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22 Design Magazines That Pay Writers

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Design magazines run exciting projects, and freelancers queue up to work for them. In this new list of paying magazines, we’ve trawled the Internet to find the best design publications, offering the most profitable and interesting gigs. Many of these magazines accept work from new writers, but please study their websites in detail, so you know what information they require when you submit your pitch.

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1. Bead & Button Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Bead & Button Magazine is a long-running, respected publication. They cover an eclectic mix of topics related to the art and craft of beading. They encourage freelancers to send pitches and proposal by email. There is no specified word count or topics, but there are several sections to which work can be submitted. Please see their site for details.

Payment is negotiated between the writer and editor, upon pitching the magazine.

2. Quilting Magazine

Pay: $400

Quilting Magazine publishes topics related quilting. They are always interested in fresh and new ideas, including traditional, seasonal and whimsical designs. They expect submissions to be made by post or email. Specific details on what to send can be found on their site.

Quilting Magazine pays upon acceptance.

3. Crochet World Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Crochet World is a bi-monthly magazine which offers crochet techniques and patterns. They also publish complete directions on all types of crocheting. They prefer receiving queries and proposals before work is commenced. Articles can be written for specific sections and topics, and detailed information of all this is on their site.

This publication pays within 45 days of acceptance.

4. Knitty Magazine

Pay: $200

Knitty is a colorful magazine dedicated to the art of knitting. They work with an editorial calendar and encourage freelancers to make their submissions months before the deadline. Current themes and topics are published on their website, so please do consult this before you start writing.

They pay between $120 and $200 per submission, upon publication.

5. Est Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Est magazine publishes material dealing with interior decoration – both residential homes and commercial facilities. They invite writers to email their ideas, queries and proposals for consideration. Photographs are also welcome.

Payment is negotiated upon pitching the magazine.

6. Boulevard Magazine

Pay: 30 cents per word

Boulevard magazine beautifully captures the vitality of Vancouver Island through its people, design and architecture. They work with an editorial calendar and each month has its theme. Submissions are solicited months ahead. Do consult their website for sections and guidelines on querying.

Freelancers are expected to negotiate payment when pitching the magazine.

7. Twist Collective Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Twist Collective is an online magazine focused on knitting, and her sister – arts. They welcome clear and professional designs and articles. Submissions are accepted at regular intervals throughout the year, so please check their website to find out exact dates.

Payment is negotiated when your pitch is made.

8. LuxeDaily Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

LuxeDaily is an interior design magazine which showcases creative luxury interior designs.  They encourage freelancers to submit designs which are original and properly accredited. This publication also welcomes images. Writers are asked to send in ideas and designs to the specified editors. All this information is found on their site.

Payment is negotiated upon pitching the magazine.

9. Generation Q Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Generation Q magazine covers a wide range of content related to quilting. Images, designs and articles are accepted. They work with an editorial calendar, hence content is solicited ahead of publication. If you’d like to submit material to them,  do send your ideas before writing and designing.

Please negotiate payment with Generation Q Magazine when you make your pitch.

10. Threads

Pay: Unspecified

Threads is a bi-monthly magazine, celebrating garment sewing, design, machine, and hand embroidery. They are interested in articles on construction and embellishment techniques, materials, tools and design. They accept queries, proposals and ideas only.

Threads magazine pays upon acceptance.

11. Canadian Gardening

Pay: $350 CAD

Canadian Gardening is a national magazine, published for the avid home gardener. This publication invites prospective freelancers to read issues of the magazine to get an idea of articles they accept and publish. They accept full manuscripts and expect articles to be no more than 2,000 words in length.

They pay up to $350 upon acceptance.

12. Fine Woodworking

Pay: $15o

Fine Woodworking is a bi-monthly publication aimed at those who strive for and appreciate excellence in woodworking. Writers are expected to send queries and proposal instead of full manuscripts. They have a wealth of information on their website, so be sure to check this out before writing anything.

Fine Woodworking Magazine makes the payment upon acceptance of your copy.

13. Ultimate Knitting

Pay: $150

Ultimate Knitting is a publication which celebrates hand and machine knitting – and crochet – at all skill levels. They accept full manuscripts and expect copies to be no more than 800 words, including 3-4 images. This publication recommends you send articles in a precise format, so please consult their site before starting work.

Payment is $150 per article.

14. Quilters Newsletter

Pay: Unspecified

Quilters Newsletter is a specialized publication for quilt lovers and quilt makers. Their call for submissions is current and specific, so do read their site. They accept full manuscripts as well as queries.

Payment is negotiated upon pitching, and made upon acceptance.

15. Mississippi Magazine 

Pay: $350

Mississippi Magazine is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to the positive points of the state. They accept work from freelancers who familiarize themselves with the magazine before pitching ideas or sending query letters. Please consult their site to find out how they like their query letters formatted.

They pay up to $350 per article upon publication.

16. Home & Cabin 

Pay: Unspecified

Home & Cabin is a publication which showcases gorgeous, striking, unique and intriguing homes and cabins across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. They invite prospective freelancers to send queries and proposals via email to the editor.

Payment is negotiated with the magazine when you make your pitch.

17. Eye Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Eye magazine is an online publication which covers material related to graphic design and visual culture. They expect writers to send queries and proposals to the editor after familiarizing themselves with the magazine.

Payment is negotiated upon pitching the magazine.

18. Icon Eye

Pay: Unspecified

Icon Eye is a leading architectural and design magazine. They publish content and images on unique pieces of designs and architecture. They like freelancers to send proposals and queries to the editor through the link provided on their site, in order to get a commissioned article.

Freelancers are expected to negotiate payment when pitching the magazine.

19. FX Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

FX magazine is a long-running publication for the contract interior design industry. They expect submissions to tally with the subject of the magazine. Articles should be high-quality reports on designs of offices; hotels; and education and leisure facilities.

Payment is negotiated when your query is made.

20. Blue Print Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Blue Print is a widely-established, bi-monthly magazine which publishes opinions and critical thinking about designs and architecture. They work on query basis and discourage submission of full manuscripts.

Payment is negotiated upon pitching the magazine.

21. GB&D Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Green Building & Design is a trade magazine that connects and inspires green-building professionals with a single mission: to create a more sustainable world. They expect writers to familiarize themselves with the magazine before pitching. This publication works with an editorial calendar, so content must fit and be sent in before the set deadline. Be prepared to send in at least one image with your copy.

Please ask about payment when pitching GB&D magazine.

22. Revista Design Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Revista Design is a Portuguese design magazine. They like information about design, architecture, and other artistic forms of expression. They expect articles and submissions to be sent by email or by post. Do consult their website for further details.

Payment is negotiated upon pitching the magazine.


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