Blogging Challenge: Watch Me Build a New Blog from Start to Finish

I’m building a brand new, client-generating blog from scratch and I want to show you how I’m doing it.

The idea behind this challenge is to start a brand new blog in a different niche, and turn it into a blog generating at least four figures in freelance income in 3 – 6 months.

I’ll be creating a brand new site for this. I won’t be using any of my existing resources (including this blog, my email list or social media accounts) to market it, and I’ll also be using a pseudonym.

In my own opinion, this makes the challenge as fair as possible and practical for beginners.

Most importantly, you can follow me as I go through the challenge.

This page will be regularly updated to contain news about the challenge, as well as important announcements.

Here are the current updates in the challenge:

In the Trenches; I’m Challenging Myself to Start Over Again

Challenge Update #1: Setting Up My Blog

Challenge Update #2: My Strategy

Challenge Update #3: My First Report

My Proven Blueprint for Getting Clients through Guest Blogging

Challenge Report #2: Getting My First Client and other Lessons

THIS Deadly Mistake Cost me a Five Figure Client

How I Make More Money Writing by Performing Experiments

Earnings and Traffic Stats

I have decided to add a table to this email that includes details of earnings and traffic from the challenge blog on a month by month basis:

Month No. of clients Visitors Income Paid
Nov. 2012 2 472 $0
Dec. 2012 4 584 $700
Jan. 2013 5 643 $3950
Feb. 2013 6 931 $2000
Mar. 2013 6 2,506 $500
Apr. 2013 7 2,936 $2875

Note: Income paid refers to the exact amount I was paid in a particular month, not the value of project I got; in other words, income from the above table only shows money I have received and spent 🙂

Also, it’s important to note that this challenge was started on the 15th of October; however, I started the above table with November in other to avoid confusion and also because that was when I really started to work on the challenge blog.

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