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Three Things Key Words for Every Entrepreneur

This is a guest post by Helen Green

entrepreneurial key wordsOnibalusi’s “Ten Reasons You Should Be an Entrepreneur” brought up many great points about the wonders of being an entrepreneur. Those great points, in fact, for the unfortunate entrepreneur can be ten great pitfalls. Let me demonstrate:

1. Be Your Own Boss. This everybody’s dream, but it can be everybody’s nightmare. If you are your own boss, there’s no one looking over your shoulder to make sure you’ve done any work at all. A good friend of mine began his own printing business and website. Although he was diligent in college, being his own boss allowed him to say, “Ah, take a break,” whenever he wanted. On some days, he found that he had done no work at all.

2. Work at Your Own Schedule. This is the same thing. You can wake up at noon and work until three PM if you wanted. That’s the danger of it. You just may do that and get little to no work done. You’ll find that you suffer financially, but we are often our own worst enemies.

3. No Limit to Your Progress. Neither is there a pit to your progress. If you don’t work or overspend, you can go into debt.

4. Determine Your Location. You can work at a desk or you can work in bed. One problem: you’re more likely to fall asleep in bed. Also, working in your own office can be, in fact, quite lonesome if you do work diligently. My printing friend finds that sometimes, when business is busy, he is thankful for the cash flow but does not see his friends for days.

I won’t go on, because the counterpart to every perk is essentially the same: if you have ultimate freedom in your business or blog, so, too, do you have the ultimate potential to fail yourself. This is morose, I know, but I didn’t write this post to rain on everyone’s parade. Here comes the silver lining.


An entrepreneur must grow for his business to grow. Your business, no matter what it is, is ultimately people. People change for whatever reason, at varying times, at varying cycles, in varying ways. You must grow and accommodate your audience to grow with the audience and thereby find some growth in your wallet.


Growth in and of itself, however, is stagnant in its own right and rather incomplete in the world of entrepreneurs and blogging. When I think of the word growth, I think of a chart. Not everything—especially not audiences—grow in straight lines or lines at all. Take, for example, the trend of information moving from radio to television to the Internet. Once, people only listened for the news on a radio; the next decade, they could see and listen to it via a television set; and decades later, they can watch and listen to it outside of their living rooms through the Internet. Information output literally moved into three dimensions. In this manner, an entrepreneur must continuously reinvent oneself to keep pace with the world and to keep the world interested in one’s business. There is no limit to the ways one can reinvent oneself, just as Onibalusi said that there is no limit to one’s progress.


Neither growth nor reinvention is an easy task; this is why we need motivation. It has many faces to many people, but it exists for everyone. My printing friend finds motivation by scheduling his day almost hour by hour so he is constantly stimulated by work- and play-related goals. In this way, motivation can be achieved by surrounding yourself with reminders of your short- and long-term goals as well as refreshing yourself now and again by non-work-related activities. You can’t build a bridge if you can’t cut down a tree, and you can’t cut a tree if your saw is dull. Your mind is the saw, and the business the bridge. The tree represents all the challenges you’ll face daily by being an entrepreneur—tiredness, laziness, poor scheduling, loneliness, distractions, and the like. These challenges are opportunities inside—all you must do it seize them.

Helen Green is a freelance writer and the resident blogger for gocollege.com, a free informational website offering tips and advice about online colleges.

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The Top 5 Ingredients of a Successful Teenage Webpreneur

This is a guest post by Alex Papa.

teenage webpreneursThe core definition of an entrepreneur is someone who assumes the risk of starting a business venture. An entrepreneur is a risk taker, but one who seizes an opportunity only after analyzing, dissecting, and calculating the potential reward over the potential loss.

A teenage entrepreneur is no different from any other entrepreneur; regardless of age or social standing. In fact, a teenage entrepreneur holds a distinct advantage over the conventional entrepreneur. And that advantage is the exuberance of youth! But an individual’s prominent strength can become the colossal wall between failure and success. The energy instilled in every online teenage entrepreneur, like young Dele Onibalusi, invites a risk presented in most online business opportunities; the risk of working “in” your business instead of “out” of your business.

These elements may lead to critical mistakes being made, but the knowledge of 5 key ingredients will arm every teenage webpreneur with the tools to succeed:

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10 Reasons You Should be an Entrepreneur

great entrepreneurBeing an entrepreneur can be one of the best decisions you will ever take in life but you don’t just jump into things without knowing why, this post will be listing 10 reasons why you should be an entrepreneur.

1. Be Your Own Boss.

Nothing can be more frustrating than taking orders from the same person all the time. Even if taking orders is okay, what happens if your life depends on taking orders? Failure to obey your boss can kick you out of your job.

Being an entrepreneur puts and end to this and you don’t have to answer or take orders from any boss anymore, you live your life as it pleases you, you do things as you want.

We all have various ways of doing things and what works for me might not work for you, if you are working under a boss your boss can make you do things against your will if he believe that is what works best but as an entrepreneur you don’t have to face all this, you do as it pleases you.

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Bloggers Can’t Be Beggars But Can Be Chooses

beggars banquetThis is a guest post by Daniel Lew

Be Creative and Take Action

I will give you an example if there is a beggar on the street with one arm, sure we all feel sorry for him, but I bet you if that same beggar with one arm was washing car windows at the traffic lights, he would make much more money because people straight away think wow, he has only one arm but yet he is making an effort, people appreciate that if you go that step further they will too!

He is making an impact on people’s lives, people see that he is not just sitting down with a cup in front of him. My point is we as bloggers can do much more than just have a donation button on our site or be desperate and spamming sites to come to visit our own site.

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How to Finance Your Great Business Idea

funding your great business ideaAs an entrepreneur we all have great business ideas waiting to be established but one major problem most entrepreneurs face is the lack  of funds, they can’t just get their business going because they don’t have the funds. This post will be giving some great tips on how to fund your great business idea.

Be Certain of Your Business Idea

This step is very important and I had to include it first because some of the steps you will take to fund your business idea can be very risky and it can bring more shame than glory if you are not certain of your business idea.

As an upcoming entrepreneur who needs help developing a business idea you must be certain of your business idea because this will also determine how far you will go. If you are not certain of a business idea you will find it difficult convincing others to help you and there will also be a limit to what you can do but if you are certain of your business idea you will be able to go to any length to make sure it is realised.

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