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Must You Fake it Till You Make It?

fake it till you make itThere is a particular saying that is very common among people as far as success is concerned, irrespective of where you are in the world, and that saying is to fake it till you make it. We all have various reasons for saying and doing things but do you really believe in faking it till you make it?

Let’s face the truth, the fact that you pretend to be making it or the fact that you make people believe you’re making it does not really mean you’re making it. Faking it till you make it either leaves you in the same state you were, or worse, disintegrate or completely eliminate you; it is very rare for people to make it while faking it.

You’re Deceiving Yourself

I’m someone who set and believes in my own theories while at the same time observing carefully the theories of others. One major thing I have noticed is that the theory of you faking it till you make it is completely ineffective, especially if you’re trying it with your online business.

Take a look at the blogosphere and you’ll discover that a lot of people start blogs on the subject of making money blogging when they themselves are yet to make a Cent from their blog – it has been proved that a very large percentage of these bloggers fail within a few months of them starting their blog and the only simple reason for this is that they’re trying to fake it till they make it. People are not ready to listen to you because you want them to believe you’re saying what is true, they are only ready to listen to you because they trust what you’re saying is true.

Imagine taking medical advice from a Mechanic, you know how dangerous that can be; the same principle applies to blogging and no one is ready to listen to you teaching them how to do something when you yourself can’t do it.

It is You That Matter

A solid truth many people are yet to realize, that if realized will make a huge impact, is that it is you that matter most, far more than your audience. Believe me! You can have a blog with tons of readers from all over the world while at the same time telling them how to make money blogging when you’re not yet making money blogging; your readers will choose to believe what they want and you will also choose to believe what you want – knowing that you’re only deceiving people and that you’re not truly successful as you preach will also affect how effective you are.

We all need motivation in whatever we do and it is our achievements that motivate us. If you teach people how to make money online and you yourself are making thousands of dollars online there is a great potential of you being active for a long period of time. And also, it doesn’t matter the number of people you’re able to deceive, if you keep teaching them how to make money online but you’re yet to make money online yourself you will end up quitting.

While people’s belief in us can go a long way our belief in ourselves is even more important. It doesn’t matter how much people believe in you they cannot force you to take action, and it doesn’t matter how much people find it difficult to believe in you it is your belief in yourself that will make you take action.

True success is about sincerity which brings about true respect. If you’re claiming to be what you aren’t people will start giving you the respect you don’t deserve, and while this might be fun at first it will end up causing your downfall in the nearest future.

I have noticed that people with little to no achievements work harder to make sure they achieve something compared to people with so many achievements; and once you start seeing yourself as someone with an achievement when you’re yet to be your passion and belief in yourself will begin to die down as time goes on…and this will eventually lead to your downfall.

Over to You!

Do you really believe in faking it till you make it? Is it another busted myth? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section.

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26 Comments on "Must You Fake it Till You Make It?"

  1. Sathish @ TechieMania says:

    Hi Oni, this article reflects my behaviour when I first get into this online world three years back. Like many others I started faking it but it eventually lead to my downfall from blogging for almost two years but I have learnt from my mistake and that is what matters a lot to money. I am not writing anything in my blog until I check whether the method is working for me.

    I am sure this article will help a lot of newbie bloggers who are out there still trying to fake it and I hope they will recover from it.


  2. Too many people claim to be something they are not, I believe in having confidence but not deception. This is why I don’t sell my own eBook yet after 2 1/2 years of blogging, I feel I haven’t reached the level of success to where I can confidently preach to others and justify taking money.

  3. Samuel says:

    I don’t believe in the act of faking it, tell people who you are and the real fact about it. To be candid, only people who are earning online should venture into the MMO niche. *kinda feeling guilty* great post once again. Thanks so much 🙂 P:S great design, awesome concept haha 🙂 Rock on!

    • Liberty Reserve says:

      Yes, same here. I don’t believe the act of faking.

  4. tushar says:

    First of all, congrats for the new is awesome.
    Coming to the post, i am always against faking. i look at it in this way that if i fake something and someone comes to me asking about it, i will not have any answer and it will be doing no good for me

  5. Alex says:

    I think that this is the same issue like those that self-proclaim themselves guru’s just to trick people into thinking that they know what they are talking about.
    This is an issue of people trying to make money by actually conning people into trusting them(or at least this is how I see it).

    If you know the theory but didn’t make it in the practicality test, then it means you are not in the measure to tell other people what to do.

  6. Mahendra says:

    I have seen many people introducing themself as money making guru, internet gurs etc & faking always sucks and by the way 70% + of people can easily judge online fake

    • Liberty Reserve says:

      See click bank itself, 90% of the People who sell ebooks, earn money only by selling ebook. They do not make any more money than that.

  7. Ben says:

    What I’ve come to notice is that people, regardless of the situation, prefer to hear the truth, and admire the person more for telling the truth, whether you haven’t made it (yet) or whatnot.

    You gain more respect by telling the truth from the start, and being honest, than you do any other way 😉


  8. Maria Pavel says:

    Hello Onibalusi,

    I see you wrote another GREAT article, indeed, a myth and a great subject to discuss. Fake it ’till you make it is seen everywhere, anyone faked it ’till he made it at least a few times, it’s part of progression. Thank you very much for sharing this great article, and by the way, congratulations for the new theme, it looks great!

    Best regards,


  9. William Tha Great says:

    Hey Oni,

    Thanks for the awesome article!

    I totally agree with you my man. People should want to fake it just to impress people and or make themselves look better. You should just focus on being yourself, because in my opinion that’s the easiest route to persue. If you just let your personality out and work on branding yourself hard someone will most surely hear your cry! I find myself saying this a lot I just have to get across how true it really is!

    Thanks again!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  10. symfony says:

    I prefer staying away from any fakes. Your allegedly correct words can deceive only non professionals. But real gurus or at least people who understand what you are talking about (or don’t understand) may feel at once that you are talking nonsense. In this case your reputation can be spoilt.
    Personally, I try learning first and then doing something.

  11. John says:

    Hey Onibalusi,

    I agree, it’s extremely rare for someone to make it while faking it. It’s definitely another myth you can succeed by deceiving other people but you know in your heart that your not successful. It’s like you said it would greatly affect the way you operate.

    I want to believe in myself without having to lie about my accomplishments. I rather people respect me for things I have truly achieved. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  12. Henway says:

    I don’t believe in faking it till you make it. I believe in believing you can make it until you make it. No faking.. faking implies you actually don’t believe in yourself, which hurts your progress. You’re actually self sabotaging yourself. On the contrary, when you believe in yourself, you start doing things with confidence, and results will follow.

  13. John Papers says:

    Thanks this post..
    keep writing your blog will be more attractive. To Your Success!

  14. Hey Oni,

    It’s a sad world indeed. People think they can fake their way through anything, and they’re also slowly learning the fact that they’re destroying their own online reputation.

    I should know, I started off a blog with SEO tips and I realized that I was nowhere compared to the other experts out there.


  15. Very wise advice, Onibalusi. And yet, there is another side of the story. The reason “fake it til you make it” is such a strong “thought form” in the world is because so many people do not BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES. The “fake it til you make it” strategy does not work, as you so eloquently point out, with the outer world. No one is fooled by a “faker”. But the “fake it til you make it” strategy is INTENDED for the “inner world” to help one’s internal orientation, to help one’s internal motivation and belief about him/herself. Everyone who achieves outer success uses the “fake it til you make it” strategy in some form, whether they do it consciously or not. Any great athlete started out without his/her great athletic abilities and had to envision his/her future achievements. That envisioning and beleiving in his/her ability to achieve that success is a very positive use of the “fake it til you make it strategy”.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with such clarity,


    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Tom,

      I can totally relate with you here and even when I was new to blogging and making money online I didn’t see myself as a failure with no achievement, but as I call it, “I see my successful self” with many achievements in the future and I’m glad it worked for me.

      I’m glad you loved the post 🙂

  16. Vert Studios says:

    Wow, I just got through leaving a comment that discussed this EXACT thing. It’s SO annoying when you see all these “systems” out on the internet from people who don’t make any money online. Sadly, though, the easiest way to make money online is to convince people that you do, and then sell them information they already know.

  17. I completely agree with you my guy. Folks ought to wish to fake it just to impress people and or make on their own look far better. You ought to just focus on becoming your self, because in my opinion that’s the simplest route to persue. In the event you just allow your personality out and work on branding your self difficult somebody will most certainly hear your cry! thanks

  18. steven papas says:

    I ‘ve seen that when you try to sell something, especially a dream, a high level life style or success with money, then you pretend you are already there. I remember when I was in Amway, an MLM pseudo-business scheme, I had met people who were so blatantly fake that they actually convinced others to follow them! After spending a year there, I saw that they were only pretending to be successful and rich all that time. And this because their superiors had washed their brains. Ofcourse it helps to imagine and feel successful but we should be honest and clear with other people. Lie soon dies but truth stays in the longterm.

  19. LOL it’s kinda funny seeing 17 yr old kid making 3k/month and this question on the same page.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Robert,

      Can you please clarify?

  20. @ Robert

    There is no age defined anywhere to earn online….

    Good work ONI!

  21. Liberty Reserve says:

    I really do not fake until i earn. I always show honest proof before i make money. That is the reason, i do not make money.

  22. hp q6470a toner cartridge says:

    It is more enjoyable to blog about making money online if you yourself is already earning money online.


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