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5 Places To Distribute Your Content On The Web for More Traffic

This is a guest post by Ray Wilson

Everyone knows that without content you cannot make any money online. You need to constantly crank it out if you want to run the information marketing business model.

You want information online and other people want it too!

But, we all know how hard it is to create valuable content, as it can take up most of your daily time.

Now, I’m not going to help you with content creation tips in this article, but I’m going to help you with the content distribution process.

If you asked me how to get your stuff in front of an audience, get more traffic and make more money, here are some cool ways to do it…

1. Guest Post On Other Blogs

One of the best ways to distribute your content is to do guest blogging. You’ve probably heard about this strategy a number of times recently.

It’s not without reason, because guest blogging is rapidly becoming one of the most popular internet marketing strategies to get quality traffic.

The concept is simple.

You search for the popular blog owners in your niche (other niches too) and find out whether they offer the opportunity for other blog owners like you to publish content on their popular, traffic-rich blog.

It’s a win-win situation because all blog owners know how hard it is to crank out high quality blog posts full of useful information daily.

Well, great! Now you have the chance to get your content live on a popular blog and get targeted (very important) traffic coming to your own website.

I strongly advise you check this traffic source out yourself.

The question is: “How do you find popular blogs where blog owners are looking for guest authors?”

Well, there are many ways to do it.

Go check out one of my other articles about guest blogging, (where I go into detail about how you could find guest blogging opportunities).

6 Proven And Really Fast Ways To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

2. Post Your Content To Blogging Communities

If you’re publishing your content on only one website or blog online then you’re most likely not getting much traffic.

If you’re publishing it on at least 10 different websites, then you have much greater chances of getting massive traffic, right?

Well, a really simple way to gain extra exposure would be to join some of the blogging communities:

To find new joint venture opportunities, get more targeted traffic or just make new blogging friends, these are great.

Definitely go check them out!

3. Ebook Syndication

To get even more exposure, you could utilize something that’s called e-Book syndication.

The idea behind it is to take your existing content and convert it into a PDF format. Thus, you’re creating a PDF ebook.

Generally, any article will do the work. It isn’t necessary to create 2000-word PDFs. Focus on quality content and you’ll be doing a very good job.

This strategy alone could bring you in 100’s of new subscribers for every article you write.

If you’re occasionally using Microsoft Word 2010 like I am, then you could use the built-in function to convert a word document into a PDF. I find it’s very easy, of good quality, and fast.

Other than that, you could use one of the many free word-to-PDF converters on the internet.

Here are three resources you can use to convert your files to PDF:

Next, when you’ve converted the document into a PDF, you need some e-Book directories.

There are a lot of them to choose from:
Google Books –
Idea Marketers –

The beauty of the ebook syndication strategy is that there’s not too much work involved because you’re using your existing content.

Also, don’t forget to make some kind of a promotion at the end of your PDF report. Otherwise, there’s no big point in creating these PDF e-Books and loosing the visitor.

4. Document Sharing Sites

This is an extension of the previous strategy.

Although the name has changed, the idea is basically, the same. You take your existing article or blog post, or visual material and submit it to the document sharing sites.

If you’ve already created the e-Book or report, take it and submit it to some or all of the following document sharing websites:

5. Article Directories

If you still want to do it old-school, after discovering the new content distribution methods, then I can remind you of article marketing and article directories.

Now, I really, really feel that for article directories, compared to what they used to be, it is “game over”.

Some of them may survive if they come up with something interesting, but for the internet marketer it’s a complete laugh nowadays.

You cannot get 1000’s of visitors from one article on Ezine Articles or GoArticles because Google doesn’t rank them as highly as before.

But, I’m not saying you cannot get a few dozen visitors from one article.

Article directories still work, but it’s not the easiest way around. You have to be a somewhat skilled copywriter and submit extra great content or else you won’t get many visitors.

Craft the headline to perfection. Make bullet points and make it easy for the visitor to see your link to your website.

But, if you’re really serious about making money online, don’t focus on article directories in 2012. It’s a friendly tip. You’ll save yourself lots of wasted time and effort.

I just felt I had to tell you this ugly truth.

6. Joint Ventures And Email Newsletters

Joint ventures are a great way to grow your business. There are many people who already use JV’s to their advantage.

But, how can they be helpful to get your content in front of a completely new audience?

Simply, a great way would be to leverage their email list.

Some lists are big, some are small, some are responsive, others are not, but the point is that you could exploit those lists.

The job is this…

Let’s say you have an e-Book or PDF report. (And it is much better if it contains valuable information.)

It’s important to go the extra mile when trying to create a JV relationship. This means that you should offer your very best content.

Fundamentally, all you have to do is take that e-Book or PDF report and write them an e-mail offering them your stuff. The key here is to do it for free. You’re not selling them anything here.

Tell them that you want to give them your best stuff for free, but in return you get free exposure to their audience.

They could promote your e-Book or PDF report to their email list. Offer it as a bonus somewhere on their website or on the thank-you page after someone has bought from an item from them.

There are many possibilities to leverage their online property.

Depending on how big their list is, but you could easily get 100’s of extra visitors from one good email promotion. Many of them would join your own email newsletter.

What To Do Next…

The next step for you would be to check out some of these content distribution strategies.

I’m not saying that you should go crazy and try them all at once.

The best bet would be to focus on only one or maybe two in the beginning – to become familiar with the “game”.

After that you can move on to the next strategy. Wish you luck!

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23 Comments on "5 Places To Distribute Your Content On The Web for More Traffic"

  1. Amit Shaw says:

    Ray Awesome Tips.
    Ebook Syndication is new idea for me. I am using Blockube , BlogEngage and BizSugar its really helpful to get backlink and visitor. Soon i will start Your New Idee Ebook Syndication.

    • Ray Wilson says:

      Hi Amit,

      Definitely check out the ebook directory strategy. You can get some quick targeted traffic with not so much effort.

  2. Lanre says:

    Hi Ray,
    Over the past few months, I’ve heard of different strategies to build traffic, but I wonder why I never heard of ebook syndication. Also, I belong to a few blogging communities and I must say, I’ve gotten my fair share of traffic.

    Another strategy that I think might be useful here is converting blog posts to slide shows using applications like Power Point. There are slide show sharing sites and although I have not tried it out, I’ve heard that it’s pretty effective.
    Thanks for the tips you shared here, you’ve exposed me to more sharing sites.

    • Ray Wilson says:

      Hey Lanre,

      Exactly, there is also Slideshare, which is a slightly different concept, but really it’s the same as ebook and document directories.

      They all are effective, but there’s one super important principle you have to accept and understand with these: the more valuable your ebook for the reader, the more likely you’ll get their attention and make them click on your landing page.

      Also, the more traffic you’ll receive.

  3. Kalen@Learn Internet Marketing says:

    Thanks for the tips Ray. I wouldn’t classify guest blogging as a way to distribute your own content though, because you need to do an original post for it. The others are all true. Some bloggers say they still get something out of article directories, but I wouldn’t count on them much at all in 2012 as you say. The real value would be if people decided to distrtibute them on their own sites. However, you are going to find that most sites that republish use scrapers to get content and don’t include the link back to your site. If they do include the link then they are usually useless sites to begin with. So I think the idea of article marketing creating viral traffic is really a myth.

    • Ray Wilson says:

      Agree Kalen,

      Guest blogging is the first thing you want to do, then if they allow it, post that content on your own blog, then use the other remaining content distribution places.

      Article marketing is really a myth. I don’t know anyone who has built a business from traffic from article directories starting in 2011 or 2012.

      The directories are too cluttered.

  4. Fantastic post, Oni. I’ve bookmarked this one to come back to. This is definitely a resource I can use. Thank you. I’m off to tweet this.

  5. Rosey says:

    Really very nice article.
    i was just know about and i have been registered there to promote my web.
    In docu sharing site are really best i have experienced.
    This post reading is really worthwhile i need to book mark it 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Ray Wilson says:

      Glad you like it Rosey,

      Give the strategies a try, do them for at least a couple of weeks, then judge yourself, if it gives you any benefit.

      Usually, the traffic starts to come within a few weeks, if the keywords aren’t too competitive.

      Definitely think about your title of the ebook.

  6. Nick Messenger says:

    Thank you for a really interesting post. One question that I have in particular is about #3 Ebook Syndication & #4 Document Sharing Sites & that is having produced your PDF do you always have an ebook cover made for it? Is a cover absolutely necessary?


    • Ray Wilson says:

      Hi Nick,

      Nice question. There are sides how I look at it.

      One – you produce a lot of ebooks.

      Then I wouldn’t bother paying for the covers or creating them myself.

      Two – you create only a few super quality.

      Then I pay for the cover or design it myself.

      P.S. People love images online, and they grab them by their eyeballs. It IS important, but you don’t want to loose your main focus – getting traffic fast – if you waste 3 days designing a cover, unless you’re a pro designer.

  7. Sabrina Sabino says:

    Excellent post, very informative. I’m with you on the article directories…they’re not as useful anymore and at this point it’s almost like giving free content to these directories with very little or no benefit to you. I get my articles plagiarized in these article directories. I’ve had some bad experiences with this type of marketing.

    • Ray Wilson says:

      Yeah Sabrina,

      That’s how I feel too. Giving your best content only to get a few visitors doing nothing on your money site, a waste of time.

      And you even don’t build a reputation with these like with guest blogging.

      Today there are so many better ways.

  8. Article and Blog directories are really useful to get targeted traffic.

  9. Emmanson says:

    Wow great article. I must say i’v been a big reader of youngprepro blog for the past 2 years and i can say to you that i have never read any article that piss me off. Great work oni keep it coming

  10. Joe Boyle says:

    Great tips, the notion to stop using article directory websites like eZine was a good one – they’re simply far less prominent then they used to be. They can’t go on with their old methods – Google is forcing them lower and lower, and users are using new means.

    I think using these tools are only important until your following is big enough to the point where it can spread itself.

  11. Neeraj Rawat says:

    Hi Ray,

    Awesome post, after a long time I read something here that forced me to comment apart from Oni`s post. The resources are good as many people know sharing articles, ebook promotion kind of things will help in a loads of traffic but the question is where? And you answered it perfectly.


  12. sam says:

    just superb explanation of guest posting man ! i think all these ways are unique not it’s not violating the privacy policy of Google so we can follow your steps for marketing our sites on intrenet through your tips btw thnx for sharing this awesome knowledge and article 🙂

  13. Yeremi Akpan says:

    Content marketing is very important now with so many new blogs coming up by the day, this is a good post to bookmark to make sure one has visibility out there.

    Thanks, Ray…

  14. Yeremi Akpan says:

    Content marketing is very important now. With so many new blogs coming up by the day, this is a good post to bookmark to make sure one has visibility out there.

    Thanks, Ray…

  15. Jackets says:

    Thanks Roy. Among those fives i like guest blogging most because it will make me feel the authority status.

  16. Shalu Sharma says:

    Sharing the blogs on those sites such as blogengage is pretty good idea. I recently joined them and I had a few posts on the first page. So sites like those do work. Guest posting is a pretty decent way to get your name out as well.

  17. Nice article, very useful to get targeted traffic. I don’t know about ‘Ebook Syndication’ till now. Thank you for share this information.


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