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4 Ways To Double The Quality Of Your Writing Overnight

Guest post by Logan Marshall

It is 3 am. The air is hot. Inside an old barn, Frank hovers over a large, intricate machine. Sweating. Illuminated by a single flickering candle.

He looks tired. Borderline insane. His long wiry hair a mess, a manic smile stretching across his face…

Outside, unknown to Frank, a SWAT team waits patiently. Quietly. Guns drawn. Huddling in the bushes. “We’ve never faced anything like this before,” one of them thinks, “there is no room for error. The entire planet hangs in the balance…”

Suddenly, it happens.


How To Tell Stories To Grow A Seriously Thriving Audience

This is a guest post by Alex Fakhri.

When you run a blog your aim is drive visitors to your site, attract them to an article with a cleverly worded headline and somehow entice them to read the article from start to finish, right?

Now if there is one thing that grabs almost everyone’s attention,  it is a good story. We all love listening to good success stories about how someone went from zero to hero in no time at all. Just take a look at these headlines; each one telling a compelling story. You can tell it’s going to be a good story just by looking at the headline. (Note: Strong headlines are so important) 


The Secret to Making Your Writing Stand Out Online

This guest post is awesomely written by Logan Marshall, who you should check out by the way!

In an attempt to hide the fact that we were all 98 pound weaklings, my friends and I used to challenge each other to see who was the bigger man.

We took it to the extreme.

We scaled our high school in the middle of the night, ran five miles completely barefoot through the woods and routinely attempted (extremely painful) acrobatics off a local bridge.

But that’s just the beginning. Compared to what you’re about to hear, that shit is tame. And far less dangerous.

Here’s how it went down.

copywriting writing

5 Sure-Fire Tips for Writing Effective Lead Nurturing Emails

how to write lead nurturing emailsLearning to write effective emails is one way smart writers adapt to using the internet for their business. In this article Sarah gives some tips on writing effective lead nurturing emails.

Sarah Goliger is an inbound marketer at HubSpot, a marketing software company based in Cambridge, MA that makes inbound marketing and lead management software.

Once you’re generating leads for your business, one of the most critical components of a good lead management strategy is setting up lead nurturing campaigns to guide your leads down your sales funnel.  By sending well-timed and closely-targeted emails, you can further engage your leads with educational content and other offers in which they may be interested.  But so many emails go unread these days, or even worse – get marked as spam – so how can you ensure that your messages will be read?  Here are 5 ways to make your lead nurturing emails more effective.