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Why Your Blog Posts Need Structure – and How to Get it Right

Have you ever given up on a blog post part-way through? Sure, the post contained a few good ideas, but it wasn’t worth the effort of finding them. You were starting to skim before you’d finished the (over-long) introduction, and you got lost in the middle. Chances are, that blogger who wrote that post didn’t […]

How to Start a Blog: The Basic Step-by-Step Guide

Having a blog can set you apart as a writer. Do you know that, on average, the hourly rate of freelance writers on freelance bidding sites like oDesk, Elance and Freelancer.com is $10 – $15? In fact, most writers only make $2 – $4 per hour on these sites – and they often struggle to […]

7 Mistakes Thwarting Your Attempts to Get Clients from Your Blog

I’m an advocate of blogging to generate clients as freelance writers because it truly puts the writer in charge. When a client comes to you through your blog, you’re the expert. This saves time on having to prove that you deserve to be hired or having to prove that you’re capable of doing what the […]

How To Write A Persuasive Post

In order to get your readers to take the action you want them to take, you must have the ability to write persuasively. ‘How To Write a Persuasive Post’ will show you how. Persuasive writing is not just about selling to your audience, it’s also about convincing them that what you say is true, that […]

How To Wake Up Every Morning With the Motivation To Write Great Content

Guest post by Tony Blogging in the first few months is intensely fun – you learn a whole new set of skills and really start to feel all techie (at least, that’s what I felt when I started). But after a few months, blogging becomes rather mundane, to the point where you’re literally dragging yourself […]


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