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6 Books Every Writer Should Have on His/Her Bookshelf

Writers know that to write, you need to read, read, read. Not only is it helpful to read in your own genre, but to also get outside of it and read other genres and styles. Read about writing and read good writing.

Any of the following books will boost your writing…but don’t just put them on your shelves – take them down and read them!

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5 Lessons Rob Severson Taught Me about Success as a Freelance Writer

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately:

Books on marketing, business, psychology and anything else that can help me become a better person and a better freelance writer.

I recently had the opportunity to read Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity A Survival Guide & Memoir by Rob Severson

It’s Rob Severson’s memoir, written for and addressed to his children.

What made the book particularly interesting to me was the fact that Rob is 65 and, being 18, I knew I could learn a lot from him.

Also, the concept of writing a book to one’s children and grandchildren is something that interests me, and I couldn’t just resist the fact that everything was based on Rob’s life history.

In other words, it was a story. And I love stories.

I gained a lot from reading the book and here are the 3 most important lessons I learned from Rob about being a more successful freelance writer and, most importantly, a more successful person.

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Book Review: WRECKED, by Jeff Goins

We’re all living a lie.

An illusion.

We live in a time when our world and the majority of our decisions have been shaped by our community, and we often need to be WRECKED to see things the way they really are.

Imagine that feeling of confusion, of unsatisfaction and of not knowing where you really should be?

We all experience those feelings every day, and it’s partly thanks to the community we live in.

Thanks to the status quo, we all have an “idea” of what success is, what steps we should take and what kind of life is “normal”.

Our lives mostly have been designed for us from the beginning, and we find it difficult to break out of the status quo.

Sometimes, we need to be WRECKED to know what we should really do with our lives; we have to unlearn what we’ve learned over the years, we have to make ourselves uncomfortable and go outside of our comfort zones, and we have to see things through the eyes of others.