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Email Marketing Secrets: How to Increase Subscribers’ Loyalty

email marketingThis guest post is by Tosin.

Having tons of subscribers in your email marketing campaigns has got to be one of the most important elements, if not the most important, of an online business. In this post I will be sharing with you my secrets to having the firm loyalty of your subscriber base via email marketing.

One of the tremendous benefits of online marketing is the ease with which a subscriber base can be built, provided you know how to go about it, compared with the traditional mortar and brick method of building a list.

Before I go any further, why do you even need to build a list?

Why Email Marketing Is So Important

If you ask any successful Internet marketer ‘What’s the ONE most important element to success online?’… They’ll always give you the same answer: ‘The money is in the list.’ But to be even more specific:

(The Size and Quality of Your List) + (The Value You Share) = Your Net Worth

When new visitors come to your blog for the first time, you want to encourage them to opt-in to your email list. An email list means you are building a database of names and email addresses that you can manage and keep track of within an amazing piece of technology called an autoresponder.

With an Autoresponder, you have the ability to easily email hundreds, even thousands, and eventually tens of thousands of people all with a click of a button. You can also set up automated follow up emails that get sent out to your list after they join.

In building an email list of followers, you have the power to contact them at any time you wish, follow up with them, and continue the relationship building process on complete autopilot.

Well, once you have a list that likes you, trusts you, and listens to you, you can promote or sell anything you’d like whenever you want. It’s like having your own personal distribution channel where you can sell business opportunities, affiliate products, services, or your own personal products simply and successfully.

You need to understand the value and power of building your own email list. The bigger your list, the more leverage you have to reach higher and higher levels of success… Not to mention the ability to do JV’s (joint ventures: partnerships with other online marketers where you promote each other’s products to your lists) in the future.

Email Marketing Tips to Start Using Now

These are the list of tips I have put together and have not only increased my email opening rates but have endeared me to my subscribers. Enjoy…

1. Import your list to Facebook: Right now Facebook has over 700 million users. This means that everybody and their uncles are on Facebook, including your subscribers.

I have connected with countless subscribers simply by using copy and paste to search for them through the Facebook search-box.

2. Send a personal Message: I know this takes time, but believe me when I say that time spent building relationships with your clients, customers, and prospects is not time wasted, it’s time invested  and you will be sure to reap the rewards many times over.

Send them a message from your email client account e.g. gmail, yahoomail.

People are too used to the Autoresponder messages because they have a generic tone to it. Make out time to find something about your subscribers and add a personal touch to it by sending them a message from your gmail or yahoomail accounts. They will love you for it.

3. Chat with them if possible: One of the things your clients have discovered is that there is usually nobody behind those capture pages. Most are run on autopilot, and nothing more. So they often feel played.

Yours can be different. Instant messaging services like Skype, Facebook and Yahoo Messenger makes it easy to not just tell them what you have to offer them, but also discover their ‘soft spots’ and connect with it. Their questions and objections are better attended to by listening to them speak about them.

4. First Name in Email Broadcasts: This should be pretty obvious. Personally, I think the best name in the world is ‘Tosin’. Yeah, I wholeheartedly believe that. I love to see people write about it and speak that name.

Same with everyone in this world. Everyone loves to hear their first names, your subscribers inclusive.

Therefore, don’t ever make the mistake of starting your email marketing broadcast by using something generic like ‘Hello friend’ or neglecting the salutation altogether. It makes you appear rude and disrespectful in the eyes of your subscribers.

What I do is put my subscribers’ first name in the heading of the email broadcast. You don’t know how honored some of them feel by that simple gesture.

5. Don’t make your Emails Too Long: Always remember when you are sending out email broadcasts that they are not blog posts. They are not about reading an eBook. So why make your email broadcasts long. You must understand that your subscribers are being inundated with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of mails everyday and if yours is perceived as one that takes too long to read, they will simply refuse to read it. Ensure your mails are never longer than 300-400 words.

Also make sure you use a big font. I recommend a font size of 16 or 18 so your subscribers will not have to strain their eyes to read anything you have for them.

6. Have a Quote if possible: Everyone loves to be given a lift. And great quotes do that. One of the best lists I have had the opportunity of being on is a particular one that always has a quote attached at the beginning of the letter. It has a way of making his letters stand out.

I recommend quotes if you can. Quotes are so easy to get for all kinds of purposes. Check out these sites

7. Have a Clear Call to Action: I want to believe you are not one of those who send email broadcasts to massage their egos. You must have a good reason you want to broadcast an email. Make it clear and easy to find.

Make use of words like ‘Click Here’, ‘Go Here Now’, ‘See it Here’, ‘Read it Here’ etc, rather than using an anchor text.

This makes them know you are not saying them in passing but actually want them to take action.

8. Let’s See Your Face: The online business environment has become so crowded that one of the ways to get noticed is to ingrain your image on the mind of your subscribers.

Make use of a banner, most preferably your website banner. Since people already know you with the banner, use it to further reinforce your brand.

I also advocate using a signature. A great and professional way to do this is through the use of WiseStamp signature. It’s an amazing tool. You could include your image, your facebook profile link, Skype link, phone no, email address, blog feed etc. all according to your taste.

Fortunately WiseStamp is a free Firefox plugin and thus available to be installed at anytime. Make use of it.

9. Don’t go MIA: By MIA, I mean Missing-in-Action. You know, some people are in the habit of going one month, 3 months and even 6 months without getting in touch with the subscribers. That’s not cool.

The statement ‘Out of sight is out of mind’ is especially true in this case, because if you don’t regularly keep your subscribers updated they will be forced to look for the updates somewhere else and that diminishes the level of loyalty they have with you.

Keep in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis, at least once every week.

10. Avoid Pitching Too Often: I cannot remember the number of lists I have unsubscribed from because the only thing they do is pitch me their products EVERYTHING. I mean what do you do when someone sends you an email broadcast three (3) times a week all intended to sell you three (3) different products?

Give your subscribers valuable information that would endear you to their hearts. Send them your blog posts, not product reviews, free but valuable ebooks, before selling them anything at all.

In fact what I advocate is that for every product sales letter you send to them provide at least five valuable content letters.

There you have the ten tips to increasing the loyalty of your subscribers. What do you think? Any other tips for me? Or suggestions? Or you don’t even agree with me? Let’s settle it in my comment section. I want to hear from you.

About the Author: Tosin Adeoti is a 23-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Home-Based Business Coach who went from being broke, frustrated and suicide-prone to becoming a successful highly-sought-after Home-based Business Coach in 11 months. He is passionate about helping people build successful businesses on the internet in a way that is fun, attractive and deeply satisfying. Subscribe to his blog for more from him and get his BluePrint for massively succeeding in any home-based business.

85 Comments on "Email Marketing Secrets: How to Increase Subscribers’ Loyalty"

  1. Thanks a lot! this is what i needed…But “Sending a personal message”…i think it is not possible.

    • Hey Tharun,

      Glad you found this useful. 🙂

      Maybe it is impossible to send a personal message, but what I do is put it in my Daily Method of Operation to send messages to them.

      It works for me. It can for you too, maybe. 😉


      • Kevin Kimes says:

        Hey Tosin, this is a great set of tips. I especially like the idea of adding subscribers as facebook friends – but for me I’d want to have a separate “business” facebook identity.

        I’m not sure, though, about sending each one a personal email. If one wants to build a list of 10,000 in the moderate timespan of 6 months, that would require sending a personal email message to an average of over 55 people per day.

        Plus, I’m not sure if most people could even identify the difference between a well written personalized auto-thanks message and one from your email client.

        By the way, your optin box at the bottom is too low on my end, the fields are obscured beneath the bottom of the browser window.

        • Hey Kevin,

          That was a great point you raised about the issue of the many subscriber base. I think it could actually get to a level that it would get out of control and maybe it’s time to just cool down.

          I tend to know the difference between an autoresponder message and a well written personal message. Guess it comes with the territory.

          Really appreciate your stopping by, kevin!

      • Jym @ Blog Traffic says:

        Tosin, great post mate.

        I agree fully – building an email list is one of the most powerful strategies in online marketing, not least because it can be largely automated.

        I love the idea about taking the time to write a personal message though. That is pure gold. I’d support your response to Tharun – MAKE some time to even send a brief personal email tailored completely to that person and they will appreciate it, guaranteed. This strategy will set you apart from your competition without question.

        Thanks Tosin, I appreciate the thoroughness of this post. Thankyou Onibalusi for hosting.

        All the best,

        • Hey Jym,

          Great to see you here, buddy!

          Yeah like I said people tend to appreciate the little things. That’s just our nature!

          Thanks always for the support, Jym!

  2. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Tosin,

    Money tips here.

    Adding value with updates is critical. The more value you add the less you have to even offer your opportunity. People will want to partner with you, because you command authority with all of the value-packed information you’ve offered.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey Ryan,

      Good to see you here.

      Yeah give people value-packed info and you will be loved for it. You could even by contacted to see if you have something you sell that compliments what you offer for free. Anything is possible, Ryan.

      Thanks for the solid comment, as always!

  3. Wade Balsdon says:

    very nice post Tosin. I think it should be added that it takes time and patience to build a list large enough to become a profit center. I heard years ago that a list is worth $1 per subscriber, I am working hard to achieve that end and would appreciate any tips you have regarding this. Once again thanks for the post.

  4. Hey Wade,

    Yeah, it takes time to build a very large subscriber base. In fact it’s because of the large list I want to build that I embraced an autoresponder that does not increase in price.

    I’m sure there is a post on how to build a list fast in youngprepro archives, but a quick one here: If you want to build a list fast, one of the fastest ways I know is to use forums with a signature to your capture page. It needs your consistency but pays longterm.

    I appreciate your adding to this discussion, Wade!

  5. Mike Sherratt says:

    Hey Tosin, Like this post gives in depth the best way to grow your list, and well done on the guest post as well. As you think about building your own subscriber base, remember that an email campaign is a way for you, the online entrepreneur, to forge a lasting relationship with your customers.

    A legitimate email list is:

    • An easy way to keep track of all your customers.
    • A good way to gradually earn your customers’ trust.
    • One which a subscriber can unsubscribe from any time they wish.
    • Non-invasive – a subscriber will need to give you his permission to send him mails.


    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for coming with such good comment.

      Yeah it is an awesome way to forget a wonderful relationship with the audience. Done well and you will reap the rewards.


  6. Ken McDaniel says:

    Great post Tosin! The money is in the list! You have to provide value and connect with them on a personal lever. Doing that will keep them happy customers willing to buy from you!

    • Hey ken,

      Good to meet you here.

      I first got a personal connection from a guy when I just came online and I am glued to this guy cos he recognized my list and connected with me.


  7. Marcus Baker says:

    Hey Tosin,

    Well done on guest posting here. A great topic and one that deserves lots of attention.

    As with anything you have to stand out or else your emails will just be added to the “noise bin”. I also think it’s a good idea to be providing more value than you’re doing on your blog so that people will opt in. These days people don’t just opt in for a free gift, they want more value, consistently.


    • Hey Marcus,

      You are right! We are constantly bombarded with mails everyday and it is however stands out with his emails that will have the edge.

      Have you noticed, Marcus how you are always expecting mails from some people and would not think twice before opening their mails. These people have stood out over time and that is the status a serious online entrepreneur should strive to attain to.

      Thanks for stopping by, Marcus!

  8. Hello,

    Glad you love it. Take care!

  9. Atish says:

    yes e-mail marketing is one of the best way to grow the online business. I like the 3rd point.
    Great article.

  10. Erika Harris says:

    Excellent tips- all of which can be accomplished with the proper discipline. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hey Tosin,

    Numbers 2 and 3 are important to me. I always find the time to send a personal message and whenever I have time chat with them on facebook. This is definitely a great way to build rapport and see how you can be of service to others. These were all great tips Tosin. Keep them coming!!!


    • Hey Sherman,

      Good to see you here!

      You just proved me right that it’s possible to send messages to subscribers and like you said it’s good for building rapport.

      Thanks for the support, Sherman!

  12. Brent says:

    Hey, thanks for this post Tosin. I’m beginning to build a list as well! I’m going to start employing some of these strategies right away.

    • Hey Brent,

      Glad you have this kind of info at your disposal when you are just starting. Wish I did. 🙂

      Put them to use, Brent!

  13. Paul @ Fort Wayne Internet Marketing says:

    Hi Tosin,

    There are really thoughtful ways to show how you value your viewers/subscribers. Most importantly, they will know how important they are to you. Thanks! 🙂

  14. DiNaRa says:

    Hi, Tosin
    All the men above me expressed their point of view, let me do it as well. Definitely, you are right with all points. Being personal rather than impersonal is a great thing. I don’t like receiving letters from a machine, so having my name at the top and some personal remark at the end can make a big difference.
    Chatting with your subscribers looks a bit impossible for me as you have to devote 24hrs to it especially if your subscribers would like to talk to you in return and you have more than 1000 🙂
    But there is one thing that really irritates me – when I subscribe to something, I subscribe to this particular thing and I don’t want to get another one. But very often having subscribed to A, you get B. Not good but sometimes it is the case.

    • Hey DiNaRa,

      Oh how I hated that too! When I subscribe to something and I see mails from five different people.

      You know what I do, DiNaRa? I unsubscribe from all of them. Or if they dont have an unsubscribers’ button, I check ‘spam’ for all of them.

      It just proves that the guy cannot be trusted.

      Glad the list proves useful to you!

  15. Devesh says:


    Congratulations on your first guest post. You did it very well.

    These are some excellent tips. The best thing one could do is to provide valuable content or something unique.

    Thanks for sharing this great tips, Tosin.


  16. Hey Devesh,

    Thanks so much Devesh. 🙂

    Yeah being special in one’s content is the way to go.


  17. Catarina says:

    Agree with Marcus. Honestly think for people in your lines of businesses you have to be exceptional and different for people to be interested. Another free e-book just will not do the trick anymore.

    And the worst are people sending email newsletters to people who haven’t asked for them. Happens to me now and then.

    • Hey Catarina,

      Would have to agree with you. People want something different. Not the boring stuffs.

      I also dont like to optin for something and have three different people pitching me. It’s just so annoying.

      Thanks for stopping by, Catarina!

  18. Leah says:

    I love the post and your writing style, I agree Tosin is a great name, keep on blogging and thanks for the info, take care and stay healthy, Leah

  19. Hey Tosin,

    Love your writing, as always. I was attracted to this post because I also truly believe that email marketing is still extremely effective if done right.

    I also believe that one of the keys to having a more responsive (and loyal) list of subscribers is to stand out! How would you do this.

    I find that simply being consistent in my mailings and trying to answer questions that I routinely get seems to go over very well with my email subscribers.

    Lately, I have begun sending VIDEO EMAILS as an alternative to text… this aligns with your suggestion to allow your list subscribers to see your face.

    Thanks for this great list of email points, Tosin!


    • Hello Bob,

      Always love seeing your comments. Packed!

      You are right, when we have so many people online sending out mails, some unsolicited, we have to stand out to get a chance to be taken seriously.

      And what better way than to answer questions and objections from the people we are dealing with. Help people out and they become your fans for life, as long as you dont mess up big time.

      Video emails? sounds very lovely to me Bob. Time to check it out.

      Thanks for the lovely comment!

  20. rich says:

    Better check your links in the “about the author” section. Some don’t work and one goes to a wp admin page.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Thanks so much for notifying me Rich, I’ve just got in touch with Tosin to fix this 🙂

  21. Hi Tosin (best name of the world),

    great job on your guest post, congratulations.

    As nice as it seems with these autoresponders, we should never forget that they can shut down people’s accounts anytime for any reason.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care

    Oliver (best name of the world)

    • Onibalusi says:

      That’s great to hear Oliver! I’ve prevented myself from experiencing such problems by having a self-hosted autoresponder 🙂

  22. Adam says:

    Thanks for the article, the autoresponder was a great find! I really like your focus on creating a personal message without pitching too often. Customers want to feel like people, not like customers

    • Hey Adam,

      Yeah people are used to being pitched and if you stand out of that and provide real value, you will be respected.


  23. Nico Julius says:

    Hi Tosin
    Just to let you know (I couldn’t find your email address) but your blog is down -> it’s on its WordPress installation page…

    • Nico Julius says:

      Okay nevermind, I see I’m not the first one to write this.
      I’ve read a lot of articles of Onibalusi and I think this is not the way to do it when writing a guest article ;-).

    • Thanks Nico! All sorted out now.

  24. Thiet ke quang cao says:

    This is excellent tips. I’ll use it for my SEO.

  25. Josh Garcia says:

    Hi Tosin,

    Great guest post!

    Learning email marketing is a must for anyone thinking about doing anything with an online business. What you just went over is Money!

    Have a great day…

  26. Stacy says:

    Hi Tosin,

    This is a fantastic list that you have put together! I wouldn’t have thought of finding them on facebook, that is such a clever idea!

    I agree with your other points as a reader, it’s great to read them from the viewpoint of a sender.


  27. Carla says:

    Very cool and useful tips you share here. Exactly what I needed and for sure I’ll follow them.

  28. Tosin, aloha. You knocked it out of the park with this one. Congratulations!

    This topic is so very important and with your list, Tosin, anyone who follows your tips can be effective.

    This is a definite “keeper” that will live on my computer.

    Wishing you a most excellent week and success, always, in your ventures. Aloha. Janet

  29. Thanks for sharing; they always say that money is in the list.

    It’s good to have a list but still we need to have a responsive list. If our emails are not getting open then we have a problem.

    Thanks for sharing you tips on how we can grow our list. It’s my goal to increase me subscription rate this month, these strategies are defiantly helpful

    • Hey Joyce,

      “The money is in the list” statement is true especially if the relationship goes with it.

      I cant wait to see you tell us about the increase in your subscription.


  30. Alex Humphrey says:

    Wow, this is great stuff Tosin! I am in the process of creating an email list for this very purpose. Some of the things you mentioned are so simple, but I had never thought of them before. Have a quote, keep them short, call to action – these are great ideas for me to keep in mind as I begin my email list.

    Thanks, Tosin!

    • Hey Alex,

      So glad you found this. I would be very useful to you.

      Get your list building process out in the open as soon as possible. You would be glad you did.

      Let me know if you need any help.


  31. Hi Tosin, Great tips shared. We been thinking of email marketing and these tips will provide us the right path to do it in a better way. Thanks for the share.

  32. Joseph says:

    Tosin, you have written a well prepared post on list building trying to enlighten each and every one of us to adopt these system of marketing. Well done and God bless!

    -Joseph Eleyinte

  33. Danielle @ Clickbank Auto Profits says:

    This is a really great list of tips. I too have a question regarding using Facebook in business. I currently do not have a Facebook page, just not my cup of tea to have everyone in my business. But do you think this is an essential this day in age for online marketers? And if so…what is the best way to have a Facebook page or profile that is kept only as business and keep everyone and their mother from adding you from “real life”. Hope that makes sense…


    • Hey Danielle,

      You would need to read this article to find out about not just why facebook page is good for business but also how to customize a beautifully designed one.

      How to Create a Beautifully Customized Fan page in Minutes


  34. Hi Tosin,

    The list is what we need to have targeted leads. The hard part is getting folks to get on your list. Maybe a topic for another post?

    Lou Barba

    • Hey Lou,

      Okay Lou. Though I’m sure you will get a post about building a list, you’ve given me an assignment to write one.


  35. Alec Difrawi says:

    Great tips! The article provided some really cool insight. But, this may just be me being skeptical but is email marketing really THAT effective? The conversion rate is low and with the amount of spam these days.. it just makes me reluctant. Thoughts?

    • Onibalusi says:

      I did a promotion on my blog and made one sale (I get 15k visitors to my blog monthly when I did it) and I made one sale, I did the same promotion to my list (of around 1,300 subscribers at the time) and made 5 sales.

      I think you should be able to decide for yourself based on the above experience.

    • Hey Alec,

      I think the key is having a good relationship with the list.

      The more they come to trust you, the more profitable business will inevitably be.

      And that’s what this post is for.


  36. Women business loans says:

    I am trying to start email marketing. I have my own website that sales some products. Now what I is my idea that I want to send email to my register customer about latest products. thank you

  37. Buy Essays says:

    After reading your post i have a better understanding about this.Your post have the information that is helpful and very informative. I would like you to keep up the good work.You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.Thumbs up and Thanks.

  38. You are so welcome. Glad I could be of tremendous help. Let me know if you need anything.


  39. Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka says:

    Tosin, please, what’s the name of your mail newsletter plugin?

    I’m currently using ALO Easy Mail but it’s hard to use.

  40. Ian Belanger says:

    Hey Tosin,

    This is great advice for anyone looking to start or grow an email list. I love your idea of connecting with your list on FB. One question though, Do you ask for a last name on your webforms or do you search by email address?

    I have found that people are less likely to sign up for a list, if they must put in their whole name. I know I am.

    Thanks for sharing Tosin and I am looking forward to your answer.

    Have a good one!


    • Hey Ian,

      I use their email. It’s very precise. So many people have the same names and surnames, but email is distinct for each person. So I go with the email addresses.

      So you grow your list that way.

      Thanks for the email you sent to me the other day Ian. Really appreciate it. Thanks!

      Hope this is useful to you!

  41. Hi Tosin,

    Awesome article! What I like best about it is that you’ve laid out actionable steps that someone can follow and get results in their email marketing.

    I think it’s important to mention that you need to have a great offer for people to get as a gift to entice people to subscribe as well.

    Way to add value! Great job as always!


  42. Nonoy says:

    I’ve been applying the auto responder email marketing but still not getting results, at least not yet. Hope to get the results soon by applying all of your tips here. Thanks for this. 🙂

  43. Mahendra says:

    Great and a perfect article about increasing subscription list. I liked this article.

  44. zibran says:

    i like all the point and topic is very well covered and usefull

  45. anais anais perfume says:

    Thanks Tosin… this post will help to do email marketing

  46. Thanks for sharing superb informations. Your website is very cool. I’m impressed by the details that you’ve on this website. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject. Bookmarked this website page, will come back for more articles.

  47. Pillar Jo says:

    No one can deny your great efforts in passing this important information, I tried it also and it really helps, but I’ll share a few things I did helped my open rates too, if you don’t mind for sure.

    Attract eyes with your sign-up design: try to put your well designed sign-up form in obvious position, and with some attractive phrases which offers customers something exciting like sign-up and get free updates.

    Best Regards,

    Pillar Jo


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