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How To Backup Your WordPress Blog

As i said earlier when i lost my whole website, I said I will be posting on how to get a solution to your wordpress problems on this blog so here is a post on how to backup your wordpress blog without the help of any plugin. 1.  First, login to your wordpress admin panel. […]


I just changed our wordpress theme at dataentryforall.net, the new theme is the one I am using now. I also want your suggestion on the theme, whether it is okay like that or not or suggest any improvement or tell me about any errors you are facing. I also want to bring too your notice […]

I am changing my wordpress theme right away

Hi Everybody, I want to bring it to your notice that you might be noticing some changes on the site that makes the site look ugly or somehow, i just want to let you know that there is no problem with the site. I just decided to change my wordpress theme to something better. I […]


CHOOSE A NICHE In our last post we talked about targeting an audience and its importance to achieving an audience, It became clear that without having the right audience then it is not possible to achieve online success. Today, we will be talking about choosing a niche and how it can affect your online business […]


While in my control panel on the 6/03/2010, i was trying to delete the wordpress installation on one of my domains(the one i hosted on the same server with this one), unfortunately enough, it was that of this domain(dataentryforall.net) that i deleted resulting in the loss of all files, plugins and comments. I didn’t even […]


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