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The Shocking Truth About Writing For Money

You’re probably a rich freelance writer with lots of clients and a fat bank account.

You make so much money that even your dog can smell the wealth.

Well, good for you!

This was the case with Larry, a 21 year old freelance writer who was making a killing online. He had a few big clients who allowed him the opportunity to make about 5 figures every month.

After a whole month of hard work, he finally decided to take a day off. With a bowl of popcorn in his hand, he relaxed on his sofa to watch his favourite movie, “Total Recall”. But something unusual caught his eye.

To the left, a dark figure stood holding what looked like a long stick in its hand.

To Larry’s despair, it wasn’t a stick, but a long barrel shot gun pointed straight at him.

The next thing he heard was a loud noise; and to his horror, he felt his skull crack open and a sharp pain in the front of his brain.

In two short months, lots of cash was sucked out of his bank account. Debts and surgery expenses had to be paid.

After 6 months, Larry came out of his comma to a bank account with only 3 figures. Worst of all, a vital part of his brain was damaged.

Larry could no longer read nor write! He was forcefully retired from freelance writing.

And he was broke!

If he could turn back the hands of time, there’s only one thing Larry could have done to ensure he always had some cash in his account, regardless of what he did or where he was. Unfortunately, many freelance writers, both the successful and struggling, haven’t done this one thing.

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How to Put a Price Tag on Your Articles that’s Spot-on

Oh yes, the issue of assigning a dollar value to your freelance writing. It’s always been a struggle, especially for the youngest members of the community.

If you’ve been reading any freelancing blogs then you know that there are some standard amounts popular among other writers. For instance, $100 tends to be considered as a good price point per article. And then every multiplication of that.

But in the end, getting your rate per article out of thin air might not be the best approach for all situations.

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5 Harsh Realities of Building a Successful Writing Business Online

The post below is an email in my autoresponder series; response to this email has been great and I thought I should publish it on the blog.



You want to build a career online, writing.

It’s probably why you’re subscribed to this newsletter.

Naturally, like everything else in life, building a successful online writing career isn’t without its challenges.

The most successful people have had to deal with various challenges, (and still do) as their business evolves. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting, or you have a solid enough business. Everyone – at each cross-section of their online career – has to deal with their own set of challenges; challenges they will have to face and overcome on their own.

Here are 5 harsh realities of building a successful writing business online.

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The #1 Secret Of High-Earning Freelance Writers That’ll Make You Rich

This is a guest post by Ali

Do you know what the biggest hurdle in your way to success is?

Your brain!

It won’t let you achieve your goals when it brings up every kind of niggle and negative issue in your mind.

We’ll get back to these suspicions and fears shortly, but let me throw in one more question:

What separates the high-earning writers from the low-earners (besides the $$ in their PayPal account)?

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Why Being Intimidated By Others Can Hinder Your Success As A Writer

This is a guest post by Thuy Yau. It addresses something I think is the most important factor hindering a lot of writers. If you find it difficult to get started as a writer but don’t know what’s hindering you, read this article!

Words cannot describe the sense of accomplishment I feel at being a guest poster here.

For the past fortnight, I have been in awe of Bamidele Onibalusi. To me, he is the epitome of success. The sort of freelance writer that you admire from afar, but feel too intimidated to talk to.

That’s how I had felt. Until now.