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Why Young Entrepreneurs MUST Go to College

should young entrepreneurs go to collegeWhile there have been articles on there being no need for young entrepreneurs to go to college and even some lists of entrepreneurs who succeeded without having a college degree (also suggesting that going to college is a waste of time), there have been a lot of confusion for the budding young entrepreneur with a lot of vigor and passion for business and the action these young entrepreneurs take will have a lasting effect on their lives.

For the sake of complete transparency I’d like to tell you that I have also battled with the idea of going to college or not with a lot of pressure from parents and others and I’m a kind of person who doesn’t change my mind once it’s fixed. I even went on to back up my argument with examples of successful entrepreneurs, like Bill Gates, who are making it as college dropouts but now I can simply say my decision then was as a result of childhood foolishness – I know a lot of people will disagree.

I’m not trying to say going to college is a must to succeed in life, far from it, but there are so many importance of going to college that I’d advice young entrepreneurs not to try to play with it.

This is not a rule and I know you have the final say on what goes on in your life, this article is only expressing my views on the subject.

College Increases the Chances of Your Success in Life

If you take a look at most of the young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who believe going to college is not important to succeeding in life you will also notice they’re always citing examples of great and extraordinary entrepreneurs like Bill Gates. If I may ask, how many young entrepreneurs are as extraordinary as Bill Gates? Being extraordinary is not all about having a great idea or knowledge about a subject but knowing how to present your ideas in a very effective way.

We hardly have one extraordinary entrepreneur in a million and if this is considered you’ll notice that deciding not to go to college is a very dangerous decision for a young entrepreneur to make.

We only hear about college dropouts who are successful entrepreneurs, and we only hear about them because they are successful. You have read a list of college dropouts who are successful but have you ever read a list of college dropouts who are complete entrepreneurial failures? Never! You can’t even see a list like that because most of these entrepreneurs are not ready to own up to their “foolishness”.

I have enough facts to back up my argument and I have read interviews about successful entrepreneurs who wish they didn’t drop out of college, like this one. The truth is that many entrepreneurs eventually discover their mistake (of not going to college) later in life and in order to protect their ego they still go on saying it’s a good thing to be a college dropout.

If we take a look at the numbers, very few college dropouts become super successful as an entrepreneur and many of the unsuccessful ones end up blaming themselves in the future, they end up saying something in this line, If Only I had a college degree!

It Increases Your Self-Esteem

Imagine speaking in the midst of CEO’s, highly educated people and even some uneducated people and starting your statement with something of this nature, I am a college dropout…, irrespective of your achievements you’ll still see people shaking their heads at you and asking themselves if that is a thing to pride yourself at.

It is always great to go against the norm and I am a great fan of that, but you should also realize that going to college is a life of its own and people have a separate way of thinking about those who don’t go to college. They have been taught that going to college is the only way to succeed in life and even if they love you and your achievements as a successful college dropout they will still relate with you in a different way because they can’t control that feeling of theirs with which they were brought up (that going to college is essential to success).

If you see a successful entrepreneur who has a lot of achievements under his belt start a speech with something in this line, I have a PhD in applied mathematics, but I’m happy I’ve never used it to work…because being an entrepreneur was my best decision in life. You will be filled with awe and respect for the fellow, you will begin to see the person as a highly intelligent, educated fellow who knows what he is saying, not just an illiterate.

You Have a Fallback Option

While most of the time there isn’t a need for a fallback option, it isn’t a bad thing to have it. Since there is very little guarantee of you succeeding as an entrepreneur you at least have something to back you up.

Take a look at the most successful entrepreneurs we have in history and you will notice that a large percentage of them worked on their business for at least five years before they could succeed. If you don’t have a job, if you don’t have a degree, even if you have the motivation, you should know that it isn’t easy to succeed as an entrepreneur. I am not trying to tell you to neglect your ventures and kill your dreams of being a successful entrepreneur, I’m only telling you that it takes time, it takes real time, and your college degree can be a great thing for you to get a job, funds and respect for the main time.

You will notice the use of respect in my last statement and you might be asking that of what importance is respect to success as an entrepreneur. It has been proved that over 70% of startups fail in their first year and if you imagine yourself being the founder of one of these startups and you’re a college dropout. You will have lost your public image in the first place (a dropout?) and the inability to build a successful business for years with that bad public image will make you frustrated, quit and almost think of committing suicide.

You Get More Knowledge and Experience

Many entrepreneurs will question this and eventually reiterate by saying that real experience comes from maintaining a business. That is no doubt the truth but there is some truth to what I’m saying here.

Going to college enables you take a course and with constant learning and practice your knowledge of that course will no doubt improve. You will also be able to meet a lot of like-minded people and you will be able to learn from them, you will also gain experience in networking and communicating with people.

Many young entrepreneurs have poor networking and communication skills and this will go a long way to affect their success in business and in life – going to college will help you learn a lot of things along this line and one of those things will be the ability to sharpen and improve your communication and networking skills.

A Different Approach

After taking a look at most of the entrepreneurs who supported not going to college, a common theme I noticed among them is that most of them are enrolled in courses they have little to no interest in. An entrepreneur can’t succeed in every business because interest is important, for example, a sound programmer will hardly succeed in building a diaper business – the same thing applies for going to college. Your approach must be different; going to college shouldn’t be about getting the best grades but going to learn more about what you love.


Without doubt, as backed by the above argument, my advice is that young entrepreneurs should go to college. Even if only to improve your self-esteem, you will be very happy you did.

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62 Comments on "Why Young Entrepreneurs MUST Go to College"

  1. Malaika says:

    First of all id like to halla at what a good post this is and moreover what a topic you’ve touched on. This is one topic that creates a heated debate amongst the entrepreneurial community as well as the academic sector. Both sides have a valid point of view and what id like to add to that is that there are alot of factors affecting college/university dropouts. Consider the young student who is forced to dropout because of financial restraints but decides to create his own startup resulting with his success/ failure. An alternative would be to jobhunt in order to complete his studies and if possible keep himself in college. The backup of a college degree would have done him good yet his is a completely different situation from one who actively decides to dropout of his own accord to pursue his ideals and dreams. I thinks it boils down to upbringing as well as personal situation and choice

  2. Hey Oni!

    Wow! You brought this topic up at just the Very Right Time, when I’m having my college exams right now! Yes. This question has been bothering me ever since i entered university last year, and I’m always thinking if what I’m studying can really be used in life. By the way, I’m studying Mathematics and Economics now 🙂

    As you have said, I always tried to justify myself by saying that there are many successful people succeed without college degrees. Hah 🙂 However, you justify your reasons well, and I really love reading it there.

    It’s really been great knowing you, and I’m really impressed in how you are able to go so deep in thoughts about this subject whether young entrepreneurs should go to college, at an age of 16.

    I Will definitely share this article, and probably bookmark or do a review about it at my blog. I simply love it:)

    Alright Oni, I’m going back to my books now. Take care!


  3. Samuel says:

    Awesome post bro. Yeah, young entrepreneurs should go to college, even if they will not use their certificate.Though, in some cases going to college is not that neccessary but on a long term run, going to college is mandatory. Well, it depends on the type of college you attend, most college students are programmed to live the co-operate lifestyle and not of the other lifestyle. Here in my school, before you can meet someone who has the same mindset with you, am sure the person would have grown old. So it depends on the type of college you attend that will help boost your entrepreneurial mindset and improve your networking skill. I hope you get what am saying? Thanks so much bro.

  4. Hector Avellaneda says:

    Hey Oni

    Great post! I agree with you and with Barb above!

    There is absolutely no question in my mind that going to college is an absolute must as well. I love the fact that you pointed out that there are so many people out there that say college is not necessary to succeed in life because Bill Gates, Michael Dell and and other well known entrepreneurs today are extremely successful without a college degree. But as you mentioned, what about the the unsuccessful college dropout? Does anyone ever use them in their example? NO!

    I agree, you don’t need a college degree to be successful in life but I I’ll be blunt, I think most entrepreneurs who use people like Bill Gates and Michael Dell as excuses of why their not going to college, do so only out of pure laziness and in an effort to convince their own self that they are making the right decision.

    I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2008 with a degree in Management Information Systems/Technology Management and it took my 5 years to earn my degree – and it wasn’t easy. Soon after I graduated I started a real estate business and today am an internet entrepreneur. Am I using my degree in any of this, no! But there is more to college than earning your degree.

    To me, earning my degree meant learning to work towards something and seeing it through until the goal was reached. It was about learning to work with others, apply critical thinking to find solutions to complex problems, read and comprehend and apply different processes, etc – all, skills that can easily help you in any entrepreneurial venture.

    There are certain skills that are learned in college that will definitely help you as grow as a person, entrepreneur and future leader.

    Go to college! 🙂

  5. College is definitely a must-do in my opinion (unless you have a really good teacher in the School of Hard Knocks). It teaches you structure, logical thinking, and the fact that politics happens and guess what! Sometimes you just have to suck it up instead of whining about it.

    I found my 4 years to be quite character-building indeed.

  6. Sarah Says says:

    Considering the startling number of start-ups that fail within the first year, I would say that having some formal education could really be beneficial for entrepreneurs. A lot of people start their own businesses because they’re good at a particular service. While that might be, they may not have the financial skills to support their business.

  7. Edwin says:

    Totally agree with you when you say its good to have a college education to fall off on. For example a lot of people who didnt go to college and have an education probably lost their jobs during this recession

  8. William Veasley says:

    Hey Oni,

    Thanks for the awesome article!

    You actually brought this up at the perfect time. I happened to read the first comment, but you really couldn’t of brought this up at a better time. I also don’t believe you need college to be where you want to be in life or do the things you hope to accomplish. As you said, it couldn’t hurt to have that degree under your belt. Actually it could only help you even if you never use your degree go get a job.

    If everything goes wrong with your business for whatever reason you will always have your degree to fall back on. It will make finding a good paying job much easier then a person without a degree. Most entrepreneurs don’t succeed, many more give up along the way. Just for the support it would be great to work towards having some type of degree instead of just a high school degree. Personally I don’t only want to live my life making money online. I feel that I want a job for that extra support. Even if my job isn’t paying me as much as I’d like it is a job none the less. I could never see myself solely relying in online income, because in my opinion people are becoming more dependent on the Internet everyday. I don’t believe that is so much of a good thing. I hope to have a nice paying job that pays all my bills & to have my online business bringing in that extra money.

    The reason I mentioned you brought this up at the perfect time is because I am in college and it is very difficult. I don’t believe college is hard at all, it’s just that I don’t dedicated myself to it as much as I should. If I dedicated myself to college as much as I should my grades would be much higher. With running my online business, & working sometimes I just don’t feel like studying for test as much as I should be. Then whenever I take the test and I don’t score as hard as I could of I get depressed. Your article just gave me the motivation I think I needed, because my parents really pride themselves in me doing good in school. When they see some of my grades they are going to be disappointed, buy hey it’s all just a lesson to be learned.

    My advice to everyone is make sure your serious about giving your best effort before trying to take on college. It’s not so much that it is hard, it’s just are you willing to put in the effort.

    Thanks again for the wonderful article! Time to retweet ( :

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • William – your heart may not always be in your collegiate studies but inspire yourself through the challenge that college really is; and that is to accomplish a four year (five in my case) long goal. There is a lot that happens psychologically when you are able to complete your undergraduate studies and successfully obtain a college degree. Suddenly, you feel as if you can take on the world and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

      This exact mindset will be crucial for you as an entrepreneur. Learn to take on and meet challenges now so that you have no doubt in your abilities in your entrepreneurial future!

      All the best!

      • William Veasley says:

        Hey Hector,

        You are right because 9 times out of 10 my heart isn’t into what I’m studying. Even though my heart may not be into it I have to inspire myself like you said, because college is a challenge. I should always inspire myself to beat any challenge that stands in my way. You are also right in the fact that in building a business there will be many challenges along the way, and I have to be determined to beat any challenge whatever challenge that may be.

        Lately I have been working much harder at my studies, but I slacked off for a larger part of this year. I hope I still have enough time left to turn things around.

        I can’t go back in the past as much as I might want to. The only thing I can do is work harder for my future. That starts by never backing down from any challenge now. Got lots of test coming up, so no time for sleep : (
        Have to study, study, study!

        Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated for your wisdom as you know what you are talking about.

        God bless,
        William Veasley

        • Will

          There is always time to turn things around. I found myself in a similar position during the early stages of my undergrad and managed to graduate with a B+ average. Not great but definitely something to be round of given that the university I attended is known for its academic rigor.

          Either way, just remember to work hard, be persistent and most importantly have fun!

          Persistence is a habit, but so is quitting! Good luck on your next round of exams!

          • William Tha Great says:

            Hey Hector,

            Thanks for the great tips! I have been doing more study for my finals coming up. I know I’m going to do good!

            God bless,
            William Veasley

    • Onibalusi says:

      Awesome comment, William,

      I love your points! Not that college is essential to success in mind but many entrepreneurs keep on deceiving themselves. Millions of people are becoming entrepreneurs every month, can all of them succeed? A lot of people would have taken the advice of not going to college and when everything goes wrong in the future they no longer have a fall back option.

      I don’t think I will ever get a job in my life but I’m so sure I’ll go to college – it has its benefits!

      • William Tha Great says:

        Hey Oni,

        Thanks for the comment reply, I always try to keep conversation going because that is the way to build a community. College is not a something we must have, but it is just a very good thing to have a college degree. Really any college degree at that.

        No, most of them won’t succeed they will think it’s too hard and give up. Then be left with a job barley getting them by every month. I won’t let that happen to me so I deciding on have a 9-5 job & a online business.

        Thanks again. Time to retweet! ( :

        God bless,
        William Veasley

  9. Oni, i believe everybody who has made a comment is right but i want to drop my own view. I totally disagree with you. College doesn’t encourage entrepreneurship, in fact, it kills it. College forces your mindset to being dependent on a job, college kills creativity and above all; college is boring to entrepreneurs. I’m saying all this from experience. I run an entrepreneurship and business Blog; where i always spell it out to my proteges to get themselves educated, but not in college. College teaches you to work for money, not make money. College does not train you to discover and harness your passion. With respect to self esteem, i don’t think you need a college degree to get that. When i was assisting my dad in overseeing his business, i do go to banks to make deposits. I remember wishing back then to be like the bankers who sit in air conditioned officer all day long but i observed that the sole called illiterate business men, which my dad happens to be among are worshipped by the bankers. I remember bankers moving around begging for deposits from business men. Now who’s got the self esteem. I got the priviledge to attend college, i studied electrical engineering but dropped out after my first year because i couldn’t bear the boredom. I couldn’t stand the sight of lecturers parading themselves as gods, out to fail you if you don’t play the game their way. As a final, my advice is this: if you need a good high paying job, please go to college. But if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, stay away from college. Go to a result oriented seminar; it’s called street smart learning. College cripples creativity and self dependence. I rest my case.

    • Ajaero – very insightful comment!

      College is like a double-edged sword, right?

      On the one hand you have college which can teach you a lot about working hard to achieve a short term and long term goals, monitor progress and adjust, best practices for conducting research, working with others and critical thinking. Being able to respond effectively to education is imperative as an entrepreneur, and while college education is not necessarily an entrepreneurs most valuable asset, in my opinion it prepares you to be able to deal with foundational roadblocks that may be encountered if you decided to take the entrepreneurial route.

      I think you make some great points and I definitely agree that the education system teaches people how to become employees rather than employers, but you are the son of an entrepreneur. For those that have never seen or been able to experience how a business is run and how checks are cashed, building a foundation through a collegiate education is pretty essential.

      Obtaining a college education doesn’t mean you stop learning. The Best Entrepreneurs are life long learners. I graduated from college, obtained a job that paid me very well and used my income to start a real estate business and now I am also an internet entrepreneur.

      There is no one way to become successful. The key is to know, reflect and meditate on your vision so that you never lose sight of your life and entrepreneurial objectives.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Awesome and insightful comment Tony!

      I love your comment and you have some points but I’m still 100% backing up my argument…I didn’t say college will help you create the entrepreneurial mindset (because it cannot) but there are many advantages of going to college. One great one is the self-esteem and how it helps you when your business does not seem to be bringing results.

      What do you think?

    • Jon says:

      Ajaero, is it possible that your attitude and your choice of college is what gave you such a poor experience? I’ve found, in my experience, that college is very helpful for entrepreneurship. In fact, my local University offers a degree in entrepreneurship. They encourage it and many well known entrepreneurs (like the founders of GrooveShark) came from my town.

  10. Thanks for that insightful comment Hector. College is good but have you observed that in college, most students are driven by the fear of failure. College doesn’t prepare your mindset to take risk. Entrepreneurs are risk takers but in college, i was taught to avoid risk and play it safe. I believe in learning and that’s why i’m a voracious reader and attend seminars on regular basis. Learning doesn’t have to be college. In college, you are taught risk management but on your own money; you are meant to do that on your clients money. I have stock brokers and financial advisers who advice me on how to manage risk. They tell me what to invest in but they don’t invest. Instead, they depend on their salary and commission. That’s the kind of mindset you acquire in college. I wrote an article on my Blog titled “the highest paid CEOs in the world are not entrepreneurs.” i believe you will get more insight when you read it. I rest my case.

  11. Thanks for that insightful comment Hector. College is good but have you observed that in college, most students are driven by the fear of failure. College doesn’t prepare your mindset to take risk. Entrepreneurs are risk takers but in college, i was taught to avoid risk and play it safe. I believe in learning and that’s why i’m a voracious reader and attend seminars on regular basis. Learning doesn’t have to be college. In college, you are taught risk management but on your own money; you are meant to do that on your clients money. I have stock brokers and financial advisers who advice me on how to manage risk. They tell me what to invest in but they don’t invest. Instead, they depend on their salary and commission. That’s the kind of mindset you acquire in college. I wrote an article on my Blog titled “the highest paid CEOs in the world are not entrepreneurs.” i believe you will get more insight when you read it.

    A mentor of mine “Rasaq Okoya” pulled his son out of college after the second year and when he was asked to state his reason, this was what he said “I have nothing against education but at times, education gives false confidence. It makes people relax, trusting in the power of their certificates rather than in working hard.” I rest my case.

  12. @ Oni, i have heard the point that your college degree will be a good thing to fall back on when your business fails but i think its wrong. The path to entrepreneurial success is lined with mistakes and business failures. Take for instance a crawling child who tries to stand and walk. Despite the repeated falling, that child will never go back to crawling. That’s how entrepreneurship was designed to be. Most people tend to attach entrepreneurship with high risk of failure and it’s true. I doubt if there’s any successful entrepreneur that hasn’t gotten a stint of failure. I know a lot of people are jumping into entrepreneurship because they’ve seen the light but the difference now is the individual mindset. I have seen students struggling through school just because there parents think they should acquire a degree instead of following their passion. When i was a teen, i was a great artist. I could draw cute things from my creative imagination but there was encouragement from my parents with respect to my artistic abilities. All they wanted were good grades, which i gave them to the detriment of my passion. Oni, i look forward to you going to college and coming back here to tell us the experience but i bet you that that your success rate will be tripled if you focus that four years you intend spending in college on running your own business. As for me, i can confidently say that while my peers will be graduating with fly colors and degrees; i will be proud to be their uneducated employer. Remember, successful entrepreneur are not smart people; they are those who hire smart degree holders and skilled individuals. And one more thing, smart entrepreneurs don’t fall back on a job or a degree, they fall back on the credibility and goodwill they have built in the course of running a business. I rest my case once again.

  13. Richard says:

    Hi Oni,
    I’ve been thinking on this same topic for some time now. I’m a big advocate of getting an education and I believe that going to college is one of the best ways to do it.

    Some people like to tout successful people such as Bill Gates as a poster child for not having to go to college. But many forget that Bill Gates actually attended Harvard and dropped out when he spotted a better opportunity. But think deeper, and you know that he’s a man who is far from uneducated. He scored a 1590 out of 1600 on his SAT’s and has a genius level IQ.

    Even people who have that talent need to nurture it by feeding their mind. College is the best way to do that.

    It’s funny because the same people that say you don’t need college wouldn’t tell you to not ask for any advice from experienced people. They wouldn’t tell you that you don’t need to read books. They wouldn’t tell you to sit in the dark and not research your niche. But they would tell you to ignore the one avenue where you can pick up a lifetime of learning in just a few years.

  14. Gokul says:

    I really like your thoughts. i am doing my degree in college.But i don’t like to learn my subjects. But now,after reading your post. Am going to study well.

  15. Alex says:

    Funny thing, Oni, is that I also thought that going to college isn’t a necessary means to succeed (having as example loads of rich people in my country which the majority didn’t even started high-school), and my mother always pushed me to learn and told me that this is the only way to succeed.
    Now, that next year I will graduate (I hope :)) ), I guess it was fun and helped me to understand that having a degree in something is always and advantage. But that doesn’t mean is something necesary to succeed, my opinion is a diploma(actually the knowledge that the diploma certifies) is just a step on the ladder of success. Because like you said, there aren’t any lists of people without college who didn’t succeed, but there aren’t any lists with people that finished college and didn’t succeed either.

  16. I can see both sides of this. On the one hand I went to college twice and it was worth it both times, for different reasons. If you’re studying a course that’s meaningful to you, with good teachers, it’s a fantastic opportunity to read, reflect and discuss ideas with bright people.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t say entrepreneurs MUST go. Many successful entrepreneurs have a streetwise instinct for what people will respond to, that I don’t think you can learn in college.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment, I’m really humbled to have you comment on this post.

      Yeah! It is true and after reading one of your tweets I just realized there was a mistake in the title, an entrepreneur is absolutely different and unique so it shouldn’t be MUST.

      Once again, I so much appreciate your insights. Thanks so much!

      • My pleasure, and thanks for the thought-provoking article.

  17. As a 9th grade drop out I can say several things:

    #1 – It was 1978. Of the 177 kids who were in my class when we entered 7th grade only 112 made it to 10th. The rest of us quit school and got a job.

    #2 – Quiting school is one of the great regrets of my life. Not because I’m un-educated (I took care of that myself) but because I missed out on so much of the social aspect which is required to make well adjusted adults.

    #3 – I have done quite well in the “not having to work for some one else” department. From back in the “snail mail” days to Internet Marketing and many other ventures.

    With that being said, I will add this: Stay in school! Go to college if at all possible! Not just to become a better entrepreneur, but because it will benefit your life overall.



    • Onibalusi says:

      That’s great Brent!

      Thanks so much for the insightful comment based on your experience, I really appreciate it!

  18. Kristina Saric says:

    For someone who has, excess, education I have two things to say to this…

    College education does not define your ability to succeed even in the slightest and it does not define which business you can succeed in or not. I have a civil engineering degree and I am a particularly successful markting consulstant. See the point? These two have NOTHING in common.

    Stupid people go to college as well, they graduate, and lead mediocre lives, have mediocre ideas, have mediocre income. What you study at college is no different then being an apprentice at the same job without actually attending college.

    On another note,,, it might help your spelling. But even that is questionable..

    Higher education CAN however serve a purpose other then teaching a person something specific and work usable about a particular topic. That purpose is to build a so called “well rounded” individual. The problem is that in order to become that individual, you have to gain life experience and employ self-education interests as well, not just gain a college degree.

    Either way.. Despite the negatives I would also encourage young people to take on as much education as they can AS MEANS to gaining more life experience.

    College will teach you EXACTLY nothing about earning a wealthy living, but it will give you a wider outlook on life and you won’t regret trying it.

    • Onibalusi says:

      That’s great to hear Kristina,

      I didn’t say college can help you earn a living but there are some lessons it will impact on you…it will also help your self-esteem (which is essential to the success of a “partly de-motivated” entrepreneur

    • Wow. You must have had a disappointing experience in college. Did you get the attitude there or after you failed at your major?

      I would have given my left arm and half my toes to go to college. Then I could have made petty judgments and felt superior.

      But I wouldn’t have been any more or less successful.

      • Kristina Saric says:

        No. Just the oposite. I had a great experience and earned 2 university degrees. You’d imagine I happen to know what I’m talking about. In fact, if you read more closely you’d not be defensive or unnecesarily insulting. I said it’s worth a try if only for the experience of it but it’s a fact it will have no major imact on your ability to earn money.

        You are right on the money with the self-esteem remark aparently. There seem to be peeople who feel regretful to not have acquired higer level of education. My point was to explain that that’s exactly what they should not feel. It’s misguided to beleive that going to college is necessary in context of business.

        • Kristina Saric I found your post repulsive. Like throwing a turd in the punch bowl. You just put off negative energy. Yuuuk!
          haha Did ya learn this in college?
          “To emotional people life is a tragedy. To thinking people life is a comedy.” 🙂

          I’m very impressed with you Onibalusi. Man you’ve done a lot for such a young dude. I know the time and effort it takes to build a web presence and you have done very well.
          You plan on retiring at 25 or what?
          Keep it up!


          • Kristina Saric says:

            Brent, for some reason you seem to completely misinterpret what I am saying and you keep pushing to argue a point that you base on NOT reading what I said correctly.

            I’m not discouraging the idea of education at all. Just the opposite. I’m merely relaying the fact that education does not have an impact on your ability to make money.

            I fail to see why you seem to feel called out by what I say. Obviously you state you had no problems with earning an income despite your choice to start working early rather than pursuing education. It proves what I’m saying. You don’t need a degree to prove your worth to anyone.

            Why so defensive OR offensive for that matter? Oni came to a healthy conclusion. I agree. I just don’t have to agree that IRS necesary.

            You started being insulting and presumtious simply because you seem to disagree with my view. How is that called for? …

            Ah well,, to each their own. But really, there’s no need for roodness whatsoever..

          • Onibalusi says:

            Hi Brent,

            Thanks so much for the compliments.

            Concerning retiring, no, I don’t plan to. I might work till around 20-21 and when I have enough money I will start a company and all major tasks of mine will be outsourced – it will only require a little effort from me.

            What do you think?

        • Jon says:

          Kristina, it has been proven that people with college degrees, on average, earn much more money during their life than people without a college degree. Saying that is has no major impact on your ability to earn money seems absurd in light of this fact.

          College is a good entry point for young people, as a mid-step into the “real world”. Not only does the degree itself has some value, but as you pointed out, it gives them life experience.

  19. I am a regular reader of this Blog but i don’t believe in commenting when i have nothing to say. But this particular article has caught my interest. Oni, i’ll score you a 5 for doing this article and to you Kristina staric; thanks for your unbiased contribution. And please Oni, stop linking college with self esteem. You know very well that our country is filled with jobless first class graduates and yet, this same country is driven by the small scale entrepreneurs. Do you also recall there was a massive sack of employees throughout the world. But all an entrepreneur needs to do is to adjust his business strategy to suit the current condition. Now on whose side is the self esteem? Entrepreneurs or degree holders? I’ll rather be a small scale entrepreneur than be a jobless first class degree holder. I rest my case.

    • Kristina Saric says:

      Acurate point, and I agree.

      I can name you a rather long list of low sefesteem PHDs I know too 😉

      Oni is right on the point of selfesteem to a “certain degree” though. A number of people do seem to think “if only I had the oportunity” … I won’t comment deeper on that attitude because I’d say a couple of things that would pull further animosity (and I don’t care to get into an argument) but I will say that all they need to do is boos their enterpreneurial spirit and self-educate and they will do just fine.

      The key in success is to proactively do what you need to do to acquire your goals. No degree I’m the world cam give you that.

      • Kristina Saric says:

        Pardon the spelling! My phone is weird at times and I mistype words on it occasionaly!

      • ” “if only I had the oportunity” … I won’t comment deeper on that attitude because I’d say a couple of things that would pull further animosity (and I don’t care to get into an argument) ”

        Passive aggressiveness is such an attractive quality.

        I could of went to college. But hey, keep making those un-informed judgments.

        I’m not gonna play with you any more…screw you, I’m going home. LMFAO

        • Kristina Saric says:

          Hey, you’re the only one fishing for anchors here,, lol. 😉

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Martins,

      Great comment. I actually don’t plan to school in Nigeria because I believe they don’t have enough facilities for the course I want to study, and I’m going to study what I so much love. So I’d agree my post is a little biased as it was from my own viewpoint.

  20. Rahul says:

    hello oni,
    reading headline first i thought i would go little bit against you. but at the first stage of your article you have outlined about my argument so you’ve left no scope to oppose your topic. yes, there are thousands who never went to college. but, following their footprint if all start to do it, the whole world will become full of illiterate people. yes oni, at every stage of life our educational background gives a strong support. and leads us to success. this post obviously highly informative and rich in its content. so, i can rate you as a high class writer. thanks for your nice post.

  21. Iman says:

    Although universities don’t teach about “how to make money” or “how to build a business”, I got a lot of benefits from my university mainly science and connection. I enjoy it.

    I got knowledges & experiences about “how to make money” and “how to build a business” from entrepreneurs who proven success in the business field.

    However universities never teach about “how to become rich”, I still suggest teenagers go to university for science, connection and fun.

  22. cheese baskets says:

    Great job Onibalusi for making yet another quality article! On my point of view, education is indeed important in an individual’s life even for young entrepreneurs who already make money for themselves. Like you, I am not saying that it is a MUST (knowing that some people like Bill Gates and Walter Disney made it big even if they dropped out of school) but I know that there are a lot of advantages when you go to college. For one, you’ll have edge over others. But after all, you are the captain of your own ship, it is your decision (and yours alone) that will matter on what you want to achieve in life.

    • Onibalusi says:


      Exactly! I’m talking about that advantage…

  23. ryan says:

    I was fortunate enough to get my MBA where a focus of the coursework was in entrepreneurship! Perfect deal for me!


  24. Paula says:

    Great post Onibalusi – collage can be a great asset, but I also agree with Kristina and Iman. I have a college degree and I can tell you; college doesn’t equip you to be entrepreneurs. How can tutors on a humble salary teach what they don’t know themselves?

    I don’t agree that college is a necessity though, and it is drummed into us all from an early age that we will never amount to anything if we don’t get a proper education. I think this advice is quite damaging because a) it’s not true – everything I am doing now, I learned from doing my own research. And b) a lot of people without a college education have a huge inferiority complex about it (see Brent’s total misunderstanding above).

    Earlier this year I wrote a blog post where I mentioned how I met a marketing graduate, and it was obvious I knew more of the important stuff about marketing than he did, and my degree had nothing to do with marketing.

  25. this article will be an inspiration for many for sure

  26. exposed acne solution says:

    Going to college is very important especially for young people. In this way they will be able to experience a lot of things of how things work in the world of business and also to give them a view of how to handle things.

  27. dan dees says:

    The reason is you get to learn a lot when you go to college the fact that you also meet different kinds of people from different walks of life. You tend to actually learn how to get along with them might as well to their situation. Same in business you need to learn the things you should apply and the thing you shouldn’t. It is still better when you are educated you know the things you should focus on.

  28. Rakesh @ Wizard Journal says:

    I had once brainstormed myself about this question and the net result came that when i would have a degree from the best college i would without a doubt be treated as one of the brilliant people in the world that invariably determines a person’s quality.

    I am up for a college enrollment in less than 4 months. Blogging is just for fun. Nothing more…

  29. tall lexi says:

    Thank you for telling people should go to college in your article. I think so too, it would a valuable experience no matter what.

  30. Great post! While college isn’t for everyone, I think it is a must for individuals who have the audacity to start and operate their own businesses. I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Social Work from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and now I am operating a blog that prides itself about offering socially-conscious commentary about people, places and things. If I did not have my degrees, I would not be able to look at issues from multiple perspectives. College professors require that you think analytically, and develop systems for reducing or eradicating problems like gang violence, teenage pregnancy and poverty, to name only a few.

    That being said, I am not trying to solve the world’s problems through my blog – I just want to bring attention to them. For me, it’s all about making sense of the insensibld. I have a more significant impact through the righteus deeds that I perform in the name of the Lord.

    Keep up the good work, Young Entrepreneur. Your efforts will not be in vain.

  31. raje says:

    your title is very good for this articel. you have clearly explained. in my school and college days also i wont miss single day. it is very enjoyable for each and every moment with friends. after college day really life becomes bore. waking up starting to office. spending whole day in office, starting from office and reaching home and sleeping this is the routine life now a days

  32. Cadouri says:

    I have a very different opinnion! It is more important for an entrepreneur the school of life!

  33. Wilson says:

    I think college is very important, although it is not the only way to be successful. In college we will be able to think in a structured, 2 years ago I never thought that college was not important. But now after left college and a lot of socialize with people from different social classes, I became inverted thinking that college is really important…

  34. sokun says:

    Very well put together. I myself have already went to college and got a degree in Accounting. I have also contemplated whether it was worth it, your post answered that. I have a fallback option and i definitely feel more confident and have better chances at success. Not many people finish college so that is also part of the reason.

  35. Paige says:

    I agree with some of what your saying, but i think that the only people who need college are people with no creativity. If your a creative person and you have alot of drive, then theres nothing to say that you HAVE to go to college to be able to run a successful business. I’m 19 years old and i own my own online business and i am not in college nor do i ever plan on going. College is for people who havnt figured out what they want to do with their life yet. If you already know, and you know exactly how to do it, why go to college to learn things that you can learn on the way? Experiencing something first hand and learing it in a classroom are two completely different things. I know im probably going to get alot of people disagreeing with me but i just wanted to put a post in coming from someone who didnt go to college and still manages to run a successful business.

  36. wiz howard says:

    “imagine yourself being the founder of one of these startups and you’re a college dropout. You will have lost your public image in the first place (a dropout?) and the inability to build a successful business for years with that bad public image will make you frustrated, quit and almost think of committing suicide.” Bad image? customers dont come in your store and ask you if you have a college degree. lol

  37. Josh says:

    I am still mixed on Entrepreneurs going to college. Like Tony, I am currently in College and so far I have to say it has been useless. I am 21 and in my junior studying Business Administration and so far I have learned nothing about business! The only things I have learned a time mangament and a bunch of BS about how Real Estate Brokers make an Average of 85K a year! (My dad worked in real estate the most he made was 40K during the Real Estate bubble).

    The other reason I have to disagree with college is because of cost. My college will cost me 20K if I finish and that’s in student loan debt! That’s 20K that I could of used in a start up that I now have to pay off. Unless you have a scholarship I don’t think its worth it seeing the cost.

    The other reason I have to highly disagree with college that it doesn’t teach logical thinking, it teaches you how to follow directions and play it safe (apply for a job, work till your 65, and retire). It teaches thinking of mediocrity.

    I am currently working on my second start up but I have to say the best experience comes from trial and error.

    I have to highly disagree with the Self Esteem point, I think College has lowered my self esteem even lower than when my lawncare start up failed! The main thing is the cost! 20K in debt is a lot of money and I know people in their 40’s and 50’s who went to college in their 20s and still haven’t paid off their loans!
    Also with the self esteem most college grads are unemployed and these aren’t art grads these are people with degrees in Fiance, Business, and Engineering.

    Also I say better argument for entrepreneur’s to bring up instead of the bill gates argument is the Student Loan debt argument. Is it really worth 20K for not even a guaranteed job?


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