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How Ali Luke Used Her Writing Skills to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Image source We all know how volatile freelance writing can be. One moment everything is running smoothly, and in the next breath a major client decides to drop you, causing you to lose a significant percentage of your income in an instant. How can you insure yourself against this kind of thing? Simple – by […]

Meet Rachel Abbott, The Self-Published Author Who Sold 2 Million Books

When Rachel Abbott wrote her first novel, Only the Innocent, she didn’t intend to publish it, but her family and friends who liked the book convinced her to publish it, so she released it in November 2011. Three months later, Only the Innocent hit #1 spot in the entire Amazon UK Kindle store. It remained in […]

How a 21-Year-Old Student From Lithuania Became a Forbes Contributor

Forbes is one of the most influential business publications in the world. There are a lot of benefits that come with writing for such an established outlet: it gives you exposure, increases your credibility and makes it easier to attract potential clients. Who wouldn’t want to have “As seen on Forbes” on their portfolio website? […]

How This 20-Year-Old Student Makes $2,500 Per Month by Freelance Writing

  Note from Bamidele: Hassan Ud-deen is one hell of a driven and talented blogger. He first got on my radar when he purchased coaching from me in 2014; he was 18 then. I mean, when most adults were dilly-dallying and pinching-pennying, here’s an 18-year-old who was willing to invest in himself! That, coupled with […]

Monica Leftwich Case Study: How to Write for The Huffington Post and Washington Post

Note from Bamidele: Monica Leftwich first got on my radar when she sent me the following email: “I just wanted to say thank you for compiling your “110 Websites That Pay” list. I submitted an article to The Penny Hoarder and it got accepted! I was kinda scared my article would just be ignored because […]


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