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I just changed our wordpress theme at dataentryforall.net, the new theme is the one I am using now.
I also want your suggestion on the theme, whether it is okay like that or not or suggest any improvement or tell me about any errors you are facing.
I also want to bring too your notice that as from today(12/03/2010) we will be using images in most if not all of our posts and so many other development will be rolled out. Just keep following and you will never regret it.
Also, I will begin to post some tips on wordpress blogs very soon, so be expectant.

Famous Bloggers Guest Blogging Contest

I want to bring it to the notice of all and sundry that there is a blogging contest going on at Hesham Zebida’s Famousbloggers.net
The contest is a guest blogging contest and all you need to do is just go to famousbloggers.net, look for the “write for us” tab, click on it and follow all that is said. If you have a quality post, your post will be accepted and published on the blog, so all you need to do next is promote your post very well and at the end of the month(march 2010) five winners will be selected and given a price each. For more clarity, here are the prices you will be given:
* $100 Cash via PayPal from WebmasterFormat.com
* $50 Cash via PayPal from MMOsocialnetwork.com
* $50 cash via PayPal from DesignGizer.com
* $20 cash via PayPal from Kiesha @ WeBlogbetter.com
* $25 cash via PayPal from DennisEdell.com
* $15 cash via PayPal from IBlogZone.com
* $199.75 worth 5 copies of Fresh Journal theme from SimplyFreshThemes.com ($39.95 for each theme)
* $95 worth 5 copies of 70 Posting Ideas from BetterBloggingforBloggers.com ($18.95 for each copy)
* $38 worth of 2 free one month memberships from CrazyEgg.com

They accept posts on:  Making Money Online, Marketing, Blogging Tips, SEO, Promotion, Branding, Social Networking, Web Design and Development..

Here are the sponsors of the contest, you can pls pay them a nice visit:

Here is a post i wrote for the contest, pls help me promote it and also give your valuable opinions on it: http://www.famousbloggers.net/link-building-search-engine-rank.html

Also, don’t forget to check out my post about the dennis edell comment contest

Thanks for taking the time to read.

I am changing my wordpress theme right away

Hi Everybody,
I want to bring it to your notice that you might be noticing some changes on the site that makes the site look ugly or somehow, i just want to let you know that there is no problem with the site. I just decided to change my wordpress theme to something better.
I don’t know when I will complete this, but immediately I have completed this it will be brought to your notice through a post on this blog.

Four Things You Should Know Before Trying To Make Money Online

Here is a Guest Post from Danny Smith at http://www.conversionrate.com

2009 was a challenging year for our economy and we’ve not completely recovered yet. Lay off’s, low salaries, difficulty in getting a new job, bankruptcies made people to look for other alternatives for making money. Due to which, more and more people started jumping on the bandwagon of Making Money Online. If you are someone who has already jumped or is ready to jump on this wagon, then here are the few things which you should know before starting your journey in the virtual world.

You can’t expect overnight results – Time and again, we see that most of the newbie expects overnight results. They consider online world as the easiest way to get rich quickly. Eventually, they end up by wasting their hard earned cash and getting themselves trapped in “get rich quick” schemes. You need to understand that there is no easy or short way to become rich in online world.

Making money online requires no effort – Internet is full of advertisements that claim to make you rich while you are sleeping or without any effort from your side which is completely FALSE. Like in real world in online world also you’ve to work hard to earn money. In fact most of the times competition online is much more fierce than the competition you face in your local market. In online world you’ve to compete with sellers all over the world. So if you are thinking to make money online then be ready to work hard. Remember that setting an Internet business is not easy and demands a lot of hard work.

I’ll work according to my convenience – This is the third popular myth when it comes to make money online. It is correct that when you work online you don’t have to follow a fixed schedule like in a regular 9-5 job but still you’ve to follow tight deadlines set by your clients and work hard to achieve them. Of course, you can take breaks on weekdays which is not possible in a regular job but you’ll also find yourself working for hours on weekends to catch the deadlines.

Execution is Important – There are thousands of legitimate methods to earn money online. But make sure to not to spend all your time in reading new methods and executing nothing. Find out the method which is suitable according to your skills and follow it religiously. Remember point one? It takes time to get results. So have patience and avoid jumping from one method to another and executing nothing.

These are the four important things which I feel that everybody who is trying to make money online should know. The time it takes to earn money entirely depends on the efforts you put in to it. Do not quit if you are not successful yet. Take your failure as a lesson and keep trying. Best of Luck!

Danny Smith is working as a freelance writer for Invesp and loves to write on affiliate marketing, landing pages and conversion rate optimization.


I made a review of a particular social networking site sometimes ago, but it is unfortunate the review post was one of the ones i lost when i experienced the wordpress unistallation error. I will be talking about a social networking site called MMO SOCIAL NETWORK.
MMO social network is a social networking site or Social bookmarking site that touches various aspects of making money online, SEO, Networking and many other important aspects of the web. MMO SOCIAL NETWORK is a learning ground, it features post from so many seasoned and experienced blogger from all over the web. MMO SOCIAL NETWORK is constantly growing and has commited and dedicated readerbase. You can learn about so many topics from various bloggers all over the internet, some of the topics include: link building, SEO, make money online, Networking and Guest blogging. MMO SOCIAL NETWORK is a must for any serious webmaster who wants to get the right information about any subject related to the enterprenuial world. Also, MMO top stories is another feature of MMO SOCIAL NETWORK, MMO top stories shows the list of various most voted posts in the network.
I will be installing the MMO vote button on my posts soon, hope you will vote for my posts.
To your online success,


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