out of interest what writing services do you offer? Nice blog, signed up for the newsletter.

  31. DiNaRa says:

    I guess many young and newly born bloggers ‘envy’ you. They want to be like you! And earn even more! Hope your posts and tips will help them!
    Good job!

  32. Michael Pancho says:

    Awesome post man. I’m currently running my personal blog while I’m looking for a good niche to start in. Again, this is awesome. It’s an inspiration for me to start something HUGE within the next few weeks.

    Peace and cheers!


  33. Suraj says:

    Cool man. Congrats for making such a lot amount of money. All the best for your $7000 mark.

  34. This is a great one Oni,
    I really appreciate your openness about your traffic and income. If there is anything else it does, I think building confidence in other bloggers about making money from blogging is top on the list. I come here and see the possibilities hard work can bring if one decides to pay the price. You are doing fine and have been a source of inspiration. Thank you!

  35. Gon says:

    Hey mate, I’m really impressed from the way how you see blogging. You have a lots of skills, but the main thing I love from you is the fact that you LOVE TO HELP PEOPLE, maybe thats why you made your success for such a short period of time. Ive seen bloggers that only dream to earn money, but some bloggers just work hard to achieve their dream. Just thank God that gave you this success.

    Keep helping people, because that is a timeless investment.

  36. Carlton Seek says:

    It is a fact that affiliate marketing is among the simplest and most efficient ways to generate income online. However, you will have to make an effort right until you can generate income from your affiliate business. You must work hard if you want to achieve success and you will also have to apply certain tools in order to earn money.

    1. Commitment: The very first thing you have to do is to commit to yourself that you are serious with your choice, you’re serious with building your own business, serious about taking 100% responsibility with whatever you do. You might think that this sounds ridiculous, but it’ll guide you rightly on your journey. Once you can think, and are responsible like a real business owner, you’ll stand out from people.

    2. Education: The next important part that can make or break your business is your education, or your knowledge about this online business. Most people failed because they did not know exactly what Internet Affiliate Marketing is, how it works, and how they can do things correctly. If you want to see results in the long run, you must arm yourself with enough knowledge. Don’t let something that you don’t know holds you back.

    3. Focus: The laser beam can break through even the thickest plate of metal because it focuses its energy. You can break even everything if you stay focus too. Fact is, people have no advantages over you, everyone starts at the same level, the reason why some have success, some don’t lies in the word “focus”. Focus on what you can do best, on what you know the most, and go with them, you’ll join the 5% group soon.

    4. Taking actions: Isn’t it true that only taking actions can bring you closer to your goals? You can’t achieve results just by sitting there, making a wish! It’s time to put what you’ve learned so far to real actions. I know this is the hardest part, but believe me that when you can do the very first action toward your goals, the next steps will come naturally. Whatever you do, make sure that it guides you to your goals!

    5. Don’t quit: Quitters are losers! In fact, if you’re serious with your online business, having enough knowledge about what you’re doing, and are taking actions persistently, chances are you’ll never quit! Congratulations! Because most people came in fast, but they quit soon as well. If you just stay focus, taking actions, and don’t quit, you’ll be successful. Guaranteed!

    And you can also contact me on I’ll be more than happy out there to help

  37. Make Money Blogging says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for these traffic report posts. They really help in developing strategies. You also mention that it’s important to recruit others to help you out. How have you gone about doing so? I find that this is the hardest thing to do.

  38. Michael says:

    Nice, I wish I could get that much traffic. Well, let me phrase that… I can’t wait to receive that much traffic, which I am very confidant I can do as long as I am persistant. What do you mean by writing services?

  39. Java Nature says:

    you can get it because you write a beautiful content on your blog, congratulation…

  40. Constantin Gabor says:

    Awesome stuff, Onibalusi!

    I couldn’t agree more about the “genuinely help people” part. One cannot go wrong with that.

    Thanks for this! Your blog is an inspiration!

  41. ZPTsotetsi says:

    Hi Onibalusi. great brother and keep on doing what you best and keep on updating this page to motivate.

  42. csabi says:

    I have a blog:, I`m writing programming tutorials and I get the most of my traffic from

    They have an interesting widget: Tutorial Rotator, this sends me around 1.500 – 2.000 visitors / day

  43. Spyder MR1 says:

    Great site and very inpiring, thanks Onibalusi, I will definetly continue reading your posts in the future.

  44. One thing I totally agree with you is about adding value to your target audience. One should always seek to solve problems faced by people in his/her market niche.

  45. taliff says:

    Now, i getting stuck here. Nice report and hope can learn more from you.

  46. Kitchen cabinets home depot says:

    Wow!!!!!!!! oni that’s great amount of money….. It seems writing suit you well

  47. Reggie says:

    You must be really rich now. Great blog too

  48. backlink building service says:

    Oni you are making damn good amount of money. Can I get some? lol

  49. My bros I really envy this your earnings performance. Cool word of advise from you on letting people know about your secrets, it is Ironic but the most successful bloggers seem to share your opinion


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