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Take this 5 Minute Survey

In an attempt to better serve you on this blog and via my email newsletter, I have created a short survey that will take you anything from 2 – 5 minutes to complete. I have been blogging for 2 years now, and one thing I’ve realized is that the best way to serve my readers […]

How Desperate Are You to Fail?

I came across a video on Youtube today, and it got me thinking. What if success is all about failing? Come to think about it, each success is about failing at the right time (and the right amount of times). I’ll make a good case study in regards to this. A lot of people read […]

Writing Changed My Life FOREVER, and it Can Change Yours Too

Almost 2 years ago I discovered something; something really unique and more powerful than I’d have expected. I discovered writing online. I discovered blogging. And I discovered how to live a better life and impact that of others. Nobody would have expected me to be a writer. I studied science in high school, I’m currently […]

Which Writing Questions Do You Want Answered in My Upcoming eBook?

I’m in the process of releasing a new ebook as a pillar to support the brand of this blog and as a resource for all writers, both beginning and expert, from all over the world. The new ebook will be titled The Writer’s Handbook: How to Write for Traffic and Money and it will be […]

The One Word (or Action) that Can Change Your Career this Year

I sent this email to my subscriber list last week, and I got some great replies so I’m reposting the content of the email here. BTW, you can subscribe here if you’re not yet subscribed! The One Word (or Action) that Can Change Your Career this Year You might be asking if that word really […]


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