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Christian Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Perhaps you’re a Christian blogger, minister, leader, or practicing Christian with a passion for reaching out to others. Maybe you just want to share your testimony. Whatever category you belong to, getting your articles published on Christian blogs will help you achieve your goals.

Now is the time to connect, meet new bloggers, develop your social  proof and establish yourself as an authority in the Christian field. To get started, read and agree to the guidelines of one or more of the blogs listed below.

Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts.

1.  Redeeming God

Domain Authority: 35          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Get your content in front of thousands of readers and subscribers. You should be able to write about scriptures and theology so people can apply it to their everyday lives. Or share your personal testimonies if you prefer. The guidelines have more information. Submit your article here for consideration.

2.  OurChurch.Com

Domain Authority:  61         

How to Submit a Guest Post: If you’re a tech- savvy Christ-follower, consider guest posting to this site. Register and complete your profile. Your article will be edited so make sure it’s grammatically correct. Read the standard guidelines along with the additional blogging guidelines.

3.  Premier Christianity

Domain Authority: 45          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Send a brief outline of 200-300 words of your proposed article to Justin Brierly. However, Premier is popular and gets a lot of submissions. Not all of them are published. Read the guidelines here to get started.

4.  Unveiled Wife

Domain Authority: 44          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Share your story to encourage and affirm Christian wives, based on your experiences. Send a draft of your article via the form on this page. Submitting your article for review means you agree to the Guest Posting Policy (guidelines) and permissions policy.

5.  Thriving Family

Domain Authority:  44         

How to Submit a Guest Post: To get started, order a subscription or read a free digital edition. The main topic is practical ideas for parenting kids. Choose from the range of age groups to write for. You can find more information on the guidelines page.

6.  Arabah Joy

Domain Authority: 42          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Word count should be 500-700. This is a practical parenting blog. Topic ideas/sample headlines are on the guidelines page to help you brainstorm. Email your article for consideration when ready.

7.  Faithful Bloggers

Domain Authority: 49           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the topics on the guidelines page before planning your work. Articles must be unique and will only be considered if published on your blog and nowhere else. Content must be family friendly. Submit your article ideas here.

8.  Before the Cross

Domain Authority: 30          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Make sure your guest post topics are relevant to the blog. Your content must meet the criteria on the guidelines page. Email your submissions and include the number of your readers, Facebook fans/friends and Twitter followers.

9.  Charisma Magazine

Domain Authority: 61          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read the revised guidelines carefully and stick to it, or your article will be returned. Your article must be high-quality, well-researched and grammatically correct. Submit your query here with your byline and bio.

10.  The Christian Century

Domain Authority: 68          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Email your guest post queries for consideration to be published on the group blog. You could also pitch an article idea for the Century magazine. Please read the guidelines for more details.

11.  A Diligent Heart

Domain Authority: 32           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Topics needed are listed on the guidelines page. Content must be high-quality, original, unique and well-edited. Email your submissions for consideration and you should get a reply within 48 hours.

12.  To Love Honor and Vacuum

Domain Authority: 48           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Only guest posts related to marriage from a faith point of view will be accepted. Occasionally, parenting posts from a faith point of view will be considered also. Articles must be specific but are subject to change to fit the blog’s goals. Read the guidelines before submitting your guest post.

13.  Satisfaction Through Christ

Domain Authority:  34         

How to Submit a Guest Post: Subscribe to the blog or read through the archives to get an understanding of the content required. Also, read the About page and faith statement before planning your work. Topics (should be about Christian women) are on the guidelines page. Fill out the contact form on the same page with your submission.

14.  Gospel Blog

Domain Authority:  46         

How to Submit a Guest Post: This blog is a place to explore sharing the gospel. Topics include missions, evangelism, church and faith. You must comply with their belief statements on the guidelines page if you wish to be published on their site. To submit your ideas, create an account.


Domain Authority:  46         

How to Submit a Guest Post: Ideally, you should have a relationship with OCF and the Orthodox church. This information is needed with your submission, which should be sent by email. Read the blog to familiarize yourself with the content. Check out the guidelines here for more information.

16.  Boundless

Domain Authority:  54         

How to Submit a Guest Post: For a chance of getting published on this site, email a couple of writing samples, and a link to your blog, along with your guest post ideas. Review the Author Guidelines first. Do read the guidelines for more information.

17.  The Life

Domain Authority: 41          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Preferably, you are centered on the things of Jesus with a heart for touching others. Topics needed are a daily life devotion or a challenge. Email your work, but please read the guidelines first.

18.  Intervarsity

Domain Authority: 69          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Simply send an email to Lisa Rieck for information about what is required and how to get started. Read more details on the guidelines page.

19.  Crosswalk

Domain Authority: 76          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Although guest posts are not usually accepted on this blog, you can request to write for them by sending links to your published work. Fill out the form on the guidelines page to get started.

20.  Paul Sohn

Domain Authority: 37          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write about anything relevant to Christianity. However, only submit original articles which are not published elsewhere in print or on the web. Read and agree with the guidelines before submitting your guest post. Please Email your article in Word format and include the size of your readership, blog readers, Facebook fans/friends and Twitter followers.


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