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In our last post we talked about targeting an audience and its importance to achieving an audience, It became clear that without having the right audience then it is not possible to achieve online success. Today, we will be talking about choosing a niche and how it can affect your online business success.
When starting an online business, it is important to choose a niche so as to achieve online business success. There are 4 different types of niche, which are:
1. High competition and High Results: This type of niche has a lot of competition and it also has the ability to help us easily achieve online success.
2. High Competition and Low results: This is a type of niche that has lots of competitors but has a relatively low potential of converting.
3. Low competition and High results: This type of niche is a type in which there is relatively low competition but there is a very high result and potential of converting.
4. Low competition and low results: This is a type of niche in which there is a very low competition and there is very low results and conversion rate.
The rate at which you will achieve online business success now depends on you and the type of niche you choose. Some people like competition and they can easily cope in the midst of competition, for this type of people the first option will be feasible. The niche you choose depends on you and the type of the field. You can easily analyse a niche by following the following steps:
1. Research your keywords using a keyword research tool. A good free keyword research tool is at http://www.keywordindex.com
2. Analyse the competition: Try to do a google search on the keyword you got, if all the pages listed on page 1 are just some forums or articles sites such as ehow or ezine articles then there is every tendecy that the keyword is not competitive, but if the results on the first page are all .edu sites or blogs then you can try to analyse their backlinks by typing the following into the yahoo search engine: linkdomain:http://www.dataentryforall.net (substituting http://www.dataentryforall.net with the name of the domain). If the website has lots of backlinks then you should be prepared to either choose another niche or buckle up and face the competition.
The above are the steps that can be used to research a niche and analyse its competition.
To your online success,


While in my control panel on the 6/03/2010, i was trying to delete the wordpress installation on one of my domains(the one i hosted on the same server with this one), unfortunately enough, it was that of this domain(dataentryforall.net) that i deleted resulting in the loss of all files, plugins and comments. I didn’t even know anything has happened until i checked my mail just to recieve a mail that wordpress has been uninstalled from dataentryforall.net. It was a really painful experience and there was little i can do because i was only having the backup of 13/2/2009 i.e. feb 17. This resulted in me losing over 20 posts and over 250 comments. This is really sad because i don’t have any other backup of my posts, not even on paper because i only write what comes to my head(writing my blog ideas paper is really frustrating and causes me to feel bored). I have started writing new posts and i believe that very soon my comments will significantly increase and I will also be able to re-write all lost posts(even with more quality). It was even more surprising, instead of decrease in traffic, i now have over 20 percent increase in traffic(the majority from search engines).
I will still share more of my experiences with you and i will also begin to share wordpress(and blogger) tips and tricks on this blog. Hope you will keep coming back.


We kick-started our online success series post yesterday with the part 1 talking about achieving online success by setting a goal, our today’s post will be talking about achieving online success related to having an audience.


So many people don’t know the importance of having an audience to achieving online success, success don’t just come like that, it comes with hard work and effective planning, You have to carry some steps which are what this series is all about, you have to take action not just dream. Some people are very good in the land of imagination, they will dream about becoming the greatest and most influential man on earth yet the still site down there doing nothing. Let me tell you; your sitting down there doing nothing can’t help you achieve online success, after all, Bill gates don’t just sit down doing nothing, or maybe you should try to know warren buffet or Darren Rowse, Brain Clark is Good at Telling you the truth, just do a case study on them all and you will see that the just don’t sit down there doing nothing but are working effectively, but let me tell you, like you are about to do, they all started from somewhere, They had an audience, Bill gates had an audience of the new age, I mean computer geeks, Darren had an audience, an audience of Bloggers looking for various ways to improve their visibility using start of the art techniques, they all started from somewhere, the had an audience, Brain Clark also has an audience, he had an audience of both present and next generation bloggers. Are you in the sea? Who are your audience? You can be speaking to Christians, Muslims, Harlots, Beggars and Drunkards at the same time, You have to decide, is it only Drunkards you want to speak with or maybe Christians. You just have to have an audience.

Your audience often times depends on your personal skills, it will be better speaking to drunkards if you are a Drunkard! or have you heard a Drunkard successfully preach to Christians? OK! maybe Christians that don’t know who they serve.

Take your pen near to you and a paper and let me give you this code: “If you don’t have an audience, You cannot succeed online”. Well, even though it is not advisable, some people love taking risks(even with their live); you can try to setup a blog and be speaking to drunkards; tell them how to drink and tell them about the latest beer in town, on this same blog, try to preach to Christians, tell them Jesus is Lord and even teach them online Sunday school, on this same blog, try to teach bloggers and enterprenuers, tell them all how to make money online, also on this blog, try to speak to affiliate marketers and be giving them affiliate marketer best practices, also on this same blog, speak to kungfu fighters and tell them about the latest stances, give them new defense skills and help them explore the kung fu fighting world the more. After you have done the aforementioned, you are free to send me the report, i will happily post it for my readers to benefit. Jokes apart, do you think a christian will want to come and read that blog on which you teach drunkards how to drink, or do you think a drunkard will come and learn on that blog on which you preach to Christians. Try to be concentrated, focus on one audience and you are already on the fast track to achieving online success.

To your online success,



We will be starting our online success series post today, the post is titled 7 days to online success, the post will be having 7 parts for 7 days and today’s post will be part 1.
What are you doing that you don’t have a goal? I will advise you to re-consider and set a goal for it quickly. Having a goal is a very important factor to be considered when aiming to achieve online success. So many people embark on life’s journey without setting a goal. I will like you to research this effectively; The high percentage of those failing in their online business

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My Blog Guest- Guest Blogging Made Easy

There is a particular guest blogging community(somewhat new) that is being run by a smart(I mean really smart person). What do i mean by being smart; Being smart(at least in the online world) is your abiltiy to be able to look for problems around you and then create a solution for them. Anny Smart(Smart as Her name implies) realised the effect of guest blogging to getting traffic to a blog or website, so she decided to simplify the task by creating a community for guest bloggers. I still remember then, when i will have written some quality articles but couldn’t find reliable related blogs to post my valuable content on, at least for now, I am happy there is a solution. My Blog Guest also has a ranking feature that it uses to rank a user both on His/Her media Power and Backlinks. This ranking system helps you easily identify people who will be major players, even though i would advise you to post for any serious blogger who is getting more traffic than you do or who is getting enough traffic and has some readers the ranking system just help you easily identify who is who(let me put it like that). My blog guest is a great guest blogging with nice rules that makes sure everybody is safe and anybody who tries to misbehave is being warned or banned if need be. Also, my blog guest is a spam free community with committed and loyal members who are ready to help each other grow. My blog guest has a particular section in which you can inform others about your guest post thereby telling them to help you promote it. My blog guest has a particular section where bloggers can post their request for interest in guest posts for their website, it also has a section that users can use to request for guest posts. My blog guest is a growing community which i believ in a very few months will be a very great community(mark my words), so it will be better for you to go and join now; the link is http://www.myblogguest.com
Well, if all i have been saying still looks like a story to you or some kind of hype then i will quickly like you to register it to your brain that guest blogging is one of the method to achieve fast high traffic for your blog, so in case you haven’t considered guest blogging an option, i will like you to do so now and move over to myblogguest.com to find some other guest bloggers in your niche that you can easily connect to. In case you are still doubting, let me tell you some powerful sites using my blog guest that will warmly accept your guest posts;
1. Quickonlinetips.com(22,000 feed subscribers and over 800,000 monthly unique visitors).
2. Famousbloggers.com
3. Bloggodown.com
4. Dataentryforall.net
At least the above are enough to convince you to join my blog guest now.
Also, i will like to inform you that we are open to guest posts and you can submit our guest posts to us using the about page.


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