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The One Content Every Blog Needs to Have

Whether you’re a massive corporation that wants more business or a solo freelance writer in need of more clients, having a blog can be of phenomenal impact.

Besides having a blog, something much more important is how often you update your blog and the kind of content you update it with. In fact, recent data from Hubspot has shown that the more content you publish, the more leads you’re likely to attract from your blog. As a result, more bloggers are advocating updating a blog regularly with some bloggers even going as far as recommending having a daily schedule. Having experimented with this for awhile myself, I’ve come to realize something really important:

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The Low-Budget Guide to Marketing Your Blog as a Freelance Writer

Due to recent problems with my former host, WritersinCharge moved to Hostgator last week. Unfortunately, to avoid losing blog posts and files during the transfer we decided not to publish any post. That explains why there was no post on WritersinCharge throughout last week and Yesterday.

We’re now back on track and this week will be loaded!


Today is a Tuesday and I’ll be answering a question from Ioana:

Lets say somebody took your advice on the importance of having their own blog and decided to start it up. How would they get people to reach their blog at first? They don’t know anybody, no referrals, just some articles written but nobody to provide feedback. Are there certain communities for bloggers where they could publicize their work? I know that a good way to promote yourself is to guest post, by when you are so new, you don’t have the credibility to offer your articles to other bloggers.

Recent data from Hubspot has shown that blogging can be more effective than a $54,000 Superbowl ad.

You’re gradually killing your career if you’re a freelance writer without a blog.

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The Simple Secret That Drives Traffic To Your Blog

This guest post is by Joe Pawlikowski

You try not to worry about it. You’re creating quality material and you’re working on becoming better. You’ve read Onibalusi’s writing tips and you’re on the right track. But there’s one thing that continues to nag you. And so you take a break from your writing and check your Google Analytics. It stares you in the face, mocking you until you finally close the window. Eventually you accept the sad reality.

Your traffic numbers are abysmal.

It’s OK, you tell yourself. Building a high-traffic blog takes months, even years. You’re still working on things, putting them together. Eventually everything will come together. Right?

Maybe not.

If you’ve been plugging away at your blog for months and still haven’t seen results, there’s a chance that you’re merely treading water. You’re writing things that people might read from time to time, but it will never lead to high-traffic success. In other words, you’re ignoring the secret to building a high-traffic blog.

What’s the secret, you ask? It’s something simple and fundamental. When I spell it out in big block letters, you might bop yourself on the head. The secret to creating a high-traffic blog is…