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7 Effective Ways to Generate Viral Traffic to Your Blog

viral trafficOne question that is often asked by newbies is how do I get traffic to my blog? While that is a great question because traffic is very essential to the success of any blog I will rather advise you to rephrase that question to how do I get viral traffic to my blog?

I know you might be asking yourself if traffic isn’t traffic or why the categorizing of the various types of traffic. Viral traffic is different from every other types of traffic due to its quality and various other advantages, I’ll start this post by explaining the advantages of viral traffic and I’ll follow suit by giving you 7 great ways by which you can generate viral traffic to your blog.

Advantages of Viral Traffic

It is Cheap

One great advantage of viral traffic is that it is cheap, it requires little investment from your part and in most cases it requires none. Getting viral traffic to your blog can be one of your greatest achievements as a blogger because it doesn’t involve a cost other than your investment on your content.

There are various types of traffic that require you to spend money such as PPC, Banner Advertising, and many others but in most cases viral traffic only require a little investment of your time and you can begin to get traffic without even lifting your hands.

It is Effective

Viral traffic is also very effective compared to other types of traffic and one great advantage of it is that it keeps bringing in more traffic. If you are able to leverage viral traffic properly for your blog you can easily get more subscribers to your blog or even use it effectively to make more sales from a product of yours.

It is Highly Targeted

Compared to other traffic sources, viral traffic is also highly targeted since it is often brought about by other people interested in the subject you’re blogging about. One of the major forms of viral traffic is social media and people don’t just share any content on social media, they share high quality content they think might be of interest to their readers. If you’re a blogger who blogs about making money online and a post of yours really goes viral it might result in you getting links from the top blogs in your niche and also being tweeted by the influencers, these influencers are authorities and not just any authority but authorities in your niche thereby resulting in more targeted traffic for you.

It Builds Credibility

If you’re to take away every other benefit of viral traffic this benefit alone makes it worthwhile and highly converting. When something really goes viral it is often shared by people with those they have an influence on and this result in a percentage of their influence being transferred to you. If you write a great post that is being tweeted by Brian Clark of Copyblogger you will automatically gain part of his influence because people will say since Copyblogger could tweet this guy it means he is really cool.

It Has a Continued/Long-Term Effect

Another great advantage of viral traffic is the long-term effect it has, viral traffic will result in you getting a lot of shares, links and votes which will lead to the search engines taking note of your blog and seeing your post as an authority on the subject, this will eventually benefit you in the form of better future search engine rankings thereby leading to more traffic.

Now that you already know why you should focus on getting viral traffic and why it is very important compared to other types of traffic I will go straight into giving you 7 solid ways by which you can utilize the power of viral traffic for your blog and use it to take your blog to the next level. I’ll also like to tell you before I continue that you should also work on your content because it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get you won’t be able to sustain it if you don’t have quality content.

your audience

1. Build an Audience

While you will hear people telling you to write posts in a particular format or do something special I will like to tell you that there is one critical step you must take above every other step when trying to get viral traffic to your blog and that critical step is building your audience. You don’t need to be getting thousands of visitors everyday before you can experience the viral traffic effect and you don’t need to be an A-list blogger before you can get viral traffic, however, you must have an initial audience that will be able to give your content the push it needs to get to the top.

It doesn’t matter the number of visitors you have but as long as you have a little great audience it will be very easy for you to succeed. From experience, I’ll suggest you have a minimum of 50 daily visitors before you can expect any viral traffic effect to take place – so you might want to focus first on getting to that stage (minimum), once you get to that stage or you exceed it, it will be extremely easy for you to go viral.

2. Write Exceptional Content

I write great content everyday and you write great content so I am not saying you should write great content here, I mean exceptional content. I think the word great content has been overused online that people no longer understand what it means, writing great content entails you putting in a lot of effort to make sure your content is great and highly informative, you should also research effectively to make sure the information you provide in your posts is accurate.

I’d also like to point out that writing great content also has a lot to do with your presentation, if you write your best content and present it in a poor and boring way you will end up losing the few readers you gain to it.

A major step to take when trying to present your content well is to make sure you make it scannable by dividing it into blocks and paragraphs, also make sure you number your posts so that readers will be able to understand you easily. Don’t write a whole post in one paragraph, it will send your readers away even before they read your post.

3. Leverage Free Ebooks

Another major way to effectively gain viral traffic to your blog is by leveraging the power of free ebooks. The little achievements you keep complaining about is something great to some people and it can be a great way to get more traffic to your blog, don’t wait until you become very big before you start writing great and highly informative free ebooks, this will only help you delay that time you will become great.

If you take a look at my sidebar you will notice I am almost at 1000 subscribers (at the time of writing this) – you might want to subscribe -, one great way I will utilize this is by writing a free report explaining how I got my first 1000 subscribers – this will resonate with so many people and I’m sure you will also want to download it 🙂

And when I mean free ebooks I am not talking about you building your list, I am talking about absolutely free, no opt-in, nothing required. Your only benefits will be a few links in your ebook either pointing to your site, your affiliate links, or both.

Before writing your ebook, it is also important to research your audience and know what they want, try to look at your comments, emails you receive, top discussions on your favorite niche forums, question sites like yahoo answers and other places that can give you insight into what is going on in your niche, compile a free ebook based on this information and distribute it to your audience, on your favorite forums, ask other bloggers to blog about it and spread the information as much as you can – the end result will be recurring and permanent traffic to your blog, it will also help you build your credibility as an expert in your niche.

4. Use Free Themes and Plugins

WordPress is the largest blogging platform and one of the largest CMS online and it can be a great way for you to promote your blog. Tens of thousands of blogs are created everyday by absolute newbies and you can leverage this to bring about viral traffic to your blog by creating free themes and plugins.

Take a look at A-list blogger Daniel Scocco and you’ll notice that this is a very powerful strategy in his arsenal of blog promotion tactics.

Create free themes and include links to your blog at the footer, distribute the theme to various theme directories, share it on your favorite forums and make it accessible on your blog, use it for your clients and try to get it downloaded in as many places as possible. If your theme is really great people will take over from you and begin to share your themes and plugins without you doing anything and the footer link will keep on bringing you viral, recurring traffic.


5. Create Viral Videos

Videos are now the rage everywhere and you will begin to hear about people who were able to make a name through viral videos, even the super-popular Justin Bieber was able to kick-start his career from his videos on YouTube.

People love videos, especially great, attractive and highly informative videos. Try to spend more time on creating great videos in large quantities and keep spreading it on your various document sharing sites, also make sure you tweet and promote it on your favorite social media sites once it is live, this will lead to more people knowing about it and more traffic for you.

Another great advantage of viral videos is that they can get picked by the media and this can eventually result in lots of mentions from other sites and blogs thereby leading to more traffic for you.

6. Utilize Viral Plugins

A major mistake people make that result in them losing lots of visitors that they would have gained is their not making use of viral plugins. There are a lot of plugins that make it super-easy for your readers to share your content with their friends on various social media sites, these plugins make life easy for them and also encourages them to share your content.

Some of these plugins have an option to let your readers share your post on the top social media sites, some have the option to let your readers share your post on all social media sites giving you an option to select which one you want and some allow the option to email your post to their friends, the one you use depends on you and your audience and investing in these tools can be a great life saver.

7. Run Viral Contests

I implore you to reread the 7th point so that you get it clearly, I didn’t say you should run contests but I said viral contest. What is a viral contest? A viral contest is a contest that involves the contestants driving back traffic to your site, this can come in many forms, one of which includes writing about the contest and sharing it on their favorite social networks, it can also be a contest of who brings the most traffic or referrers and there is no limit to the type of viral contest you can run, depending on your creativity.

A key to running viral contests is by making sure you have attractive prizes, especially cash. People love money and nobody will want to neglect a contest with thousands of dollars in cash prizes, make your prizes attractive and the sky is the limit to your contest going viral.

Maximizing Viral Traffic

One thing about viral traffic is that it might not be permanent (at least, not fully), for example, If you wrote a great post that brought 10,000 visitors today you shouldn’t be expecting 10,000 visitors everyday from thenceforth, it doesn’t happen like that so it is very important to maximize your viral traffic.

There are many ways to maximize your viral traffic but the two most effective ways are either by gaining more subscribers – who will keep on seeing your content – or by leveraging your viral traffic for more money.

Once you have a viral post you can write a short note above or below (or both) the post telling those reading the post to subscribe for more goodies, you can also leverage the post for more income by recommending an high-quality product relating to the post you wrote, both will lead to you getting more from your traffic.

Take Action

You need to do two very important things now to the benefit of both of us, the first is to take action upon what you read (every writer love to see his/her reader getting result based on what he/she wrote) and by sharing this post so that others can truly benefit from it.

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