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I started freelance writing about six years ago. In internet years, that’s a VERY long time ago!

Thanks to the fact that I’ve been freelancing for a VERY long time (at least in internet years!), and the fact that this blog, and myself, is very popular (31,000+ email subscribers, features in major media publications, read by millions of people, etc.), it can be difficult for beginners to relate to me. To many, it seems as if I have so much success and recognition that it is impossible for me to fail again… and this makes my advice less practical for the average Joe.

Being aware of the fact that my success might make it a bit difficult to relate to me, and feeling a bit crazy on the 2nd of June, I contemplated a challenge that will take me back to beginner level: with the challenge, I will attempt building a successful freelance writing career in 60 days (successful means earning my first $1,000 and being set up to earn this amount consistently — that is, monthly) without using any of my existing resources — including my name, existing clients/connections or anything else I’ve built in the past few years for that matter.

Naturally, a challenge of this sort will cost me some of my income since I’ll have to spend time I’d have otherwise spent on client work doing the challenge, so I had to first gauge interest to see if it will be worth it.

I posted a message about the challenge on Facebook to see how many people are interested in a challenge of that nature. To my surprise, there was a lot of interest: over 400 people commented to express interest within the first few days (and this is without me spending a cent to promote the message). As you can see below, the message I posted to gauge interest now has over 470 comments and around 300 likes.

With such strong interest, I knew I had no choice but to do the challenge. So, keeping to my word, I started the challenge on the 25th of July, 2016. I gave myself two months to achieve my first $1,000 as a beginner. That means I had until the 25th of September to succeed. To spice things up, I created a group to have others follow me (that’s probably the best decision about this challenge as the group has been immensely helpful for everyone following along!)

Exactly on the 2nd of September, 2016, I achieved and exceeded the challenge goal: I had closed a total of $1,080 in freelance writing projects. By the 5th of September, I closed another $300 project that put me at $1,380. I’ve completed all these projects.

Again, I’ve been very transparent with how I did it. In fact, there have been a lot of successes from members of the group who followed along.

This page chronicles all the entries in the Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer challenge series, in the exact order they were published. To be honest with you, I don’t know how long this page will be available; it’s still not too late to follow the challenge and get results. You just might come here tomorrow and find this page gone. Enjoy!

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