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How to Make Thousands of Dollars Monthly by Writing Guest Posts

Ever since transitioning this blog to teaching writers how to make more money, I have decided to be sharing a lot of great tactics working for me, even if I don’t feel comfortable doing that. One major thing I have observed when it comes to making money writing (or making money online for that matter), […]

Guest Blogging: It’s all about fitting in

This is a guest post by Amanda. The blog world tends to pick up new and exciting trends with unerring accuracy. One such trend is that of guest blogging. A guest blogger is someone who is invited to write a post for another blog. Typically the guest blogger blogs elsewhere on topics related to the […]

Confessions of a Serial Guest Poster: How to Prospect, Write and Promote Your Guest Posts for Maximum Exposure

This guest post is written by Adam Costa Obviously, words can make money. But you know what really turbocharges your results? Exposure. Now, there are many forms of exposure, but guest posting remains my favorite for five reasons. It… Promotes your website Builds your authority Provides valuable links to your site Delivers more traffic (from […]

Case Study: An Inside Look into My Most Successful Guest Posts

You’ve probably been reading a lot lately about guest blogging and everybody keeps on preaching how effective it is, including those who have hardly ever used it. Since the main aim of this blog is to teach you how to write for traffic and money it is my duty to regularly show you effective ways […]

Why Guest Blogging is More Powerful than You Think

Before I continue with this article, I’d like you to know that I hired an expert to do a critique of this blog, because I knew something was deeply wrong with it – so a lot of changes will be going on soon, one of which will be to change the focus of my articles […]


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