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The 3-7-7 Follow Up Formula

the 3-7-7 followup formula

It can be frustrating when you send an email and you hear nothing.

You send an email to the editor of a potential publication you want to reach out to and, after checking your inbox like 100 times throughout the day, you hear nothing. Maybe they’re just busy, so you wait a day… a week… and still no response — until you completely forgot that you sent an email.

The above scenario should be very familiar if you send emails; it happens when you cold pitch clients, when you email your favorite bloggers or when you try to get published in major publications.

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How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Freelance Writing Business

By Kirsty Stuart

Pinterest and freelance writing

Using images to promote your writing business? I know, it sounds odd.

Or does it?

If content is king in the blogging world, then images are surely the queen of social media, and if you think that as a writer you can’t market yourself and your freelance writing business with images, you might want to think again…

By dismissing Pinterest, you could be missing out on a number of eyeballs that would otherwise never have landed on your writer’s website or blog. I’ve personally seen a huge increase of traffic to my freelance writing website from Pinterest. On some days, traffic from Pinterest has even been known to surpass visitors coming in from Google and Twitter.

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Quick Lessons From an Experiment in Cold Pitching

cold pitching experiment - quick lessons

I sent this as an email to my newsletter a while back, and I’ve gotten several positive responses from people getting results by implementing my suggestions, so I’m publishing it here on the blog with minor edits.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m a huge advocate of having clients come to you; I favor this model because it was how I accidentally became a freelance writer; if clients are coming to me, why go after them?

It’s also puts me in control, since they are coming to me, and that’s a big deal over here at Writers in Charge!

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How to Put a Price Tag on Your Articles that’s Spot-on

Oh yes, the issue of assigning a dollar value to your freelance writing. It’s always been a struggle, especially for the youngest members of the community.

If you’ve been reading any freelancing blogs then you know that there are some standard amounts popular among other writers. For instance, $100 tends to be considered as a good price point per article. And then every multiplication of that.

But in the end, getting your rate per article out of thin air might not be the best approach for all situations.


Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

Moyo asks:

“Hi Bamidele,

“I stumbled on your site in my struggle to generate more traffic. Otis quite frustrating as a blogger when you read so many different articles in generating blog traffic, and like you said in an article “everyone says the same thing”. It is even more frustrating when you do all what is being talked about and you are not seeing any significant results. My blog averages 10 visitors a day and for whatever reason, the search engines aren’t sending traffic my way.

“The blog is just about a year old, but I’m sure you can understand how frustrating it is to write and not be heard. Anyway, I have the following questions:”