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Entrepreneur Spotlight – Jeedo Aquino

The entrepreneur spotlight feature is a feature on this blog in which I occasionally showcase a great, unique and innovative entrepreneur every once in a while. Some people have the ideas, they have the passion and they have everything needed to build a successful online business. All they need is a little spark, and my […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight – Samuel Ayodele

This is the fourth week of WritersinCharge’s entrepreneur spotlight feature and I’m very happy to feature another cool young entrepreneur this week. The entrepreneur I’ll be featuring today is Samuel Ayodele from Megabizflakes. Who is Samuel? Samuel is a 19-year-old Nigerian blogger who blogs about small businesses and entrepreneurship on his blog, Megabizflakes.

Entrepreneur Spotlight – Hector Avellaneda

Today is another great Saturday and I’ll be featuring another cool entrepreneur, before I give you more details about who this entrepreneur is I’d like to let you know that I’ve been getting feedback and suggestions from readers (such as making this a form of a mini-interview etc.), I am not neglecting your comments and […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight – Dan Stevens

I recently introduced a feature on WritersinCharge in which I will be featuring up and coming entrepreneurs and bloggers every Saturday, if you want to be featured you can contact me using my contact form. The person I will be featuring today is Dan Stevens. Dan Stevens Dan Stevens is an SEO expert and the […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight – Lye Kuek Hin

I love this community and my ultimate goal is to impact lives so I’ve decided to introduce a new feature on WritersinCharge, the purpose of this new feature is to showcase a lot of intelligent and creative entrepreneurs who are not much known but have a lot of value to share. It doesn’t matter if […]


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