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Lifestyle Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Do you agree that exercise, a balanced diet, happiness, sleep and well-being are all essential parts of a healthy lifestyle? Would you like to share your expertise and knowledge in these areas by guest posting on lifestyle blogs? Your contribution could help change lives and also grow your business and blog at the same time.

Not only will you be sharing what you know, you will also learn as you delve deeper into this topic. Writing consistently about a subject will make you an authority in that field. Guest posting will help you achieve this. Moreover, you will connect with new readers, meet other bloggers, gain more traffic to your site and build social proof. Many lifestyle blogs are waiting for quality guest posts. Some are listed below. Select the ones you want to pitch to, read the guidelines and get started.

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Women Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Do you have a passion about issues related to women in business and in leadership positions? Or would you like to inspire, encourage or share worthwhile advice about interesting sisterly topics? Make use of the guest blogging platform and write for women blogs. Put your blog on the radar and get your voice heard. Gain more women subscribers who will be keen to hear your unique insights.

This platform can take your business, coaching, blogging or writing to new and exciting levels. Women love to read useful, practical life-changing content. Providing this through guest posting will attract a new global audience. Think of the new relationships and friendships you will establish. Get started now by sharing your expertise. The blogs in the list below are looking for excellent writers, so choose one or more and start pitching.

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Art Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you a creative geek? Do you own paintings, sculptures, modern art pieces or love writing about anything arty? Now is your chance to display your artwork or get your voice heard by sharing your stuff on art blogs. Apart from getting exposure, you could meet new business contacts or clients.

Guest posting is a great content marketing strategy. When done right, it could transform your blog, attract a new audience and develop your credibility. If you want to develop your art skills, writing for this niche will increase your knowledge. Look through the blogs listed below, read the guidelines and start guest posting.

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Music and Entertainment Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

The music and entertainment industries are flourishing with new up-and-coming singers, rappers and groups produced from shows like the X Factor and others. How about getting your blog seen by guest posting on popular music and entertainment sites! If you’ve been wanting to grow your blog and get some exposure, writing guest posts will help you achieve your goals.

A word of caution, guest posting takes work. You have to research, write an excellent copy and stick to the rules and guidelines of the blogs to which you want to submit your content. However, it’s worth it. Some of the advantages are gaining credibility, connecting with reputable bloggers, increasing your knowledge, building social proof and gaining new readers. So, get started by selecting a blog from the list below to submit your guest post.

Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our definitive list of blogs that accept guest posts.

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Pet Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Perhaps you’ve got a pet, adore animals or work in this industry. There are many pet blogs looking for excellent content from guest bloggers. Becoming a published guest blogger will expand your business, put you in the spotlight, attract new readers to your site and build your social proof.

Use this opportunity to network with other bloggers, make new connections, add to your expertise and develop your confidence in the blogging world. To get you started, we have compiled a list of sites for you to choose from to submit your guest posts.

Note: Not a pet blogger? Then you might want to check our list of blogs that accept guest posts in other niches.

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