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Social Media Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you social media savvy with lots to say? Consider sharing your expertise by submitting high-quality guest posts to social media blogs. Not only will you increase your social media followers and build credibility, but you will also become known as an authority in this niche.

Take advantage of guest posting, but do it correctly. Instead of using it just to grow your blog, why not educate new readers with your know-how. Establish new relationships with influential bloggers and get useful exposure in the process. This could lead to new business contacts, deals and clients. To get started, read the guidelines from one or more of the blogs in the list below. You can also guest post on blogs outside of the social media niche — our ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts might just come in handy.

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Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Imagine getting exposure to thousands of potential customers from your guest posts. This can become a possibility when you submit excellent content to marketing blogs. It could give you the business break you need, or take your blog to another level.

Guest posting has many advantages, such as building your credibility; ranking your site higher in Google; meeting influential bloggers; and growing your traffic base and social media followers. In addition, you will develop your writing skills and knowledge of the subject. We’ve provided a list of marketing blogs for you. Choose the one most suited to your abilities and start pitching your ideas.

Note: For blogs that accept guest posts outside of the marketing niche, check out our definitive list of blogs that accept guest posts that features over 500 blogs in more than 26 categories.

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SEO Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Google loves fresh, valuable content. Therefore, guest posting frequently on influential SEO blogs will definitely favor your blog. New inbound links created by the sites you write for will make your blog more visible on search engines. On top of that, your knowledge of SEO will expand while researching and writing about this subject.

Producing high-quality, engaging articles to reputable blogs could earn you a slot as a regular contributor. Also, your social media followers will grow substantially. Now is the time to start the guest post ball rolling. Choose who to submit your posts to from the list below.

Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts.

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Make Money Online/Internet Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Submitting guest posts to Make Money Online and Internet Marketing blogs is rewarding. Many bloggers, freelance writers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and others require information to attract new leads or subscribers, grow their businesses and make money. On top of that, you’ll gain more social media followers and readers – and get valuable exposure in the process.

The beauty of guest posting is that while you’re researching for information, you’re also increasing your knowledge. It’s a win-win situation. So, get started! Read and follow the guidelines of the blogs below and submit your article ideas.

Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts — in niches other than the internet marketing and make money online niches — be sure to check out our list of more blogs that accept guest posts.

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Food Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

One of the joys of writing for food blogs is learning new recipes. You could even develop your culinary skills as a result. On top of that, this new experience can be added to your expertise, which could inspire you to write a recipe or cookbook.

Guest blogging can open up many interesting and useful doors. Think of the new contacts and connections you will be making. In addition, your brand will be given valuable exposure, as your website begins to make waves on the internet. Why wait? Get started now by choosing the most suitable blog from the list below to pitch your delicious food ideas or recipe.

Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our list of blogs that accept guest posts.

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