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8 Blogging Lessons from My 8 Months of Blogging Experience

t’s amazing sometimes to look back to see what you’ve done, what you’ve learned and whom you’ve helped. I have a great blog post idea I have been working on for sometimes now and due to me wanting it to be my best I haven’t been able to complete it, I was also finding it difficult to write this morning when I got this idea, “why not share what you’ve learned within your months of blogging? Great! Isn’t it?

Youngprepro is only 4 months but I have been blogging for 8 months now, most of my blogging experience was from building writersincharge but the first blog I had also helped. I have learned a lot within this short period of time, but this post will be talking about the 8 most important lessons I learned in my 8 months of blogging.

1. Success Does not Come Overnight

Ever before I knew what blogging was, I was a very fast person and I believe everything I do must be fast. In my family I was the one who had the fastest education, I get results fast in everything I do so I thought this must also apply online and I should start making money blogging from my first week, how I was wrong!

I blogged for months without anything, no results, no recognition, nothing whatsoever. I started marketing my blog using some unethical methods such as forum spamming (I didn’t know then it was spamming). After facing a lot of problems without results and after seeing how things began to turn around slowly I slowly began to know that there is nothing called overnight success, success only comes after you’ve worked hard and also waited patiently.

I always feel discouraged but I somehow wrote one great article which eventually got one backlink from a then popular site – in my eyes (newbies see sites that are not popular as something which is popular, they mostly judge using Alexa Rank).

I faced the truth, and I began to realize the importance of patience. I started cultivating that habit, and I also began to work hard in order to make things work out faster, and now, I am happy I did.

2. Reputation Matters

Even if it is small, having a reputation for yourself is really very important to your blogging success.

When I started my first blog, I had made a lot of friends, I was known by some bloggers around me and this made everything easier for me when I launched writersincharge. Anytime I send a guest post to my blogging buddies, before I know it the guest post would have been live.

Another thing I discovered from making my first sale online is that it is not how many people you have but how many people trusts you.

How you see yourself is important but how people see you is more important. If you are seeing yourself as someone who knows what he is saying and someone who is being respected but others are seeing you otherwise, then I am afraid, you are in a dangerous pit.

Even though reputation matters, it can also destroy you. I launched my first ebook to build my list and unknown to me it was full of errors (i wrote it in 3 hours) and it was not properly designed, 100?s of my readers downloaded it without notifying me of the error, I later got to know by a close friend.

3. Content is King

You surely will have been told otherwise. It doesn’t matter how many thousands of visitors digg or other social bookmarking sites sent you because of the casual article you wrote, it doesn’t matter how many visitors one guest post sent you which made you think marketing is king, I am talking from personal experience, content is king!

One of my most popular posts was what I never promoted, not even in a single place. I didn’t send this post to my list, I didn’t promote it on any social bookmarking site but I was amazed at the number of visitors this post sent me. After getting results from this post I knew the importance of writing great content.

Before publishing this post, most of my posts do have 100-150 views but this particular post exceeded 1,000 views (what I didn’t promote).

Truly, marketing is important, because this my post I am talking about wouldn’t have done well if I hadn’t built a community that could give it a push around my blog ~ Nevertheless, content is king!

I have always observed my most successful posts, they are the ones with lots of comments, lots of retweets and they are the ones that bring about so much traffic that shakes my blog. It is also these type of content that bring about me being interviewed and listed here and there.

I do take a close look at things around me (even though I do pretend not to) and most interview request and features I got was as a result of me writing great content, not because of the ranks my blog has (far from it!).

Focus all your efforts on writing great content, treat it as if it is the difference between your blog succeeding and failing and you will be so amazed at the results you will get.

4. Marketing is Important

I am always happy because God made me realize this earlier. It was very early in my blogging career that I discovered the power of guest posting, I was amazed at how I started getting traffic from little efforts of guest posting.

It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if it is not being read it has no life of its own.

If you are a new blogger, my advice for you will be to focus 50% of your efforts on content while you focus the other %50 percent on marketing, if you begin to get more traction or you are getting over 100 unique visitors a day you can then focus 80% of your efforts on content and 20% on marketing.

You would not get any result if you write your best content without you having an audience, having traffic is important, having a community is important and only marketing can determine how successful your blog will be – It doesn’t matter how great your content is, it still need a little bit of marketing to succeed.

The best of the best content on the web are the ones that cannot be found, not because they don’t exist but because the writers haven’t realized the truth behind blogs succeeding and many of them give up too early believing it is impossible for them to make it blogging.

I will list (list, not explain) 5 ways you can market your blog for top profit, these are what I use and they are very effective.

1. Guest Blogging

2. SEO

3. Blog Commenting

4. Forum Marketing

5. Blogging Communities

You will notice I don’t use #3,4 and 5 again but they are what helped when I just started blogging, it will not hurt if you give them a trial.

5. There is NEVER Too Much Knowledge

You will always feel like you know something everyday and this is one major reason why so many people have failed, because of their ego.

It doesn’t matter what I know, and it doesn’t matter how successful I become, I will always listen to those ahead of me and below me.

Reading top blogs in your niche doesn’t hurt, learning from upcoming bloggers who know their stuff isn’t bad either. I have learned a lot in my short-term blogging and most of what I learned is as a result of me willing to learn. I wrote a great guest post from the bottom of my heart which I submitted to one blogger, he returned the post to me telling me it was full of errors and that he can’t just read it (let alone edit it), I was so disappointed and my ego jumped in telling me to send it to another blogger, the good spirit in me replied, that why can’t I try to edit it and see if he is right or I am wrong. I listened to the good spirit in me and I re-read the post, you can’t believe I was telling myself I wasn’t the one who wrote that post (whereas I was), it was full of grammatical errors I didn’t discover. That was how I learned the importance of proofreading each and every one of my posts, before publishing it on my blog or sending it to another blogger.

Listen to those around you, keep your ears out from something new. There is always something new to learn, you can’t just know everything.

6. You Have to Pay a Price

While I don’t love talking about the price I paid (that is one of the 48 laws of power), it is no secret we all have to pay a price.

I still spend an average of 10 hours a day on the computer and I have written over 220 guest posts this year, I also have to write for my blog and get the word out there about me.

There is no shortcut to success, there is no how you can avoid it, you have to pay a price. It does not matter which price you will pay, it might be financially or with your time, you just have to pay a price.

Wonders won’t just happen and you can’t just see people promoting your blog, you have to do all these by yourself, you have to come up with content ideas, you have to make sure you have the right headlines, you have to make sure your hardwork is not a waste, those are all the price you have to pay – there is no way you can escape it, not one!

7. SEO Matters

I get almost 2,000 visitors from search engines every month, won’t it be foolish to come and tell you this method is useless? Minus 2,000 visitors from my monthly traffic and you will know a large portion of it is gone.

I didn’t attend any SEO course, I didn’t outsource my SEO, I did everything by myself. You will notice some of my rankings have dropped (like for the keyword “young entrepreneur blog“), this isn’t because of any other thing but because I have relaxed in optimizing my blog for search engines.

Search engine traffic contribute a large percentage to the traffic of most successful blogs and it is one of the best traffic sources because of the type of visitors it sends (they are more targeted because they came through a keyword).

While there are many articles on SEO out there, including some which I have written, one of the best ones I would recommend you should read is Glen’s article on wordpress seo.

Here are some basic SEO tips you should implement on your blog to get more traffic (even than I am getting) from the search engines:

1. On page SEO – Optimize your blog for search engines by making sure you have your keyword in your meta title, your url, your meta description and your meta keywords. Also make sure you have a search engine compliant theme and that you have a clean code.

2. Keyword Density – Make sure you make effective use of your keywords in your blog posts and titles, this can also have a huge impact on your rankings.

3. Linking Structure – Make sure you work hard on building backlinks to your blog, this is the major key to search engine rankings. I was able to get a pagerank 4 for my first blog in less than 4 months and I was also able to get Google sitelinks and ranking for some top keywords for writersincharge in only 3 months, there is no other secret to this than quality backlinks, from my guest posting efforts.

Implement the above three tips and read Glen’s article on SEO, you will be amazed at how much traffic you can get from search engines.

8. Network

The golden ingredient to blogging success. It was through networking that I knew the power of guest posting.

I have gained a lot through networking and one great person I have learned a lot from (that really impacted my blogging life) was Hesham Zebida from Famous Bloggers, I knew him in my early days of blogging and I have learned a lot from him through knowing him. He made me know why it is dangerous to write your blog posts in all caps (as I used to do before) and he also let me know how powerful guest posting is. I have learned a lot about blogging from him than from any other person.

I have also been able to network with a lot of great people all over the web and one of them is you, who help make sure my posts go viral.

Networking is a golden ingredient to blogging success and it is very dangerous for you to neglect this great key. Network with other bloggers, network with top bloggers, network with medium bloggers, network with upcoming bloggers, network with me, network with others – we all are going to enjoy ourselves and the power of two or more should never be underestimated.

Over To You!

What has been your major challenge when blogging? For how long have you been blogging? What lessons have you learned? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

53 Comments on "8 Blogging Lessons from My 8 Months of Blogging Experience"

  1. Helen says:

    This is priceless information which everyone who’s considering starting a blog should read. All 8 points are essential for any blogger who’s just starting out and having them all together here should make people’s success rate much higher. Thanks Oni.


    • Great Helen,

      I am glad you loved the post.

      I have discovered that the best way to know something is to learn from someone who has been there, why not share my experience with others so that they know how everything is?

  2. Karl Hadwen says:

    Hey Onibalusi,

    Great post. One of the most important factors in terms of blogging is content, and I believe having quality content drives traffic. At the moment I’m writing a few posts and I aim to do 2 posts a week because I reckon if I did any more I’d just find myself writing about something that’s not interesting. So at the moment I’m staying to the 2 posts a week and writing quality stuff. Keep up the good work buddy.


    • Great Karl,

      That is a really good frequency to keep your blog updated and also help you provide more quality post.

      I will be operating at that frequencey also very soon.

  3. Hi Onibalusi,

    A helpful breakdown which news bloggers should study.

    Persistence has helped me above all else. Each moment you stick with blogging teaches you a specific lesson. The more moments, the mores lessons.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ryan Biddulph

    • Exactly Ryan,

      Being persistent is the real key – you have to keep going even if it seems everything’s turned against you.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  4. I started blogging last month back but within a month i have a great knowledge and confident about myself.Also I do lots of mistakes in while blogging which i just put all live on my blog learned from them.
    The lesson you teached really awesome it looks like 8 month experience. 😀 Knows you will also do great job in future too.

    Thanks For Sharing Great Lessons 😀

    • Cool Abhishek,

      Everyday is a good opportunity to learn. You surely will learn more as you continue to blog.

      I am happy I’ve learnt a great deal in my 8 months blogging.

      Thanks so much for commenting,

  5. Samuel says:

    Nice one Oni! To be a man is not a day job! My biggest challenge for now is TIME! I just dnt hv enough time to market my blog due to school works and exam is fast approaching! Hv been blogging for the past 7mths though i took a break due to my previous hosting service that fucked up. But am back on board! Thanks for sharing bro!

    • Great Bro,

      Time has always been a challenge but my advice for you will be to have a priority. You might feel like checking your email every now and then but you should try to focus only on what is important – building your blog!

      • samuel says:

        Thanks bro i will!!! 😀

  6. Steve says:

    Oni, I am amazed at the wealth of good information you put into this post. As you pointed out SEO, of course, does matter, people need to be able to find your content to learn how good it really is. But once you get people flowing to you content is the important thing that will keep them coming and is the only long term strategy for success.
    Thanks for a great article.

    • Exactly Steve,

      Marketing is really important but it is absolutely useless without a content to sustain it. Traffic will be sustained if you have great content.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  7. Michelle Flores says:

    Thank you for such great information! You are so wise for your years, and I look forward to reading more great tips as you continue to share GREAT content!

    Michelle Flores
    Young Entrepreneur Ideas

    • Great Michelle,

      I am so happy to share great information you love.

      Thanks so much for your nice words!

  8. Ryan Popovic says:

    This is important stuff. As a new blogger myself I am trying to learn as much as I can. These are great lessons. People should also apply this to their Twitter posts as well! Stop trying to sell me on your latest opportunity or product. Give me some good content and I’ll be more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. It is all about building trust and rapport! Thanks Onibalusi!

    • Exactly Ryan,

      Trust is really very important and before you try marketing your products you should have worked on building a high level of trust, failure to do this might cripple your blogging future.

  9. Michael says:

    Hi Oni

    This is a very useful and informative post. As you know I have been blogging for just over a month and my greatest challenge has not been getting people to visit but revisit. I know this is something I have to work harder at and this post will definetly help. This month I will be putting a lot of energy into SEO, marketing and guest posting as I have specific goals I want to reach.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Exactly Michael,

      Getting people to revisit is always a bloggers major problem, but if you could focus on producing more great content you will be amazed at how it works!

  10. richescorner says:

    Great article. It’s very informative and you have a great writing style. Out of curiosity, what was the article and the popular site that you mentioned in tip #1 that helped you take off?

  11. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    What a great post you have rolled out. This is not only for new blogger, but for every blogger out there. You have compiled the basic foundation that we need to focus on if we are to be successful online. The things you do have been a great inspiration to me, I am so glad to have met you.

    My main challenge is time same as Samuel. Not enough time for networking and marketing. That’s why I am unable to visit too many blogs and comment.

    • Great Lye,

      I am glad this post could help!

      Concerning time, if I were you I would focus on what matters first. If I were you, I will be writing two times a week and I will spend my time wisely promoting my blog, sometimes checking your stats and visiting too many blogs or checking your mails can be a time waster – try to focus on your blog first, you will be happy you did!

  12. Rahul @ MazaKaro says:

    Hi Onibalusi,
    Nice post dude.

    Please share your last month earnings as well like others are sharing. I also published my earnings on my blog. Doin this, newbie bloggers get some boost 🙂

    • Great Rahul,

      I don’t ever plan sharing my income on my blog (I might change my mind though), but I am still thinking of sharing my traffic, I will set up a poll when it is time to see waht people think about this.

  13. Mandeep says:

    There are some great points. All of which are important to any every blogger. I think the most important one is growing you network, in the end its not what you know its who you know.

    • Exactly Mandeep,

      You’re right on spot!

      Grow your network! It is truly not what you know but who you know, you can easily succeed if you have the right connection with the right people!

  14. jeffrey78 says:

    An article is not new, thank you for sharing, I like it

  15. rowery says:

    Thanks for a bunch of interesting informations

  16. Andreas says:

    Hi Onibalusi, I have followed your blogging career closely so far, keep on delivering the goodies.

    • Great Andreas,

      It really makes me happy to hear you have been following me for long, I will try my best not to disappoint.


  17. tushar says:

    long article onibalusi. i have bookmarked it and will read it in parts….
    the point you wrote about paying the price is spot on. I have noticed you writing on other blogs very regularly and at the same time keeping this blog running as well…Success will be yours for sure

    • Great Tushar,

      It surely will be worth your read 🙂

      Paying the price is really very important because there is a price attached to everything. Once you could pay the price you will later enyoy the results.

  18. shashank says:

    hey Onibalusi Bamidele,
    u have all time nice posts coming in,
    realli i am followin you since long,
    thanks 4 sharE!

  19. Blogging tips says:

    It is always better to learn from experience rather than reading tonzz of books…

    thanks for sharing your experience 😀

    — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

    • Exactly Sudharsan,

      Experience is truly the best teacher.

      Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

  20. Gloson says:

    Hi Oni. Amazing post! I really agree that there is never too much knowledge, as long as you are eager to gain it.

    • Exactly Gloson,

      Learning is a continuous process and it doesn’t matter what you know, you will always continue to learn.

  21. esoftload says:

    well everyone learn from their own experience… nice post Onibalusi…

  22. panic attacks treatment says:

    Well, i think making money from blog is long-term and time consuming but it has a future. You have to write really good content and get many visitors to your site. But if you have many people on email list then you will make good money.

  23. Katherine S. Thomas says:


    thanks for your encouraging post. I’m still building my first blog and your advice is highly valuable to me!

    Take care,

  24. Awesome Oni!

    Thanks for sharing your honest account of what it takes
    You are definitely one to watch this year and next – keep on keeping on you little whipper snapper!!!

    Awesome mate, really

  25. The most effective tip given here was to be patient. Most people equate internet businesses with instant success — this can be the case with social media sites and ecommerce sites, but unfortunately not for content-based sites. Keep up the good work!

    • Exactly Steve,

      Being patient is a must and all successful bloggers have this characteristic.

  26. SEOP.com says:

    Really great points. Thanks for sharing your experience. I myself have been blogging for 8 years and am still learning so much.

  27. You have definitely achieved some great results for those 8 months Onibalusi. Congratulations on that!
    One of the things most of the new entrepreneurs don’t take into consideration is that blogging requires time, which is why so many quit before seeing any positive results. So being patient can be a great virtue if you really want to get recognition. Of course only patience won’t do it – hard work is required as well, but that is usual for each and every business out there.

    • Exactly Daniel,

      Tht’s the truth! Patience is really very important and it can determine a lot about your success.

  28. I’ve learnt that it’s not all about the content but all about how many backlinks you’ve got pointing @ your site. I was fooled by AWSTATS into thinking that I ws getting thousands of visitors when in reality I was only getting tens. Never underestimate the power of leaving good comments on dofollow commentluv and keywordluv enabled blog. You build your backlinks this way gradually, Google takes notice and the traffic begins to flow in.

  29. Natalie says:

    i am so glad i came across your blog. this is really really priceless information. that is crazy you get 2,000 crawls per month! wow, how were you able to find that number out? i think it’s really impressive that you were able to figure out all this information by your self, you must be a very innovative, out of the box thinker
    thanks again..

  30. I agree with you on all those 8 lessons you learnt.

  31. Great lessons. Making money from blogging can be a slow start, but if you keep building, with it your income grows. I believe content is one of the key points to successful blogging, just keep posting!


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