4 Ridiculously Easy Steps to Write a Good Outline for Your Articles

A reader asked:

Hi, Bamidele. I can gladly say that you’ve been an inspiration in my life. I just started to explore online content writing and I’m experiencing some difficulties in forming a good outline for my articles. Do you have any tips and pointers that can help?

I’ll be sharing the format I use to outline my article below:

motivation writing

Weird Jobs of 11 Famous Writers

Do you know that Stephen King was once a Janitor in a high school?

Or that Charles Dickens once worked labelling jars in a shoe polish factory?

It’s interesting how much can happen if you focus on your craft and don’t give up, and this infographic reveals weird jobs 11 of the world’s famous writers once held. I couldn’t resist sharing!


10 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Find Article Ideas

Myra asked:

“My problem is that I have been off work for long and when I think about coming back now, I can’t find topics to write about. How do I come up with interesting ideas?”

I get lots of variations of this question from writers, and it makes sense that this is a major concern; whether you’re writing for your blog, guest blogging on other blogs or writing for clients, you need an abundance of ideas.

Here are 10 ways I get ideas on what to write about:


Master Spelling Skills and Improve Your Vocabulary in 5 Easy Steps

By Chassie Lee

master spelling skills - improve vocabulary

It all boils down to strategic learning. You can spend hours on end with word lists and spelling activities only to realize they don’t promote your learning. Don’t sweat it. Here are five easy ways you can improve your spelling and vocabulary the smart way.


How to Write The Best Ending For Your Story

Spoiler alert: No matter how great your story is, if the ending falls flat or doesn’t ring true, it ruins the entire story for the reader.

You would think that endings should be easy to write—just wrap up all the story’s loose ends, tie the whole package with a neat little bow, and be done with it, right? Nope! If the story ends too perfectly, readers may discount your ending as contrived. But if it’s too messy and not carefully resolved, readers may be dissatisfied. To write an ending that’s compelling and satisfying, think about trying out the following techniques: