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Meet Rachel Abbott, The Self-Published Author Who Sold 2 Million Books

When Rachel Abbott wrote her first novel, Only the Innocent, she didn’t intend to publish it, but her family and friends who liked the book convinced her to publish it, so she released it in November 2011. Three months later, Only the Innocent hit #1 spot in the entire Amazon UK Kindle store. It remained in […]

Carol Tice on How To Make Six Figures From Your Blog

Note from Bamidele: Carol Tice is the freelance writer I respect the most. The reason for this is very simple: Besides the fact that she gives clear, proven advice, she gives advice in a no-BS kind of way. Most importantly, her advice has helped me make six figures in the few years that I’ve been a freelance writer. […]

Tom Ewer shares what it Takes to be a Successful Freelance Blogger

A great way to succeed as a freelance writer is by specializing and focusing. Tom Ewer is a master at that. He’s mastered the art of freelance blogging and he now averages at least $4,000 online every month by freelance blogging. Tom recently released what I’d like to call “The Ultimate Guide to being a […]

How to Blog a Book with Nina Amir

Blogging can be very powerful. Not only when it comes to getting freelance clients but also when publishing your book. This interview with Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book: Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time, gives a few tips on how to blog a book.   Bamidele: You […]

A Renegade Writer Shows You How to Break In and Earn More

One of the few freelance writers I respect and follow is Linda Formichelli. She’s been in this game for over 15 years, she’s published her own book, she’s published several courses and she has countless testimonials from students who created a successful career after taking her advice. Linda knows what she’s doing, so naturally, I was […]


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