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Entrepreneur Spotlight – Devesh Sharma

entrepreneur spotlightThe entrepreneur spotlight feature has been going for sometimes now and I’m about to implement some changes. In the second series of the entrepreneur spotlight feature I got some comments from readers wanting the feature to be in the form of a mini-interview but I have decided I won’t be doing it that way since I already interview experts in various niches occasionally.

Also, after taking a lot of factors into consideration I have also decided to change this feature into a monthly one (I’d like to hear what you think!).

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7 Solid Tips to Improve Your Experience of Working From Home

working from homeThis is a guest post by Alex Papa who recently wrote a great post on the challenges of working from home for WritersinCharge readers. If you enjoyed the last post I’m sure you would enjoy this one too.

In my last guest post here we studied the 5 Main Challenges of Working From Home. There were many comments by readers who have experience in working from home and the distractions that may occur, how they slow down business and how the impact family relationships in a negative way. Some people even said that they feel lonely working from home.

These are all serious concerns. In this article I have used my experience to write down a few tips that will help you enjoy working from home and avoid the problems that arise from operating a home based business.

I have been running my own business for over a decade, and I started working from home as well. I know these mistakes because I made them too: almost all self-employed people who work from home make these mistakes at one point or another. Fortunately, I learned to overcome these problems and it has led me to success. With these simple tips, you can join me in healthy and successful home-based business practices.

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The Email Battle Axe – How to Effectively Deal With Emails as a Blogger

the email battle axeI have been experiencing something recently which made me want to write this post, and that is having to deal with a large number of emails.

One major thing you should know is that the emails you receive has the potential of killing your productivity and wasting your day and if care is not taken, it will be too late before you discover this.

I receive a lot of emails from people wanting me to check their site, those wanting me to review a product, those wanting me to verify their ideas and those who think I’m the only one on earth who can solve their problems.

I have learned a lot from having to deal with so many emails and I will be sharing some tips on improving your email management with you below.

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The Constant Battle of Monetizing a Blog

monetize your blogA blog is a great medium to make money online and that is why many of us start it in the first place, but as time goes on, we realize the importance of building trust by giving away free information and how this is very critical to succeeding as a blogger, we go on to give this free information, get side-tracked, and later find it difficult to monetize our blog.

I know there are a lot of arguments on this and not everybody will agree with me but I’m writing this post from my experience of building a successful blog.

My blog doesn’t make me much money (sorry if you believe otherwise) and I know many people with less traffic than I have making several thousands of dollars every month. The reason for this is not because of any other thing but my approach – my approach to blogging and making money online.

This battle is a real battle and I’m sorry to say, many people will die in the midst of it and only a select few will be able to survive – those who will survive will only survive because of two things, either because they got things right or because of their strong passion for their blog.

The truth is, it is not too late, changes can still be made, and that blog of yours bringing in nothing can be putting food on your table, consistently. But the solution doesn’t lie in writing or building more traffic but in realizing your mistakes and working on fixing it.

I’m a victim of this situation myself and I’m a soldier in this battle, I so much love my blog but I got tired of trying to monetize it so I decided to compile a list of some of the best ways to monetize a blog while weighing their pros and cons, from this I was able to discover the approach I want to be using and I’d like to share it with you too.

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Entrepreneur Spotlight – Samuel Ayodele

entrepreneur spotlightThis is the fourth week of WritersinCharge’s entrepreneur spotlight feature and I’m very happy to feature another cool young entrepreneur this week. The entrepreneur I’ll be featuring today is Samuel Ayodele from Megabizflakes.

Who is Samuel?

Samuel is a 19-year-old Nigerian blogger who blogs about small businesses and entrepreneurship on his blog, Megabizflakes.

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