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How to Build a Solid SEO Foundation for Your Blog

build your blog's seo foundationOne major problem I noticed among bloggers is their lack of knowledge and interest in SEO. Many people are of the impression that you have to be professionally trained to effectively know how to optimize a blog for the search engines, while this might help, it isn’t really necessary.

I’m not a trained SEO professional, I didn’t attend any SEO school and in fact, I’ve neglected optimizing my blog for the search engines lately (due to some reasons) yet my 4 months old blog is getting an average of 80 visitors daily from the search engines now.

I’m not a professional and I’m not here to speak some complicated terms (like most professionals do), what I am here to do is to give you insights into how to build a basic SEO foundation for your blog, using my own exact formula.

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What Currently Sells on Fiverr and How You Can be a Part of it

buy and sell on fiverr

This is a guest post by Martin Njounkwe whom I recently interviewed on this blog.

Fiverr as you may or may not know is a marketplace for people willing to offer and pay for gigs (services/products) for a fixed price of $5 hence the name “Fiverr”.

Finding the right gig can break or make your Fiverr experience, so here, I will tell you what the most popular Fiverr gigs are at the writing of this article and why they make it and how you too can!

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21 Blogs You Can’t Afford Not to Read as a Blogger

As a blogger I love reading fresh, new content everyday and even at some point I always feel bored because it seems like there is no more blog to read. Learning is a must if you want to grow, and many of these blogs will definitely be of help.

The blogs listed in this post are blogs I can never do without, and I feel like they should be writing more than 5 posts a day because their content is so great that you will always thirst for more.

Believe me, these blogs are not too much to read and I will advise you to subscribe to them all right away, the information they provide is worth its value in gold!

Some of these blogs have over 100,000 subscribers while some don’t have up to a thousand, my ranking factor is not their traffic but how great their content is. I can hardly do without any of these blogs and I am subscribed to them all.

Also, let me make it clear that I am not trying to rank all this blogs, so don’t pay attention to the order in which they are listed.

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7 Deadly Sins That Can Hinder Your Blogging Success

deadly blogging sinsThis is a guest post by Samuel Ayodele

Becoming a successful blogger is not a day job, no one wants to get ruin during his blogging journey and that’s why every blogger needs to be cautious of things that might hinder his or her blogging success.

How will you feel when something is trying to hinder your success? Am sure you will feel bad, and the main purpose of this post is to help you to avoid the blogging pitfalls that will eventually make you feel bad.

In this post, I will be talking about things that can hinder your blogging success, and I will list them below:

1. Not Giving Readers Their Main Food: This might sound somehow to you, read on and you will get what I am talking about. How will you feel, when you visit a blog and find out that the blog owner is not feeding you with quality content? I’m sure you will feel bad.

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21 Little Known Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

website trafficTraffic is very important to your blog’s success and it doesn’t matter how great your content is, it is of no importance if it isn’t read.

There have been many posts on how to get traffic to a blog all over the web and I have noticed most of these posts are always saying the same thing.

This post is not going to talk about the common ways to get traffic to a blog and believe me, I won’t talk about guest blogging, blog commenting and the likes here. I will be talking about some new traffic strategies you might never have heard of, or you have never tried.

1. Online Groups

This is one very powerful and underused way to get traffic to a blog. I didn’t realize the power of online groups until one of my articles went viral and I got tons of visitors from LinkedIn groups.

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