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Why I Failed Over and Over Again before Making Money Online (and How Not to do The Same)

One thing I keep on observing on this blog and other blogs like mine is that we keep on telling you how we succeed without telling you how we failed. The truth is, sometimes you really have to fail before you succeed, but failure isn’t always necessary, not if you can learn from someone who’s […]

My Income and Traffic Report – March 2011

I made a lot of decisions when entering the new year, but the best so far is displaying my income report: not only because it helps inspire and motivate my readers but because it is what keeps me moving strongly. I also see these monthly income reports as a way to make myself accountable to […]

My Income and Traffic Report – February 2011

I make it a duty to report my earnings and traffic on this blog every month irrespective of the amount of money I make or the amount of traffic I get. My reasons for this are numerous, some I won’t even be able to say but my ultimate reason is to inspire you and let […]

My Income and Traffic Report – January 2011

On the first of January this year I kick-started a new feature on this blog which is displaying my income report on a constant basis. For some business and personal reasons I was unable to display my income report early this month but as someone always trying his best to be a man of his […]

And The Winner Is…

I announced a contest for you to help me name my free ebook on Wednesday and I’m now happy to announce the winner of the contest. The winner is Codrut Turcanu with the title “Blogging Income Exposed: From zero to $3,000 a month”. It is no doubt there are a lot of titles suggested and […]


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