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16 Business Magazines That Pay Writers Up to $700 Per Article

business magazines that pay writers

The potential for earning is extensive if you write for business magazines. This comprehensive article gives you the opportunity to peruse the best paying business magazines who hire freelance writers – all in one place.  Please make sure you read additional writers’ guidelines on the individual pages, as many of the publications listed have quite extensive guidelines.

Note: If you’d like to see more magazines that pay writers in other niches, be sure to check out our ultimate list of magazines that pay writers.

1. Alaska Business Monthly

Pay: Unspecified

Alaska Business Monthly is dedicated to Alaskans and other audience interested in business affairs in Alaska. They encourage submissions in the following subjects: Alaska Business and Alaska Native Corporations in all sectors. They’re interested in expert writers, but will also commission pieces that fit into their specified editorial calendar.

Please see their site for forthcoming submission calls.

2. Atlanta Tribune

Pay: Unspecified

Atlanta Tribune publishes useful content and resources in the areas of business and wealth creation for the people of Atlanta. They expect articles or ideas to have a local angle, and to be related to the core of the magazine. Queries should be sent to the editor about payment and any other details. They’re keen to match their publication to their readership requirements, so read a copy of the magazine before making your pitch.

New writers are required to submit a short bio and a few pieces of sample writing with their query. Full guidelines are on their page.

3. Atlantic Business Magazine

Pay: 40 cents per word

Atlantic Business Magazine is dedicated to covering business-related information in the four Atlantic provinces. They publish a wide array of  business topics, including business leadership and petroleum development. They expect articles to be well developed, and between 700 and 4,000 words in length, They pay upon publication.

4. BC Business Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

BC Business Magazine publishes stories that affect the work-life of their readers. They invite potential writers to pitch their ideas or stories to get commissioned. Finished articles need to be between 500 and 3,500 words in length.

BC Business Magazine pay upon publication. They encourage new writers to send them a bio, detailing how their expertise or education has qualified them to write their chosen piece.

5. Ecommerce Insiders

Pay: $150

Ecommerce Insiders is a central hub, publishing insight and information from those who make a living online. They are in need of content on Ecommerce and retailing online. They pay $150 upon publication.

This publication welcomes writers who have pertinent insight, or experience directly related to relevant topics in which they specialise.

6. Alaska Airline Magazine

Pay: $700

Alaska Airline Magazine is an in-flight magazine for airlines in Alaska. They’ve put out a call for submission to writers who can effectively and comprehensively write on business topics. They expect articles to be between 200 and 2,500 words in length, and pay $700 for features within 30 days of publication.

Query this publication by email only.

7. Douglas Business Magazine

Pay: 40 cents per word

Douglas Business Magazine is a well-respected publication, providing inspiration and innovation that help business owners and CEOs make decisions and shape their future. They are in need of content on the following subjects: business features, real estate and development, finance, sales and marketing. They expect articles to be between 500 and 3,000 words. They pay 40 cents per word – upon publication.

Query by email, and expect to send a short bio and a detailed proposal, outlining your planned article.

8. Workforce Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Workforce Magazine covers a wide range of topics related to human resources for corporations. They are in need of content written for HR leaders with a timely approach. There is no specified word count and payment is finalised when pitching your ideas to the editor.

9. Connecticut Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Connecticut Magazine is a general-interest publication covering a variety of subjects related to business. They’re encouraging submissions from writers who can craft exciting and well-researched pieces for the magazine – addressing issues and business lifestyle in the state. There is no specified word count, and payment is determined by the editor.

In the first instance, query by email before writing your article.

10. 1859 Oregon Magazine

Pay: 50 cents per word

1859 Oregon Magazine is a widely-read publication, which covers business topics and trends pertinent to Oregon itself. Their articles and pieces are written largely by freelance writers, so send them a pitch if you qualify. They are in need of content written specifically for Oregonians and visitors. They pay between 30 and 50 cents per word upon publication.

Outline your credentials and a short proposal of your planned article.

11. Pittsburgh Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Pittsburgh Magazine specialises mainly in general interest business topics – specifically in and about Pittsburgh. They welcome writers who can create business-related content for their audience. They expect you to pitch your ideas to the editor in the first instance.

Be prepared to submit a short bio and samples of published work.

12. Southeast Asia Globe

Pay: Unspecified

Southeast Asia Globe is an established and widely-read publication, covering modern southeast Asia. Their submission guidelines detail their call for content on the following subjects: Southeast Asian society, politics, business/economy, lifestyle and culture.

They expect articles to be between 500 and 1,500 words in length. Pitches can be made in outline form, or the finished copy can be sent. Expect to send a short bio with any article submitted.

13. Horizon Edition Magazine

Pay: $450

Horizon Edition Magazine is a business and travel in-flight publication for Horizon air. Articles should be well-researched, and between 300 and 2,500 words in length. They pay $450 and above for features upon publication.

They encourage writers who can produce vivid and exciting pieces to submit work. Send pitches with a short bio, and possibly clips of previously published pieces.

14. Bloom Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Bloom Magazine is a general interest publication for the people of Bloomington, Indiana. It covers a wide variety of business and finance topics. They expect articles to be between 350 and 450 words in length. They pay upon publication, and like writers to be a little familiar with their published material. Read a copy of the magazine before pitching.

Initial contact should be made by email.

15. JSTOR Daily

Pay: Unspecified

JSTOR Daily is an exciting online magazine, dedicated to providing a fresh way for readers to understand and contextualize their world, through topics like scholarly essays and current affairs. They expect copies to be between 500 and 2,000 words in length, and pay upon publication.

Jstor Daily has comprehensive writers’ guidelines on their page and expect potential writers to follow them keenly.

15. Milwaukee Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Milwaukee Magazine is a general interest magazine for the community of Milwaukee and southern Wisconsin. They publish a variety of topics, including, current affairs, business, and environmental issues. Pieces are expect to be between 2,500 and 5,000 words. They pay upon publication.

Make initial contact by emailing a brief pitch and a short bio. More details are on their website.

16. Government Executive

Pay: Unspecified

Government Executive is a monthly business publication, serving executives and managers in the Federal Government in the US. They cover news and trends in business and in the Government Executive sector. They expect articles to between 1,000 and 2,500 words in length and they pay upon acceptance.

Pitch this publication by writing a detailed outline of your proposed article. If you have relevant experience, don’t forget to include this too. There are detailed writers’ guidelines on their website.


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