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Challenge Update #2: My Strategy

About a month ago, I started a challenge on this blog.

The purpose of the challenge is to start a brand new blog from scratch without leveraging anything I already have access to (besides the experience I’ve gained over the years), with the sole aim of turning it into a 4-figure client generation machine in 3 – 6 months.

If you’re not familiar with the challenge yet, here are the first 2 posts in the series to get you started:

In the Trenches; I’m Challenging Myself to Start Over Again

Challenge Update #1: Setting Up My Blog

This post will be the third update in the challenge series and in it I’ll be sharing my strategy and content marketing plans for the blog.

You can follow the challenge by subscribing to my newsletter, or by visiting this page for challenge updates.

Content and Updates

Content is a huge part of this challenge and writing great content that serves as good marketing copy for my services is essential.

Whenever I write new content for the new blog, I have two things in mind:

1. Write pillar content that covers each topic in detail – content which can stand the test of time to rank well in the search engines.

2. Write content on every aspect of my blog, directly or indirectly. Since what I talk about is guest blogging, I’ll cover anything from the benefits of guest blogging to how to write the perfect guest post, to finding endless blog post ideas. As long as the topic will benefit a guest blogger (even in the most remote way possible) I’ll write about it.

Not only will this make it easy to write content on every aspect of guest blogging and rank for them, I’ll also be able to write articles on blogging and attract a new crowd which haven’t already cottoned onto  the idea of guest blogging.

In other words, my plan here is to turn the blog into the ultimate resource for anything guest blogging related.

To do this effectively, here’s my schedule:

1. I have to write a detailed, well-researched and epic article on the blog once a week. This is the main aspect of it.

2. I have to cover general aspects of guest blogging occasionally on the blog. These won’t be detailed posts, but can serve as resources to answer questions people have about guest blogging on the surface. This kind of post won’t have a definite routine.  In some cases, I’ll publish 2 articles a day or 5 articles of this kind in a week – while in some cases I’ll publish none at all.

Getting results from my content

Since starting this challenge, the main purpose is to get results from the blog in a time frame of 3 – 6 months.

It doesn’t matter whether content is involved or not, so it doesn’t make sense writing  content if there would be no benefit for me.

The main purpose of each piece is to get clients who’ll hire me. To make this happen, each article will contain several links to my hire me page. I’ll subtly hint my services occasionally inside each article and I’ll introduce an obvious call-to-action for potential clients below each article.

With this alone, I believe it’ll be easy to drive more clients to my service. Unlike WritersinCharge – where I write for writers, this blog is focused towards an audience who needs my services and each article serves as a reminder for them to hire me.

Of course, getting an initial boost of traffic to each article like WritersinCharge does won’t be possible due to the size of the blog. Since I won’t be linking the blog here or on WritersinCharge’s social media accounts, it’ll become even more difficult for me to market it (I’ll be on the same level as a newbie). This makes my marketing strategy even more practical.

My External Marketing Strategy

My marketing will be based on only two things, guest blogging and SEO. In fact, I’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

While guest blogging is powerful on its own and can send solid referrals, I’ll also be building links in the process that can help my blog’s SEO.

My approach is to write quality guest posts for major blogs and occasionally include links to articles on my blog that complement the guest post. By doing this, I’ll be able to drive referrals to my blog from the guest post, while gaining powerful links inside the article that can help me improve my search engine rankings.

It’s that simple.

I’ll also be spending more time on sites like Quora, Yahoo! Answers, blog comments and forums, but those are just to compliment my main strategy which has already been outlined above.

With that said, while everything looks easy, it isn’t.

I know I said I want this challenge to be tailored to newbies and while most people will expect me to be lazy in the process, I won’t be.

The marketing strategy I plan to use is practical for everybody, but it’s up to you to determine whether you want to put in the effort to get results.

While doing something contrary to what I’m doing in this challenge can help you get some results, I can’t guarantee that.

With that said, here’s my plan and how much time and effort I will dedicate to each approach:

1. Guest Blogging: I have to write at least 20 quality guest posts for other blogs every month. A minimum of 5 (and up to 10) of those guest posts will be submitted to blogs with the authority of and similar sites, while the other 10 will be submitted to smaller blogs – solely for the purpose of SEO.

20 guest posts a month seems like a lot, but for those who want to get results, that is nothing impossible. If you’re looking for an alternative strategy, don’t ask because there isn’t any I can recommend.

In other words, it takes REAL hard work to succeed!

2. Community Marketing: This has to do with being on Quora, Yahoo! Answers and blog comments. For this, I plan to spend an average of 3 hours every week on related activities that will help my blog grow.

Some of these activities will lead to clients directly while others will only give my site a strong SEO boost. I’m not looking for instant results but something that will establish my blog and help me get results within the time-frame specified for the challenge.

As to how effective my marketing strategy is, I’ll say VERY. I’ll be reporting in a future post how successful it is, though.

My Internal Marketing Strategy

While it’s important to market yourself externally on other websites, what you do on your own website is just as important.

Here’s my marketing strategy for the blog itself:

1. I’ll start an email list designed to send readers regular emails in regards to guest blogging; recent changes and tricks, important tactics and what everyone should know.

Needless to say, each email will advertise my services.

2. I’ll be writing a whitepaper designed to position “me” (read: my new blog or my pseudonym) as an authority on the subject of guest blogging and get me clients as a result.

If marketed properly, whitepapers can be very powerful. I’ll be giving it to my list and distributing it on other channels to ensure as many people as possible can read it.

3. Like I said earlier above, each content will be optimized to advertise my services.

That’s It!

That’s my content marketing strategy for now and how I plan to grow my new blog and drive an audience. I think that’s everything I’ll do. I’ll be updating this post or writing a future article if I think there’s more, or if I think there’s something new in the process.

If you’re confused or have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you find this not practical enough, don’t worry I’ll be sharing more details in the future with examples included.

If you got the URL for my new blog in the first update and have been visiting the blog, you’ll notice I haven’t posted an update at all. That’s intentional and the sole reason for that is to make this challenge as followable as possible. I don’t want to rush a single aspect. I want to do it as if I’m really starting from scratch.

Also, make sure you keep yourself up to date with the challenge by visiting this page I just created.

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