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Ethical Marketing VS Unethical Marketing

ethical marketingThe problem that bothers most newbies when trying to make money online is impatience. Yeah! impatience! many of them are in a hurry and are not ready to wait. The end result is that instead of marketing ethically these newbies begin to market unethically which is the wrong way to go.

I know how you feel and I have once been there, I don’t want you to worry or think you can’t make it, this post is here to help you.

If we are talking about someone who wants things fast, I doubt if you could have this characteristic than I do. I am about three times faster than those around me, I type faster than anybody I have ever seen (maybe because they are not that computer savvy in my country – Nigeria) – so you can see how fast I am.

When I started, I wanted to start making money online from day one, I spent 20 hours (at a stretch) on my computer designing my first website, I spammed tons of forums and got over 150 unique visitors to my website my first day yet I couldn’t make any sale (now, I am making a sale with as less as 1 from every 30 people – you see it pays to be ethical :)).

After getting 150 to my first website in its first day and over 600 in its first month (I sell info product there – a fool of mine, not making money online then, wanting to teach another person how to do so ;)), I could not make a cent from it. Oh my God! I couldn’t make a cent from over 600 people πŸ˜‰ Yeah! Because I was unethical (a foolish forum spammer then :)).

Later on, reality stuck me, after trying to make money online for months to no avail (I thank God I am a crazy guy, I never give up on what I believe – such as my internet dream).

After all these, I discovered there is nothing called “fast” in internet marketing, making money online is as a result of hardwork, I mean serious hardwork.

I never realized there are some things, as important as gold, things everybody trying to make money online should consider – things such as building trust.

Characteristics of Unethical Marketers

1. The are stupid! Yeah! Very stupid! They are stupid because they might even begin to abuse and rain curses on you for not patronizing them.

2. They hard sell. I have seen somebody trying to teach newbies how to make money online telling them to build a list and schedule 14 autoresponder messages to go out everyday promoting the same offer – How can you promote an offer for 14 days, sending out a promotion email every day – you are triggering the curse of email marketing.

3. They want everything now! Wanting everything now will lead you to doing unethical things.

4. They don’t care, all that matters is the money.

Characteristics of Ethical Marketers

1. They know there is a process and they are ready to follow the process.

2. They know the importance of trust and are ready to build it.

3. They do care about the consumers and they love to give value than make money.

4. They over deliver.

You will notice from the above that most of the characteristics of an ethical marketer revolves around building trust and one solid truth is, the more trust you can build, the more money you can make.

Why You Should NOT be an Unethical Marketer!

The simple answer is, it does not pay. I have been an unethical marketer before and I am now an ethical marketer and I can see it pays (far more than being unethical).

Unethical marketers focus more about the present but ethical marketers focus greatly on the future because the future is what matters most.

Unethical marketing doesn’t pay because you will end up making lots of people unhappy but being an ethical marketer really pays off because you will change lives and viral marketing will come into effect.

You don’t need to force cash out of people or deceive them into giving you and then leave them unhappy – this is what unethical marketing is all about.

What The Heck! Why Should You be an Ethical Marketer!

The answer is so simple, it pays!

Ethical marketers live by principles, they are not just there for the cash. They are human and have the human feelings and their utmost concern is giving value.

Ethical marketers know it isn’t easy to get money and they are not ready to rip people off their hard-earned cash.

Benefits of Ethical Marketing

1. It pays.

2. You build trust.

3. You make more money.

4. You build more relationship with people whose lives you are making better.

5. It causes about an effect of viral marketing.

6. You are happy – because you made others happy.

Over To You!

Which have you been all these while? Ethical or Unethical Marketer? What do you think, which does it pays to be?

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20 Comments on "Ethical Marketing VS Unethical Marketing"

  1. CJ says:

    Being an unethical marketer is the worst thing you can do. Not only do you completely destroy any sort of name you’ve built for yourself, but you actually start to build a following of people who will spread negative publicity about you. Being an ethical marketer takes longer, but you’ll be much more successful in the long run!


    CJ’s last blog ..25 Hot Article Sites – List of Top Article Directories To Increase Your Site’s PageRank!

    • Exactly CJ,

      You really understand the concept and I have read it from many of your articles – I know you to be an ethical marketer :).

      Exactly! You are absolutely right. if it were to be making people unhappy alone, it would have been better, you will also be building an army of negative publicizers for yourself.

      Thanks so much for the nice comment, I really appreciate it,

  2. Hi Onibalusi! Frankly, when i start blogging, i used the unethical marketing strategy because i wish to make fast money from it. However, after two weeks doing the unethical marketing, i started to rethink again. For long term success, we should not do any unethical marketing. I know that and i stop spamming. Thanks for your sharing!

    • Exactly Kok,

      That was exactly what I did, it even took me months to come to my senses πŸ˜‰

      Yeah! In order to achieve long term blogging success we should be ethical in our marketing strategies.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  3. I have taken a similar journey to you Onibalusi. Spamming like hell in the beginning, seeing no results and gradually become an ethical marketer.

    Chase something, it runs away. Be calm, collected and confident in the moment and you attract whatever it is that you want.

    With the right mindset everything comes to you: like-minded people, money, etc…..not the other way around. Focus on helping others, doing what’s right, providing value and you will get what you give and receive even more money and business opportunities down the road.

    Thanks for posing an important question when it comes to internet marketing.

    Ryan Biddulph

    • Yeah Ryan! Then used to be very funny, I created over 100 forum accounts (in different forums) and I was banned every day πŸ™‚

      Exactyl! Chase it and it will always run

      Having the right mindset is what matters most.

      Thanks so much for the nice comment and the kind RT,

  4. Hi Onibalusi,

    I absolutely agree with you. I am also in favor of only ethical marketing, and I practice it also.

    You see, the thing is that when we do not follow money, and focus only on how can we help our visitors/customers, and how can we provide more value, the funny thing is, that the money (which we were not after) will follow itself!


    • Yeah Nabeel,

      You are absolutely right here and I can see you practice ethical marketing – I have been subscribed to you mails for sometimes now and you don’t hard-sell πŸ™‚

      Exactly! When we don’t follow money and only focus on giving value, money will surely come.

      Thanks so much for the nice comment,

  5. Sourav says:

    Hi Onibalusi,
    I won’t say that I used unethical marketing when I first started with my first blog…because I was a bit of internet shy in the beginning. So no marketing at all !!!!!
    Even though unethical marketing can give a blogger some quick subscribers and even 1 or two quick sales, but it’s for a very short time. His readers will lose the trust and he will fail ultimately. So for long term benefits, it’s all about ethical marketing and building trust.

    • Hi Sourav,

      You are absolutely right, it is not all about now but most importantly about the future.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  6. You are right Onibalusi. Bad thing that many people have to learn it the bad way because there aren’t many people who teach this fact that unethical marketing is bad. Most people learn this by failing in their first venture and then after that they start ethically, that would include me too.

    Great post Mate. πŸ˜€

    • Hi Shiva,

      Exactly! Many people don’t even know they are practicing unethical marketing.

      Thanks so much for the nice comment,

  7. Marek says:

    Like you I found out quickly that unethical marketing just doesn’t work. You might get a lot of traffic, but you’ll never get any sales. You could send like 1 million spam emails for $100, but you’d make almost no sales. In the end, nobody wants to buy from an unethical marketer, so even if it *seems* easier, it’s not worth it in the end.

    • Hi Marek,

      Exactly! You are absolutely right.

      One of the problems of unethical marketing is that it is also ineffective.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  8. David says:

    Bottom line whether it is marketing or anything in that matter ethics should play a huge part. No one is perfect, but no one wants to be messed over by someone who took advantage of them. It is “easy” to get the first time customer, but if you are not ethical try getting that same customer to come back the second time. When you get that customer the second time you know you have done well the first time through because they know that they can trust you and will deliver what you have promised. If you think about it all of life is work…just do it and do it right!

    • Exactly David,

      You are absolutely right.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  9. The utmost reason most people attempt unethical marketing strategies is because they are lazy or lack patience. Unethical marketing may be profitable in the short term but the long term result is devastating.

  10. Sujit says:

    Many sites specially PTC sites and survey sites are doing unethical marketing.
    Ultimate result is they lose the trust of the visitors.

  11. This article could not be more accurate! There are lots of things that marketers can do wrong on the job, but I think the most important is using unethical devices or being misleading. Our company was built around this philosophy for educational marketing, and I always appreciate seeing others support this movement. Looking forward to more posts!

  12. TheSEMarket says:

    I was told that negative advertising is the wost type of advertising there is. The idea of 1 person telling 10. Then those 10 tell 10 more and so on.

    Ethical marketing to me means be smart with your marketing.


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