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A Fail-proof Formula to Writing Guest Posts Bloggers Can’t Reject

Does that formula even exist?

You know the one I’m talking about; that one that ensures your guest post is always accepted on any blog whose owner you contact.

I used to think it doesn’t, until I discovered it does exist.

I have been writing guest posts for over two years now, I’ve made several mistakes, and I’ve learned a lot in the process.

My guest posts are now published on almost every single blog I propose them to. To be precise, I now have a 98% acceptance rate.

Of course, I might seem like the expert now, but it wasn’t always like that.

My guest post used to be rejected a lot. In fact, bloggers didn’t always get back to me. Things have now changed, and blogs that once took months to publish my guest post now publish it in days.

I’ll be sharing my fail-proof formula to getting your guest posts published on other blogs below.

Be Off-topic, Not!

I can remember vividly, my first attempt at guest blogging on a big blog.

I failed miserably at that attempt, and I still laugh at myself whenever I think of it.

My first attempt at guest blogging on a big blog was on Copyblogger; I was still new to the game then, and I sent a post on “data entry” to Copyblogger. If you read Copyblogger regularly you will know that was completely off-topic, and I didn’t deserve a reply (even though I got one).

I haven’t tried Copyblogger again since!

Copyblogger wasn’t my only mistake as a beginner guest blogger. I also attempted on other big blogs with off-topic posts, and I got rejected as always.

Things have changed over the years, and now, I have realized that while having a stellar post is important, it doesn’t matter if that post is off-topic.

Whenever you want to submit a post to any blog, make sure that post is in line with the blog you’re submitting it to.

Be Unique

Of course it seems impossible to come up with points that have never been talked about before, but you don’t have to.

Most blogs only care about whether the point is unique to their audience. Something that has been beaten to death on your blog might be new to another blog, so make sure you take the time to research a blog and what its audience wants, and then write a post along those lines.

Personally, what I do is take a look at the most recent 30 – 60 posts on the blog I’m attempting to get published on. I then note the similarities in titles and points, and I try to come up with something extremely unique but still related to the blog in question.

I have used it for myself, and also for my clients, and it works!

Research the Key Person, and then Contact Her

Sometimes, this means you have to go through a friend of yours who’s been published on that blog before.

Before getting my first guest post published on Problogger I sent 3 – 5 pitches which never got a response. Problogger later acquired an editor, Georgina Laidlaw, who became in charge of blog posts.

I pitched her with an idea that was rejected. She gave me tips and helped me improve the idea, and I have been published repeatedly on Problogger ever since.

There is that one person that holds the key when it comes to guest posts on big blogs, and that person isn’t always the owner of the blog. Look for that person, and pitch your idea.

Little Things Matter

If you think your content is the most important part of your guest post, you’re wrong!

Of course your content matters and it is what the audience wants to read, but there are other important things.

Some other important things aside your content are:

Your Pitch: First impression always matters. The content of your first email to an editor will determine whether your content will be published or not. If it is rude and spammy, you might be blacklisted. If it is polite and shows a keen interest and understanding in the blog, you’ve just crossed a hurdle.

Your Headline: Is it attractive? Appealing? or Boring?

You need to sell your ideas to the readers, and also to the editor. A good headline helps you solve that problem, and as a result hastens your process to getting published on the blog of your choice.

Timing: Did you send your pitch when the editor is busy with requests, or when there are very few people pitching an idea? Are you trying to get a post published on a blog that hardly publishes guest posts, when the owner is active? Or when the owner is sick or traveling?

Timing matters a lot not just in our daily life affairs, but also in guest blogging. Send the right pitch, the right idea, and the right post at the right time and you will be published.

Check Out “Write Like Freddy” to Write Guest Posts that Get Published

Danny Iny from Firepole Marketing just launched a program called Write Like Freddy. The idea behind the course is to help people become better writers, and to help them get published on their favorite blogs without fail.

Danny has published a guest post on some of the biggest blogs online, so when he creates a course on guest blogging it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Check out Write Like Freddy Now!

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42 Comments on "A Fail-proof Formula to Writing Guest Posts Bloggers Can’t Reject"

  1. Kevin says:

    Well done!This is really an eye openner,i will henceforth put this tips to practice.GOD Bless you dear
    Does this also apply to paid guest blogging?

    • Kenny Fabre says:


      Oni is a genius put those plans to work, and you will get great results

    • Bamidele says:

      Yes, it applies to both.

      I can’t wait to see how the tips in this article work for you!

  2. Sheyi says:

    IMHO, using a catchy headline does not apply to guest post alone. It applies to anything one is doing online. The headline coupled with the intro, middle and last words of the article matters a lot.

    As for guest post, I still doubt myself if i will be able to write (just because I love writing and i hate to be declined) so I am thinking of hiring someone who will do the justice to any guest post I will be writing but first, putting epic posts on my blog.

    I actually saw write like Freddy and the headline was catchy like you said when writing guest post.


    • Bamidele says:

      Exactly, having catchy headlines will help every aspect of your online business; this could be emails, blog posts, guest posts or anything else.

      Write Like Freddy definitely rocks, and it’s a great program based on what I’ve seen myself!

  3. Irfan says:

    You have inspired me alot, no doubt in that.

    But I think you have not covered a point on why they take so much of time in replying to the offer they get for guest posting, and how long should one wait after sending a guest post to a blogger.

    • Bamidele says:

      Aha, that actually depends on the blogger.

      Sometimes it will take a few days, but oftentimes it can take weeks to get a reply.

      If you think it’s taking too long, make sure you send a followup.

      • Irfan says:

        I don’t understand – how to send a followup?

  4. Really good tips here on guest posting, Oni. I liked the fact that you outlined the mistakes you’ve made and got right later. A lot of bloggers make the mistake of being very condescending on their blogs. This loses them a lot of readers and subscribers because no one likes to be spoken down to.

    Great post. What happened to your SU share button? I wanted to SU this article as well as Tweet it.

    • Bamidele says:

      Aha, I think the post will be more valuable if I share based on mistakes I learn, as that is from my direct experience, and nothing can substitute experience.

      The SU share button is still below the post; I removed the one from the scrollbar for Pinterest.

      Thanks so much for the kind comment!

      Best Regards,

  5. Great tips Oni!

    Though I have yet to get started with guest posting, but I loved your tips about it. I have been following you all over and read your awesome guest post on many blogs, and that in itself has been a learning experience.

    I loved your idea of trying to pitch in the editor or that other person, not the owner of the blog ( where the big blogs are concerned!) Yes, I think that would be a good idea- something that I am surely going to keep in mind 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Bamidele says:

      Aha, thanks Harleena!

      Yeah, getting in touch with the key person can be a smart decision. Doing that alone as impacted the results I get from guest blogging significantly.

  6. Saytue says:

    Thanks for this. Learnt a lot.

    • Bamidele says:

      Awesome, I’m glad to hear that 🙂

  7. You got that right. Just like you said, Knowing the editor or the person in charge of guest post is key to getting a “YES.”

    My experience with was in the same direction. You know, it was difficult to get published in this blog, and all I did was connect with the person in charge. Had a few retweets on his campaign, commented on good posts he wrote and asked several intelligent questions.

    Within 7 days, the editor started addressing me by name.

    Here’s the catch: Until a problogger knows your name, and starts addressing you by that name, you’re a TOTAL STRANGER.

    Can a stranger’s post be accepted?

    YES it can, but it’s by CHANCE!

    Guest posting should not be done by “chance.” Eliminate all the guess work, research your topic, the blog and the audience. Find a spot that is entirely unique and ‘catch’ the blogger.

    I wish you all the best in your guest blogging career.

    Michael Chibuzor – I’m off to write!

    • Bamidele says:

      This is SMART and on-spot, bro! You’re so right about that!

      Thanks a lot for contributing to this article 🙂

  8. cash4wealth says:

    u made a great comment that i quite subscribe to Guest posting should not be done by “chance.” Eliminate all the guess work, research your topic, the blog and the audience. Find a spot that is entirely unique and ‘catch’ the blogger.

    Oni your tips will make any writer’s guest post accepted,great job as usual.thanks keep the good work and inspiration .

    • Bamidele says:

      Exactly! I’m glad my post could be of help 🙂

  9. Work at Home says:

    Outstanding post once again, Oni. I really like your persistence. My biggest problem is writing something anyone wants to read. Thanks for sharing the Write Like Freddy!

    Donnie Baird

    • Bamidele says:

      Aha, thanks Donnie!

      Write Like Freddy really rocks, so I’m very happy to recommend it!

  10. Ken says:

    Oni, another great post in this series. For new guest bloggers, I recommend finding smaller niche blogs that are actively looking for guest bloggers. You will be talking to the blog owner, can pitch your idea directly and will get a back link to your blog. This is a
    way to hone your writing skills, and will give you material to use when approaching bigger blogs that may ask for writing samples to confirm your skill,and to make sure you’re a good fit.

    • Linda says:

      Hi Ken,

      Don’t suppose you could suggest a few of these ‘smaller niche blogs’ to help get newbies started, could you 🙂

      • Edna says:

        Hy, I would also like to know which are these ‘smaller niche blogs’. Kindly keep me posted. Thanks.

    • Bamidele says:

      Exactly! That is exactly what I do when trying to guest post for links, and I can tell you it works great!

  11. Lanre says:

    Hi Oni,
    This is a really impressive post. I’m new to guest blogging and getting rejected has become a part of the game. I’m pretty sure that by applying your points, rejection will no longer be an option.

    • Bamidele says:

      Aha, rejection can be a big deal when you’re just starting, but it becomes a part of it over time.

      Kindly let me know how the tips in this article help!

  12. Ajnabii says:

    Great Post Oni,

    I always looking great posts about “How to Write Guest Post” and “How Guest Post Get Published”. You helped me alot I’ve not started yet guest posts i’m on learning stage so far once i done my guest post i’m sure all credits will be yours.


    • Bamidele says:

      Thanks Ajnabii! I’m glad I could be of help!

  13. Mahesh says:

    Thanks Oni for sharing this about writing guest post. i am newbie in field of Guest blogging and learnt alot from you.

  14. Hi Bamidele, thanks for this post, you’re indeed doing a great work. I like and appreciate your openness,very few will want to talk about when and how they missed it.

    • Bamidele says:

      Thanks, Sharon! 🙂

  15. jd durham says:

    Oni is right! We are building a small network of niche blogs for long term growth and our biggest problems are relevant posts, grammatical and spelling errors, and low word counts.

    • Bamidele says:

      Aha, that can definitely be a problem for new writers. Things get better as we improve, though.

  16. Warren Kuan says:

    I’m your big fan ONI!
    Love your writing style 🙂

    • Bamidele says:

      Thanks, Warren! 🙂

  17. Hi Oni, Thank you for this educative post. Like everything, Guest Blogging has its set of rules which must be complied with for acceptance.

    One of the best lessons I’ve got is that you must do a thorough research (reading 30 – 60 articles) about a particular blog before sending in your post because as you summed it up, “Whenever you want to submit a post to any blog, make sure that post is in line with the blog you’re submitting it to.” Thank you

    • Bamidele says:

      Exactly, Anthony!

      Research is a key part in determining how successful a guest blogger will be, so a few research definitely does help!

  18. Ryan Sprout says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I currently use blogger link up and have found excellent guest blogers! Also, having a page on your site to tell visitors and readers that you accept guest bloggers have really increased guest blogging for me!

    • Bamidele says:

      Yeah, using blogging communities definitely increase your chances of getting your guest posts published. Having a page on your blog can also have an impact when it comes to getting people to guest post on your blog.

  19. how to get rid of skin tags says:

    I’ve just gotten into guest posting and your suggestions are right on the money. My fear is always that my writing won’t be good enough and I’ll get rejected – but I suppose that’s a chance to learn and improve.

    I will check out “Write Like Freddy”

    • Bamidele says:

      Aha, that fear is a natural thing. A counter-response should be to tell yourself that “you won’t get far without trying”. Failure or success, it’s better to try.

  20. Stock Market Investor says:

    Guest blogging is supposed to be a win-win situation. The blog owner wins for additional wonderful and relevant content and you win with a backlink.

    But unless it is wonderful and relevant, rewrite your blog post to get a better chance.

    By the way, if you guys have something interesting for my blog audience, why don’t you email me and give me a try.


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