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Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer: I Just Got My First Client

It’s been exactly 11 days since I kickstarted the Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer challenge and I just got my first client TODAY! They will be paying me $150 per article.

Here’s a screenshot of their message to me (I posted this in the challenge Facebook group earlier):

150 dollars article

Also, things are getting very exciting; I haven’t relented in my cold pitching efforts, and I’ve sent almost 70 pitches so far; although I haven’t sent as many cold pitches as I was supposed to send according to the challenge strategy, the responses have been amazing so far. Right now, I’m in the middle of talks with SIX potential clients. I started cold pitching THREE DAYS AGO, and I believe specializing gave me a huge advantage.

Here’s a screenshot of how my inbox looks right now:

Inbox status

And then there are funny moments like this one:

Nick cold pitch response

I used a template (the same one included in my post on cold pitching, that I modified slightly), and I apparently sent a similar message to two different websites in the same niche that are managed by the same person. Regardless, this person is interested in my services (we’re already discussing rates and potentially working on his other properties!) — so it isn’t a total loss; it’s also because of the template that I’m able to send up to 70 cold pitches to different businesses within three days. It wouldn’t have been possible otherwise!

That said, this hasn’t been easy; you’ll probably find typos in this article because I’ve been sleep deprived. Between doing the challenge and spending as much as 5 hours daily interacting in the Facebook group, I’ve been working 14 hour days, every day, with little sleep, for the past three to four days now.

That said, it is worth it!

This shows what happens when you have a goal, follow a carefully-crafted strategy and ACTUALLY DO THE WORK. Yes, DO THE WORK; that’s what matters most!

I had no intention to post another update this week, but this is major news that has to be shared; it can also motivate you to get your own results, so why hide it?

The Facebook group also currently has over 1,700 members; it’s been difficult keeping up due to the level of activity there (which I’m impressed with by the way!), but everybody in the group has been amazing. Special thanks to Spike Wyatt, John Crist, Nick Darlington, Gary Harvey, Kate Casper, Walter Akolo and others who have been actively helping others in the group. If you’re still interested, there’s still room to join (I haven’t closed the group yet, but I’m not sure how long it’ll remain open in order to ensure that it is possible for every member of the group to get the level of help and support they need to get results!).

Below are all the updates in this series that showed exactly what I did from start to this stage (in order of importance):

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Since the strategy I prepared for this challenge has worked beyond even my expectations, I’ve decided to put cold pitching on hold until mid or late next week; in the meantime, I will try and work out good deals with the current clients I’m in talks with. Who knows, I just might exceed the goal of this challenge with them.


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