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3 Realizations that Will Change Your Online Business Forever

internet marketing realizationsYou have promoted your blog, you have done your best to get traffic, you have written hundreds of guest posts, you have commented on countless blogs and you have done pretty much everything you can to ensure your blog becomes a success, but it’s now 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, several years of you blogging but you don’t seem to be getting results. You might not have been blogging for years now but you just can’t notice any significant improvement as far as your blog is concerned.

You have marketed and promoted products but you don’t seem to be making sales.

You have done all within your power but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Before You Stop…


Have you ever considered the possibility that you’re doing something wrong?

Have you ever thought you’ve been missing something really critical that can determine the success or failure of your online business?

If so, you’re on the right path, and if not, it is time for you to rethink your strategy. This article will be explaining the 3 major things you have to realize in order to build a successful online business.

1. It’s Not About YOU

Yes. You read that right!

So many people keep on complaining about their blog not progressing and a lot of them even complain about getting traffic that doesn’t convert. In most cases there is nothing wrong with their traffic or its source but their major problem is their approach towards things and their perception of things as far as their online business is concerned.

Except your blog is your own personal blog with which you don’t really care if you get traffic or not, or if you make money from it or not, you have to realize that your blog isn’t about YOU.

I know that being personal sometimes make a huge difference because people have to hear stories, they need something to connect and relate to but that doesn’t really mean you should remove their place in it. Except your readers are reading your blog for the fun of it or because they want to be reading your every stories you need to make them realize that it isn’t about YOU, it is about THEM!

Whether you like it or not, I only care about myself the most in this life, I love myself the most and I will give everything I can to ensure I’m always okay. The same thing goes with your readers and they will never respect or give you their trust until you make them realize that you are with them in this.

To really succeed as a blogger you have to ensure that every single time you write a post, it should provoke your readers to think about themselves and their career, it should provoke your readers to take a significant action that can make a significant difference in their lives and it should provoke a great kind of thank you, you just changed my life!

2. No Matter How Great, FREE Content is not Enough

You might have read it on a gazillion blog that content is king that you become really frustrated at how this myth is circulating the blogosphere. But do you really think it is a myth?

It is just like saying that your brain is the king of your body because it enables you think and affects your actions and someone saying because he is handicapped and cannot take so many actions  the brain isn’t king.

Our body has several members, without which it can NEVER be fully operative.

A kingdom has citizens, without which there will NEVER be king.

The same thing goes for blogging and building a successful online business. FREE isn’t, and will never be enough so you need to upgrade your approach, you need to refine your thinking and you need to start doing things in a new way.

Don’t just write free content, don’t just post videos, don’t just send valuable emails, don’t just be the best you can, learn to MARKET YOUR BEST!

Is it by guest blogging, SEO, blog commenting, forum posting, video marketing or through every other means you can think of? Don’t just give people free content, do all you can to market the free content you give.

3. Have a System

When I talk about blogging to those around me the question they keep asking is how do I make money blogging? I know the question looks simple, but the reality is that it isn’t!

Building a successful online business isn’t just about creating a website or building a blog, it isn’t only about promoting your blog either, it is far more than that.

The fact is, everything has a system and systems make them all work well. You won’t succeed until you try to adapt that same mentality when it comes to your online business.

You need to develop an approach with which you want to make money online and you have to develop a system that will help you execute that approach.

This means if you want to make money by creating your own information products you have to focus on retaining your visitors and making them long-term visitors, and this means you have to invest all your efforts into building a mailing list.

If you want to make money from affiliate marketing you have to develop a system that will help you funnel the most of your traffic to affiliate pages.

And If you main aim is to be getting clients to your online business you have to develop a system that makes it easy for your clients to know that you’re offering the services they need and that you’re available for hire.

The moment you realize that every successful thing is controlled by systems is the moment your business will start to change. It is the moment you start to reach new heights. It is the moment you start to experience great success.

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22 Comments on "3 Realizations that Will Change Your Online Business Forever"

  1. David Verney says:

    Interesting blog. Thanks for sharing it. I find that content is usually what pulls the traffic in. If people think they can learn something and they are really interested in the title subject, they will click on my blog and read the post. It’s quite simple really.

    Have a great day!


    • Kevin Kimes says:

      Oni, (or Onibalusi? which is preferred?)
      Another excellent-timed post for me, as usual.

      Are you reading my mind? 🙂

      I was thinking about this exact topic today, this is how I’m feeling. I know there is a bit more I can do, and I’m figuring out how to do it, but it “feels” like there are no increasing monetary results right now with my blog.

      I seem to have a natural knack for the writing part. I’ve found that when I read the lists of tips for ‘how to write a good blog post’, I’m already doing all or most of them without thinking about it.

      This post is helping, though. I definitely need a system to follow every day so that I can streamline and get more traffic-building work done. I also need to step up to the point where I can guest blog.

      Also, it seems we have a similar method for grabbing images without breaking the rules. 🙂

  2. Khabri says:

    again a good article. You doing great man.. cheers. And the basic thing is work work and only work

  3. Haru says:

    hey oni, what a great post u wrote here..

    i just wanna ask something..what system do u mean??? can u explain/elaborate more?? maybe u can give me an example of your system in next post..thanks dude 🙂

  4. Extreme John says:

    You open up this article perfectly bro. Bloggers need to realize that traffic = dollars…. as long as you put the work in to figure out how to make those dollars from the traffic that you’ve generated.

    I know one thing is for sure, sitting around and complaining about it certainly won’t resolve the issue.

  5. Alex Humphrey says:

    Really good stuff. I’m in the process of expanding my blog, working on building content, and creating a mailing list. I have these weird phases where my blog is very popular and then suddenly it slows down considerably.

    My next step is figuring out why. Why is it that my blog shifts so much? Most likely it’s the content. Content truly is king. I also need to find more ways to hold onto readers. I haven’t created a mailing list yet, but you have inspired me to do so (I do have an option to subscribe to blog post via email, though).

    What is my system? That’s where the focus of the next few days will be.

  6. Andy says:

    I just started blogging and I’m really getting into the idea of writing articles that I would read myself and not just about me.

    You are right, people visit blogs because it benefits them in one way or another so you want to offer them all the benefits in the world!

  7. Thiet ke logo says:

    I usually write blogs with the content I like, I do not write for business purposes. My professional blog about graphics, I often share the experience of photoshop …
    Thanks for this post!

  8. Josylad says:

    Nice post Dele. Pls do you av any article on how to create a mailing list with free book downloads

  9. I have tons of content and i dont have much readers, i really appreciate this post but it was almost like a teaser…now what i really want to know is how to develop a system…for my blog so that i can sell affiliate products…what kind of system do you use? does your system involve blogging on certain days everyday of the week? You gotta have a part 2 to this article. I am very interested in learning more about developing a system

  10. Dejting says:

    Great article, thanks.

    I really need to develop a system for my business.

  11. TsarShu says:

    I like the first point that ‘it isn’t you who are to blame’. But I think sometimes we are to blame because very often we blog because our bosses made us do it or because we were ordered. In fact, if you do something with passion, you will be successful – sooner or later. And your blog will prosper.

  12. Very nice.
    Thanks for sharing this article!

  13. Without a system, there cannot be conversion of any kind. But to develop a system you first need to know what exactly you want to achieve with your blog. You need to find out the exact mode through which you want to make money.

    Great post!


  14. the sports says:

    I really love your writing. I think it’s very easy to read your blog whom English is second Language.

    About online business – patience is the KEY ( then content is the KING)

    Thanks you very much.

  15. Adrienne says:

    Great tips Onibalusi… I sure would hate to think that people have gone through years of all that hard work to still not be making much from their efforts. But if they are lacking in any of the areas you mentioned, that’s a big reason why.

    Really enjoyed this post so thanks for bringing this to our attention.


  16. Terje Sannarnes says:

    I fully agree with all advices for online entrepreneurs provided here. From my point of view, an online entrepreneur should be focused on 3 main things to succeed in web project – how to create profesional and interesting web resource, how to promote a website and how to sell products online or monetize web resources.

  17. Marlee says:

    Hey Onibalusi,
    This is a great article. I especially love number 2! There is no such thing as too much free content. I get emails all the time from people who are shocked at the amount of free stuff that I give away, but doing that and marketing it has grown my list like crazy.

    That is solid advice. Good work.

  18. Hi oni,

    It’s really true, only contents cant help in success, its marketing which can even make a normal content superhit! What’s your opinion?

    • Prasenjit @ Successful Article Writing Tips says:

      Absolutely correct.

  19. Olawale Daniel@Technology Blog says:

    Another insightful post, Oni. thanks for sharing this

  20. Tonerboss Coupon codes says:

    One of my blogging realization this year is the power of outsourcing. Sometimes, you need to outsource some of your jobs to focus more on more important aspects of your business.


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