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Entrepreneur Spotlight – Hector Avellaneda

entrepreneur-spotlight-150x150Today is another great Saturday and I’ll be featuring another cool entrepreneur, before I give you more details about who this entrepreneur is I’d like to let you know that I’ve been getting feedback and suggestions from readers (such as making this a form of a mini-interview etc.), I am not neglecting your comments and I will be implementing them soon.

Also, I’m thinking of creating a guidelines for featuring entrepreneurs so that it will be easy for people to know if they’re qualified to be featured or not, what do you think should be part of my criteria for featuring entrepreneurs? I’ll like to know what you think.

Hector Avellaneda

The person I’ll be featuring today is Hector Avellaneda from Internet Entrepreneur Connection. If you see a truly serious and professional entrepreneur from the on-set it’s not difficult to recognize them, I recently discovered Hector Avellaneda when he made a comment on my recent interview with Lisa Barone, his comment was long and thought-provoking (you can also see that in action on my great quotes post), due to the quality of his comment I was provoked to visit his blog and I decided to feature him today.

It isn’t actually his comment alone that made me feature him (even though it is instrumental), the most important factor that made me feature him was his content. Hector’s content is great and highly informative and I can assure you that if he continues this way he will be an A-list blogger soon.

Who is Hector Avellaneda?

Hector Avellaneda is someone who grew up from a poor background with a great desire and determination to make sure he amounts to something in life, after serious efforts and hardwork he was able to work for two fortune 500  companies at the age of 18 (Reliant Energy and NASA), he was also able to get more traction due to his achievements at such tender age which lead to him being featured in The Houston Chronicle (A very popular newspaper in Houston) and also being invited to represent the technology operation he worked for in a meeting at the White House.

After graduating from college and some serious efforts and frustrations Hector was able to get a job which made him happy at first because it eased the payments of the debts he was owing, but as things went on the company he worked for had to lay some people off in order to have a competitive advantage and in order not to be laid off Hector began to work even harder – as many of you would guess, he started finding the journey frustrating and decided to start his journey as an online entrepreneur – which lead to the birth of his blog. You can read more about Hector here.

Why You Should Read Hector’s Blog

I rarely fall in love with blogs at first sight but Hector’s blog is one of the blogs that was able to gain my attention almost immediately. His content is top-notch and I can assure you will learn a lot from him.

You can Subscribe to Hector’s Blog and Follow him on twitter.

Want to Get Featured?

I have been enjoying this entrepreneur spotlight feature since I started it, because I love to get the spotlight on some entrepreneurs, and I don’t plan stopping it. The entrepreneurs featured gain a lot ranging from my recommendation, a quality backlink from this blog and even more traffic since I have linked to the spotlight category on the navigation bar. I am also working on promoting the spotlight category which means those featured will be gaining more traffic with time.

The only way for you to get featured is if I know you and that can only happen in two ways, either you contact me or I discover you and one great way I can discover you is by you commenting on this blog (like Hector did). Note that commenting on this blog is not a requirement and can’t even assure you being featured because I rarely visit commenters blog except high quality commenters (like Hector), so the best way to get featured is by contacting me.

PS: Get the word out about these cool entrepreneurs, let others know about them by promoting the entrepreneur spotlight category (bookmark it, write about it etc.) and by sharing the feature posts.

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23 Comments on "Entrepreneur Spotlight – Hector Avellaneda"

  1. samuel says:

    Awesome post bro! i will check out his blog! Thanks for sharing. Have fun.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Bro,

      You’ll definitely love it.

      Thanks so much for the awesome comment!

  2. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    You are right about Hector. He left a comment in my post and that was very insightful of his part. Glad to know him better through your introduction.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Onibalusi says:

      Exactly Lye,

      The guy is really cool and his comments are insightful, I also moved over to his blog and his posts are top-notch.

      Thanks so much for your awesome support and comment, I really appreciate it,

    • Thanks for your remarks Lye!

  3. Daisy @ Tinnitus Treatment says:

    This is great feature oni to introduce new people every Saturday, I will surely check his blog 🙂

    • Onibalusi says:

      Cool Daisy,

      I’m sure you’ll love what you see.

  4. Patricia says:

    I’m enjoying your interviews Oni. My suggestion is to just keep featuring the people you want to interview as you know where you want to take your own blog. I’m going to check out Hector’s blog after your recommendation. Thanks for all the time you put into making your blog so interesting to visit. Well done Oni and here’s to your blogging success.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Onibalusi says:

      Exactly Patricia,

      It will be more of a spotlight and not an interview since I already interview lots of experts already, I will just ask one or two questions and include it to the feature post.

      Thanks so much for the awesome comment, I really appreciate it,

    • Thanks Patricia!

      I look forward to your comments. I write on many topics surrounding Entrepreneurship and Financial Education.

      Please be sure to leave some comments. Let’s start a conversation.

  5. Rahul @ MazaKaro says:

    Great, awesome and …… Oni, I your collection of nice quotes, and today this post gives me another picture to think about you. You are doing really nice. Internet is a vast ocean and it’s very difficult to find out nice things easily but such articles will help us to find out necessary things more easily.

    Thanks for your work, keep it up.

    • Rahul @ MazaKaro says:

      Sorry for missing word, Oni. Actually it will be “I ‘read’ your collection of nice quotes,” Sorry again for the unintentional mistake.

  6. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Onibalusi,

    Thanks for introducing me to Hector.

    It’s fascinating to see the obstacles successful people must face before they “make it.” Hector is no exception and proves that there are no Free Lunches in the world.

    Heading over to check out his blog now. Thanks again!


  7. Edwin says:

    Awesome post, going to contact you now. Hopefully I will get featured next time

  8. Hi Oni!

    First and foremost, I would like to say that I am deeply honored to have made your Entrepreneur Spotlight list.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for this generous gesture.

    I’ve been an entrepreneur for 2 years now and am somewhat of a newbie to the blogosphere.

    If there has been one thing that I have learned throughout my 2 years as an entrepreneur however is that when you are unequivocally in sync with WHY you do what you do, the HOW part occurs naturally.

    You absolutely must know your WHY if you want to succeed in order to be able to communicate this to your reader through your writing, even at a psychological level. Your goal should not be to cultivate a following of followers but a following of leaders that also believe what you believe – only then can your message be spread!

    My WHY, the reason I get out of bed every morning is to help and inspire success in others through Entrepreneurship and Financial Education; two of the most valuable subjects in life. My blog is simply a medium through which I communicate a message designed to enhance the lives of each and everyone of my readers, cultivating a following of other leaders that believe what I believe and that willingly spread my message!

    Thanks for your recognition and for everyone’s comments!

  9. Fernando says:

    Great post man! Will give it a check!

  10. Sarah Cook says:

    What a great feature on Hector! I love what he said about his WHY and how it makes him get up every morning! That is the same thing I have heard from the other entrepreneurs I have interviewed!

    Keep up the great work you are doing here!

    Sarah Cook,

  11. VNG says:

    Good luck for the next time hector!

  12. Ricoh Laser Toners says:

    Another man to be inspired of.

  13. mrohila says:

    What a great feature on Hector! I love what he said about his WHY and how it makes him get up every morning!

  14. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Flights to Bangkok says:

    You absolutely must know your WHY if you want to succeed in order to be able to communicate this to your reader through your writing, even at a psychological level. Your goal should not be to cultivate a following of followers but a following of leaders that also believe what you believe – only then can your message be spread!

  16. Flights to Quito says:

    Great Post man! Its really so informative article here.
    Will be waiting for the next best. Good Luck.


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