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Weird Jobs of 11 Famous Writers

Do you know that Stephen King was once a Janitor in a high school?

Or that Charles Dickens once worked labelling jars in a shoe polish factory?

It’s interesting how much can happen if you focus on your craft and don’t give up, and this infographic reveals weird jobs 11 of the world’s famous writers once held. I couldn’t resist sharing!


The Missing Piece

I sent this email to my newsletter a few weeks ago and the response has been great, so I’m re-posting it here:

Is it possible to make a living writing online?

Is it possible to make a quick living writing online?

Depending on what “quick” means to you, the answer is YES. You probably won’t start your writing business today and start making money immediately, but you can establish the foundation for a reliably successful writing business in just a few months. In my book, that’s quick.

However, while it’s possible to make money writing, most writers WON’T. They don’t have the missing piece needed.