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CONTEST: Help Me Name My New Ebook

72 hours contestAs I told you in my December 2010 income report I’ve been working with my designer to make sure I get the best design and they’ve been doing a great job. (Thanks to the team at Blazersix!).

My main aim for redesigning my blog is not because I want to be using a premium theme but because I want the best for this blog. I want to make sure each post I write have a great opportunity of going viral while at the same time giving me the best conversion in terms of subscribers.

Another thing I still find unbelievable is the power of complete transparency. You will find it difficult to believe that my December 2010 income report (that I wrote on the first of this month) is presently the most popular post on this blog (with 900+ views)…in fact, there isn’t a single post that has half the views it has. And the views are not views from Stumbleupon and the likes but quality visitors that spend over 5mins on this blog. What I learnt from this is that people are ready to learn from someone who’s there and is ready to prove that he knows what he is saying; and to this effect I have decided to launch a new ebook explaining how I was able to build a successful online business making me over $3000 online every month and getting me over 10,000 unique visitors every month. I have been trying to come up with an ebook idea but I just can’t get the perfect idea so I need your help.

72 Hours “Only” Contest

This contest will be for 72 hours only and what I want is your help in naming my new ebook. I want the name to be attractive while at the same time portraying my success and making people know that I am someone who knows what he is saying. Here are some of my achievements so that you get an idea of what I want in the name of the ebook.

1. I make over $3000 online every month.

2. I get over 10,000 visitors to my blog every month.

3. I currently have 1500 subscribers to my blog.

4. I have been featured as one of the top 30 young bloggers making money online.

5. This blog is ranked as the 17k most visited website on the web.

The ebook name mustn’t necessarily portray all the above but it must be something that gets people attention and make them willing to get the ebook.

Also, a contest like this is always fun even if you don’t win and nobody can say if you will win or not. You don’t need to be a copywriter to be a winner and I will be choosing a winner based on the idea I love most.

What is in it For You?

If you don’t know Glen Allsopp then you need to start reading blogs online all over. Glen is someone whom I so much respect online and I’ve wanted to get any product he launches even when I had no money. He recently launched an awesome product I won’t like any of my reader to miss so I have decided to give a free membership access of his latest course, Cloud Living HQ to the winner of this contest. The contest price is strictly Cloud Living HQ but if you are already a member of the course and you happen to be a winner we can talk and I will be happy to help you pay for any other course of your choice under $50.

In case you’re planning to postpone this I will also like you to know that this contest ends in exactly 72 hours. This contest will be ending by this time on Friday.

Anyone can participate in this contest (it doesn’t matter if you’re just stumbling on this blog for the first time or if we’ve been speaking for years), everybody will have equal opportunity and I will be completely unbiased in choosing the winner. Also, you can make as any comments as possible to give me your idea; for example, if you  made a comment with your idea and you later think you have something better you can make another comment to let me know about it.

I will be announcing the winner on Friday or Saturday.

PS: I will also appreciate you spreading the word about this contest.

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33 Comments on "CONTEST: Help Me Name My New Ebook"

  1. Simple Name for your eBook – Achievements of an Young Entrepreneur 🙂

  2. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    Pardon for my creativity and English. This is what i think of.

    From blogger to entrepreneur – How i achieve my internet lifestyle at the age of 17

    Keep up the good work. I am very happy for you.


  3. Typhoon says:

    Okay..let’s think of a name..

    How about this : Zip-Zap and Make Money!

    or “Internet Business Marathon”

    aahh there could be some more awesome names I think 😀

    PS. There is one more name “point copy profit” but it is like patented by Rob who is launching a new system with this name (

  4. Tantan @ Making Money Online for Beginners says:

    I would name it as:
    “Discover how 17 year old boy makes 4-figure online every month”

  5. Article Directory says:

    Name for your new ebook

    Ka-Ching! My Mega-Blog

  6. Mark says:

    A Young Man’s Online Success Journey…
    How I Generated A Full Time Income Online At 17

    You are a shining example of persistence and consistency-good stuff Oni!


  7. Andreas says:

    I’d keep it simple and to the point:
    “17 Year Old Blogger Reveals: How I make US$ 3000 Per Month Online”

  8. surendar says:

    hi oni

    U was the well wisher for all young peoples.

    My suggestion to your ebook is

    “young blogger ruling the money”

  9. Vuong says:

    That is mine:
    “From Onibalusi With Cash: How I Earn $3000 Each Month With My 8 Months Old Blog.”

    Is that book free mate?

  10. Samuel says:

    Awesome post bro! haha…Yeah, I suggest “Envision” or “Millionaires Game” or “Millionaires Secret” Hope you will like it? Haha. Can I still add more? Thanks so much for sharing. Have fun.

  11. Mahendra says:

    Hi Oni my suggestion to you is that you should give first priority to Earning and second to young entre
    “how I started making $ 3000 within a year”

    “my journey to youngest internet entrepreneur”

    “my secret of making $ 3000/month online at age of 17”

    “my secret of being young entrepreneur”

  12. says:

    Name Of Your Next Ebook:
    How to actually make money with blog services.
    Or How Do I Make Over $3000/Month With Blog Service
    Or How To Get Most Out Of Blog Services
    Or Hidden Secrets Of Successful Blog Service Revealed

    The reason why I am saying this because no one written something on it and you are really making big from it.People will actually know how to get most out their services they offer.
    Best Thing Is They Will Trust You Completely, Since You Are Making It

  13. “Blogging Income Exposed: From zero to $3,000 a month”

  14. Tomiwa says:

    “How 17 years old blogger generate $3,000 a month”

    “17 years old,10,000 unique visitors,generate $3,000 a month”

    “Discover how a 17 years old blogger generate $3,000 a month”

    Oni,i think any of those should be the right title.Talk to you soon.

  15. Hector Avellaneda says:

    Hey Oni, cool stuff man!

    How about “$3,000 Blog in 365 days. How I did it and WHY you can too!”

  16. Eleazar says:

    You can title it How to Earn 3K Online at 17

  17. Iroko@Bloggers Blog says:

    Creative Blogging Blueprint: Everything You Need To Succeed As A Blogger!

  18. Dave Grimes II says:

    What about “You’re Never Too Young to Start: Tips From A 17-Year-Old Entrepreneur.”

    Good luck with the book! I’ll look forward to its release.

  19. Cheese Gifts says:

    Hi Onibalusi! I am thinking about something like “Start Being An Online Entrepreneur At 17”. Or how about “17’s Never Too Young To Earn Big Money Online”? Congratulations and good luck in your new e-book. You’ll make it big in no time and I’m sure of it.

  20. BLOGGING IS BEYOND HOBBY – How I make $3000 monthly from a 1 year old blog as a 17 year old blogger!

  21. Stuart says:

    I’ll throw in my two cents worth and offer:

    “How I Created One Of The Most Successful Blogs Out There, And How You Can Too”

  22. Karo says:

    Hello Oni,

    It’s interesting to read your achievements in just a year considering how competitive blogging is these days.

    Okay I had just few minutes to think about it and I came up with 2 possible names, here they are:

    “How to make $3000 from Blogging in 365 days”
    And here’s the tagline for the title:
    The step by step true story of a 17 old Blogger

    “1500 subscribers, 10,000 monthly unique visitors, $3000 monthly Income in just 365 days of Blogging”
    Here’s the tagline:
    A 17 Year old Blogger Blueprint

    I wish I had more time to think about it. but I think any of those 2 will do just fine.

    Like you said, people like transparency and step by step true result guide works really fast. We see how Pat of smartpassiveincome has recorded so much in a short time just because he’s articles are practical steps from his own day to day blogging experience.

    From my experience people also want to see the numbers and be sure the person is not just giving them theory. That’s why I choose the first title.

    And the second title is about the numbers. You can just impress people with the word “Blueprint” these days, they want to know the actual result of the blueprint you’re promising them.

    Extra Tip

    Your ebook is an extra opportunity for you to win more subscribers and greatly increase your traffic. So since you really have the result to show for it, make sure to give as much information in the book as possible on how you achieved these success. And if possible give it free for download. And if you really want to maximize result, give your success blueprint in the book, and make it free for download with no strings attached! I mean don’t ask for no email opt in and your book will go so viral your head will spin!

    I will even be willing to give it for download on my website. I’ll soon be adding a resource page to my site but only quality books and tools will be included. And I know you offer extra value so it will be an honor.

    I am not crazy I know this works. Promote your blog, newsletter opt in and feed subscription inside the book. A reader who’ve digested the free solid information you gave will be crazy not to subscribe to all what you suggest to him or her. You can even promote a product you trust at the end of the book. And at least 50% will buy into it. This is almost the technique Pat uses and sells so many affiliate products. And it also helps greatly that he uses all the products he promotes.

    There’s so much information on the internet today that people get skeptical of who to trust until you give them a solid reason to, then they’ll go where ever you ask them to.

    If you decide to sell it, make it really cheap, say $9.99. That figure always does magic.

    This is not about the price, I am glad to have the opportunity to help since you’ve been there to support me when I asked for it.

    Oh, but if I happen to win the price it will be cool 🙂

    I know Viperchil and trust that products from him should be worth the time and money.

    Take care Brother,

    You’re making us proud.

    • Iroko@Bloggers Blog says:

      This another post in a post, you are really following your commenting rules, that is good to find somebody walking the talk!!!
      Welldone and thanks for the extra tips

      • Karo says:

        Thanks Iroko for reading through my comment. My principle of commenting is, either add value or don’t bother commenting.

        If you read through my articles on my website you’ll hardly find one that is less than 1000 words. Even when I don’t set out to write long posts, I end up doing it because I like explanation. I like to make a post and leave no questions about that topic unanswered.

        In this case, I wanted Oni to know I didn’t just pick the titles because they’re attractive or will do magic. I put some thought into it and know they’ll sell.

        P.S. Oni I re-read my comment above and noticed some errors. But the one that is mis-leading is “You can just impress people with the word “Blueprint” these days, they want to know the actual result of the blueprint you’re promising them.”

        I meant to say “You can not just impress people with the word “Blueprint” these days, they want to know the actual result of the blueprint you’re promising them.”

        All the best

        • Onibalusi says:

          That’s cool to hear. I was also wondering and thanks for clarifying things 🙂

  23. music blog says:

    Hmm, how about Blog 4 money,…
    Money-for-nothing 😀
    It has to be sometnihg innovative, sometnihg unique and easy to remember. Hope you find the right name

  24. micheal@tava tea says:



    That will create curiosity, i think. You have what it takes to become a potential millionaire by blogging. If you can make 3k, then you can make 3 million.

  25. ronny@caralluma says:


    Name it – How to make $3,000.00 per month by BLOGGING.

  26. ronny@caralluma fimbriata says:

    Here’s one.

    How a 17 year old kid make $3,000.00 per month consistently and you can to.

  27. Chintan says:

    Hi Onibalusi,

    Here are my suggestions for the name of your ebook. 🙂

    BlogBuster: How to create a blockbuster blog to earn 3000$ per month.
    BlogBuster: An entrepreneur’s journey from 0-3000$ per month.
    BlogBuster: A 17-year-old entrepreneur’s secrets to earning 3000$ per month.
    BlogBuster: How I started earning 3000$ per month at the age of 17.

    I am very impressed by what you have achieved at the age of 17 years. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Chintan,

      Due to Codrut very busy he won’t be able to accept the prize now and since you’re the second winner you deserve the price. I will be hitting you up with an email right away.

  28. Oni – I think you’re right, people do want to learn from someone that is already there and someone that knows what they’re talking about. It’s good that you decided to fill that need with your e-book. I think I am a day late but I will offer my suggestion anyway.

    How about naming your new e-book “How to build a successful blogging empire using methods so simple a 17 year kid can do it”. So what do you think?

  29. daniel@iheater says:


    How to make $3,000 per month online from scratch.


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