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Bloggers Can’t Be Beggars But Can Be Chooses

beggars banquetThis is a guest post by Daniel Lew

Be Creative and Take Action

I will give you an example if there is a beggar on the street with one arm, sure we all feel sorry for him, but I bet you if that same beggar with one arm was washing car windows at the traffic lights, he would make much more money because people straight away think wow, he has only one arm but yet he is making an effort, people appreciate that if you go that step further they will too!

He is making an impact on people’s lives, people see that he is not just sitting down with a cup in front of him. My point is we as bloggers can do much more than just have a donation button on our site or be desperate and spamming sites to come to visit our own site.

We can get out there and make a difference in other people’s lives by taking action and helping and showing people there really is someone who is thinking outside the square, not just be the same person everyone else is being. We must think creatively in order to stand out and make a difference in people’s lives, this will be the way we get attention and people then come to us through choice!

We cannot beg others to come and visit our site, this shows that we are desperate and people don’t like to be pushed into things, we almost get seen as a spammer when we post in forums for example or free classifieds sites and say hey join here! You see it all over the place particularly on Craigslist and even Facebook has its fair share of beggars!

Networking With Positive People

But when you network in a fun and friendly way and are positive with other like-minded entrepreneurs and bloggers particularly within an inner circle you naturally make an impact and people see that and remember it and the more you do it the more people stick to what it is you say and do and eventually get closer and closer.

It’s like anything in life, if you go to the same gym everyday and are happy with the way you look and come across confident and friendly and smile at people other people will start paying more attention, you start getting healthier as a result, you improve day by day and you make more and more friends as a result of it.

So if you continue to blog in the same communities, and comment and network and all of those things, eventually, you will have friends and other bloggers come to you. But it also revolves around I’ll scratch your back you scratch mine kind of scenario. So therefore we have the choice in giving and receiving but to those who make an impact on you will receive the most benefit!

Until we reach this point of success we must contain our level of desperation, sure everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to be successful now, but life was never meant to be easy, we were all put on this planet to make an impact and continually be better each day in whatever it is we do, to live strength by strength, life is full of challenges and competition, but this is all very healthy to have so that you can better yourself everyday in order to achieve your ultimate goal. By being strong and working this way, you will appreciate where you have been and the long journey you have gotten to.

Now as a blogger we have so many choices:

  1. It is your choice to who you want to be nice to
  2. It is your choice to who you want to reply to
  3. It is your choice who you want to be friends with
  4. It is your choice who you want to guest post on
  5. It is your choice who you want to interview
  6. It is your choice to get good or bad links
  7. It is your choice to blog every day or every month
  8. It is your choice to settle for an ordinary design or a striking design
  9. It is your choice to do SEO or PPC to bring traffic

And finally it is your choice to make an impact on people’s lives!

I remember hearing about a blogger by the name of Patricia, she recently mentioned that she was just blown away by another blogger asking her on Twitter how her day was and if she needed help with anything. She was so blown away by it that she was telling the whole community in comments on FamousBloggers. My point is that right there, if you help, share, and do the best you can with people without being looked at as someone begging for attention you will naturally grow.

So I hope that you try this, see if there is something that you can help someone with, go out of your way and be creative and most of all take action.

Please tell me your thoughts and if you have comments I would love to hear about them.

Onibalusi Here: The points in this post are so true and I can resonate with them, I will advise you to read it over and over again to get the points and use it to improve your blogging career.

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Daniel Lew – Australian Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, SEO Professional offers Blogging Tips on Ways to Make Money Online! Daniel Lew is the founder of, Blogger at and Author of SEO Book SEORevenge.

16 Comments on "Bloggers Can’t Be Beggars But Can Be Chooses"

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Dan

    ‘C’mon Aussie, c’mon!’ Great to see another Aussie powering up the charts!

    This is excellent advice you have given here and I agree to forge ahead we must network with positive people; misery attracts company, positivity attracts companionship.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Daniel Lew says:

      Thanks very much Michael, I appreciate the support buddy 🙂

  2. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Dan,

    I am really blown away by this post. Looking at so many choices that we can made, whether our blog can make it to the top really depend on ourselves. Success won’t come naturally unless we put in effort consistently to work hard for our blog.

    Thanks for sharing this great advice.

    • Daniel Lew says:

      Hey Lye,

      Thanks very much for those kind words, I hope this touches people in the way it has never done before!

      Every post you do in life needs to be the best post you can do, be creative, keep at it, never give up!

  3. samuel says:

    Yea i can take over the blogosphere if i want!! Lol haha Awesome post bro! you’ve nailed the post. sure it depends on us if we really want to make a change or not! its always cool to make a positive impact in ones life also show some love to fellow bloggers! Patrica is a great woman Lol she’s the blogosphere Mom!!! (:D kidding) thanks for sharing man, it helps a lot!!!!! take care.

    • Daniel Lew says:

      Thanks Sam,

      I also see your doing a great job and providing support to others, keep it up! I also appreciate your comments, thanks mate!

  4. Sathish @ TechieMania says:

    Excellent post bro. This post reflects the power we are having as bloggers and what can we do with our blog. Thanks a lot for sharing

    • Daniel Lew says:

      Thanks Sathish,

      Your also doing amazing things, I can see that,
      thanks for your comment mate!

  5. Alex Papa says:

    Hi, I love the post. Blogs should not be used like another way to “beg” for traffic. They should be used for helping people connect and finding help. This is why they were invented at the first place. For exampl, for business people blogs should be a free resource of business advisors who’ve traveled the same path as you. They should be a goldmine for anyone who is willing to take business advice. Great points!

    • Daniel Lew says:

      Hey Alex,

      That’s right, blogging is away not only to get your point across but to help others see a different light,

      Thanks for your kind comment!

  6. esoftload says:

    great post… it what shows the power and impact of a bloggers… thanks for the post…

  7. Mandeep says:

    Great post, Dan. I know what you mean as far as spamming forums. Although I haven’t done that with blogging, I did do it with some other programs I tried. And the result was getting suspended from using the myspace forums. Also, you never know when you are impacting someon’s life. You might find out three years later that you saved their life. But, thats a different story. 🙂

    • Daniel Lew says:

      Hi Mandeep,

      Blogging should be about doing your best to inspire readers, to share with them something you are passionate and have real belief in and engaing different point of views,

      Thanks buddy!

  8. Rahul @ MazaKaro says:

    Great article. Really bloggers can do any thing if they want to do.

  9. bryan says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’m pleased to see you so passionate about connecting with bloggers and believing in doing things the right way i.e stop begging and proof why you’re worth noticing..

    I believe that we have to continue to network with each other and make friends in order to be noticed. It’s just like the real world. As long as you stick to yourself than you world will only be confined to yourself

  10. Ernest @ unique wedding favors says:

    Hi Oni,

    I was really amazed with how you made the introduction. With a great example you really moved me. I am a blogger but a slacker that is why I am not yet that successful. I sure think I need to do something to grow.

    Thank you so much! You inspired me.


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