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Blogging Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Maybe you’re a new blogger and your goals are to develop your portfolio, attract new readers to your blog, form relationships with other bloggers, or build your social proof. Getting your posts published on authoritative blogging blogs is one way of getting started.

Guest blogging is a proven method of kick-starting your writing career or promoting your online business.

The blogs below are looking for fresh, high-quality, exclusive content. They will publish yours if it meets their criteria.

Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our definitive list of blogs that accept guest posts — it includes over 500 blogs in more than 20 categories.

1.  ShoutMeLoud

Domain Authority:  58

How to Submit a Guest Post: To feature on this award-winning blog, you must maintain their authority and high-level quality. Register and create an account. Your article should be detailed and well-written. You can read the types of articles they publish at the link. Detailed information is available in the guidelines.

2.  SmartBloggerz  

Domain Authority: 40

How to Submit a Guest Post: First, you’re required to register as a contributor. You must have your own gravatar, or register for one. Articles must be well-structured and easy to read. Read their previously published articles to see the kind of pieces they like, and study the guidelines for more details.

3.  MyBlog2Day

Domain Authority: 34

How to Submit a Guest Post: Fill out the contact us form for a login username and they will get back to you. Choose a relevant category that suits you and your blog’s topics and keywords. Not all submissions are published. Therefore, follow the guidelines closely.

4.  HellBound Bloggers

Domain Authority: 41

How to Submit a Guest Post: For a better understanding about guest blogging on this site, read this article. Next, register for an account using the invitation code provided on the guidelines page. To give yourself the best chance at accepted as a guest blogger, read the guideline and tips.

5.  Blog Godown

Domain Authority: 37

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Details of how to register for an account is on the guidelines page. Next, fill in the contact us page with your username and post excerpt and your account will be updated. Read the guidelines for more information.

6.  Inkwell Editorial

Domain Authority: 33

How to Submit a Guest Post: You have the opportunity to become a regular featured guest poster on this popular site. Articles about personal experiences and other topics relevant to this blog are preferred. Read the guidelines for more details.

7.  All Indie Writers

Domain Authority: 42

How to Submit a Guest Post: First, build up a relationship via the forum, by social media or by leaving comments. Familiarize yourself with the blog and its resources. Finally, read the strict guidelines before submitting an article.

8.  Write to Done

Domain Authority: 60

How to Submit a Guest Post: Send a headline and one paragraph outline of your article, titled “Guest Post” in email subject line. For first-timers, send one to three links to previously published guest posts. For more about submissions, read the guidelines.

9.  Opportunities Planet

Domain Authority: 30

How to Submit a Guest Post: Articles must be written exclusively for this site. You can republish it after one week on your blog. Complete the contact us form with your ideas and wait for a response. More information is available in the guidelines.

10.  Income Diary

Domain Authority: 56

How to Submit a Guest Post: Income Diary is an influential blog.  They have been featured in publications such as The New York Times and Business Insider. Getting your guest post accepted on this site will expose you to a large audience. Their standards are high. To get your article accepted, it must be of good quality. Send your topic ideas and a writing sample via the contact us page for consideration.

11.  Daily Blog Tips

Domain Authority: 74

How to Submit a Guest Post: Content should be useful for the readers and well-written. Prospective guest bloggers should study the detailed guidelines to make sure they meet the criteria. Finally, email your submission and include the post in the body.

12.  Successful Blogging

Domain Authority: 49

How to Submit a Guest Post: Email a two-sentence bio, a headline of your post and a link to your blog. If they want you to submit a guest post, they will request an outline. Read the guidelines for more details before constructing your query.

13.  iBlog Zone

Domain Authority: 44

How to Submit a Guest Post: Great blogging tips and tutorials to help people build a better blog are welcomed on this site. You need an email address with a gravatar image. Please send an email with your article idea and wait for a response. More detailed information is available in the guidelines.

14.  Kikolani

Domain Authority: 57

How to Submit a Guest Post: Apply via the guest blogger application form. Articles must have appropriate sub-heads with easy-to-digest paragraphs. Only submit original articles, please. More information is available in the guidelines.

15.  Blog Engage

Domain Authority: 52

How to Submit a Guest Post: Register for an account and fill out your bio. Your account will be reviewed and upgraded. Guest writers receive a back-link to your blog and social media. Read more on the guidelines page.

16.  Blog Dash

Domain Authority: 44

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the topics/categories before submitting your article. Make sure they’re original, well-written, well-researched and suit the audience of this site. To give your article a good chance of being published, follow the guidelines carefully. If you have any questions, please fill in the contact form.


Domain Authority: 63

How to Submit a Guest Post: Email your guest post suggestion for consideration. Articles must be unique, high-quality and not published elsewhere. Read more in the guidelines here.

18.  All Blogging Tips

Domain Authority: 40

How to Submit a Guest Post: Make sure your content is high-quality, well-written and relevant to their topics. Reply to comments when your post goes live or your bio and links will be removed. Read the guidelines and submit your article using the form on the same page.

19.  The Huffington Post

Domain Authority: 88

How to Submit a Guest Post: Pitch your topic to this publication for consideration. Make sure it’s concise, shareable and satisfying. If they’re interested in your idea, they will get back to you. Fill in the form on the guidelines page, and wait to be contacted.

20.  The Write Life

Domain Authority: 53

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read the checklist on the guidelines page before submitting your article. Check out the site to get a feel of what they publish. When you’re ready to submit, share your Google Doc.

21. Blogging Spell

Domain Authority: 28

How to Submit a Guest Post: Blogging Spell caters for marketers and business owners that use blogging as a strategy to grow their business, rather than bloggers in general. Guidelines are fairly strict so you need to make it clear you have marketing experience in order to be accepted – be sure to read their guidelines page to find their submission process.


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