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How to Get Clients to Pay You

A reader asks, “how can I get my money paid?

I’ve only been scammed by a client once.

I think it was around $600.

I completed an order of $600 worth of article with this client and we both agreed that I did everything right. The only problem came when it was time to pay me.

This particular client twice told me that he’d sent the payment (when he didn’t), and not having Paypal support made things worse.

After several emails, waiting for a few weeks and chatting with the client on Skype, I decided it was no longer worth it and I stopped contacting this particular client.

If you’ve been scammed by a client before or if you’re afraid this is happening or might happen, here’s how you can avoid it and get clients to pay you:

reader questions

The Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Tech Problems

Who do you go to for technical support?” – Rob

Today’s question is from Rob and it’ll be addressing a major problem most writers face – getting tech help.

Since I’m still very young, I believe I’m not far behind when it comes to handling basic tech issues online, but I’m also not a genius who’s always churning out codes. In other words, I have my own challenge as far as technology is concerned.

Here’s what I do when I have a problem with my hosting, design, or when I need help resolving tech problems online – in the order I do them:

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How to Choose a Blog Topic and Get Ideas to Blog About

Huthyfa asks:

Hi Onibalusi

I don’t know what my blog is going to be about. I feel like I’m stick in somewhere. Can you give me tips on how to choose my blog content because I still confused?

Choosing a Topic to Blog About

First things first, choosing a blog topic is entirely different from finding ideas for blog posts.

Choosing a blog topic is like determining the foundation of your blog.

Here are a few tips to help you choose a topic to blog about: