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Why You’re Getting Paid $3 Per Article

one dollar billDepending on who you are and what kind of writing you do:

It could be $1

It could be $5

It could be $20

It could even be $50 an article

As long as it is much less than what you deserve and what you really want to earn, there’s a reason why you’re getting paid lower, and I bet you’d want to find out what this reason is!

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5 Reasons Why Every Freelance Writer Should Have a Blog

Reasons to start bloggingAfter publishing my most recent article last week, sharing a very powerful weapon writers can use to take their careers to the next level, citing an example on how I’m now able to make up to $800 for an article in just 2 years of being a freelance writer, I’ve gotten a lot of a great responses.

A particular email from one of my readers stood out, and here’s an excerpt from the email.

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The Most Powerful Weapon Any New Writer Can Have

If you’re not familiar with who I am, I’m an 18-year-old writer from Nigeria.

I started blogging in 2010, at 16, and I started my freelance writing career a year later, in 2011.

In 2011 alone, I made over $50,000 as a freelance writer doing all kinds of writing jobs.

That was my first year as a freelance writer; I had no prior experience, my writing wasn’t as polished as it is now, and I wasn’t without my mistakes.

Yet, I made 5-figures freelance writing.

It’s 2012 now, my second year as a freelance writer, and not only am I on track to earn more than I did in 2011, but I’ve actually gone from increasing my rate from $50 per article to up to $800 per article.

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The Best Subject to Blog about to Get Freelance Writing Clients

I published my first Slideshare presentation yesterday, and the feedback so far has been awesome.

The slide has been viewed over 2,300 times at the moment, and I’ve embedded it for you below if you’re yet to check it out.

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How I Made 5-Figures Freelancing in 2011, Revealed

I’m on track to make even more this year.

This is all thanks to a very effective systematic approach I have in place – an approach a lot of other freelance writers ignore.

This is all thanks to BLOGGING!

The reality is that you probably know a dozen other freelance writers who have a blog, and you probably have one yourself, but blogging in itself isn’t going to bring the clients.

There’s a right way to it, and a very wrong way to it, too!

I have never believed in the idea of pitching clients to hire me, which is why I focused my efforts on making blogging work for me.

I have learned a lot over the years, and I’d like to think my business has improved by a long shot since last year.

A Presentation that Solves it All

After 3 days of hard work, I have finally released my first presentation.

It’s a 29-page presentation, titledĀ How to Use Blogging to Fuel Your Freelance Writing Business, sharing how I’ve been using blogging to build my freelance writing business without ever having the need to pitch clients.

This presentation is as real as it gets, and I can say I gave it my all without trying to take up too much space.

The tips in it are also very practical, and can be used with success no matter how old/popular your blog is.

You can view the presentation below.

Let’s Do This!

It’s my goal for this presentation to make it to the homepage of Slideshare, and I know this is possible with your help.

If you enjoy the presentation, I’ll very much appreciate it if you can share it on Facebook and Twitter, especially to other freelance writers.

That’ll not only help get it into more hands and change more lives, but will also help land it on Slideshare’s homepage and help me get more exposure.

I have a lot more stuff (similar to, and better than this) planned for the future, and your encouragement all along the way will be really appreciated!

On Another Note

Thanks to Carol Tice from the MakeaLivingWriting.com blog, I was recently featured on Forbes, and I’ll appreciate if you can visit the feature post (and hopefully share and comment on it) here!


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