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11 Ways to Run Your Blog like A Business

blog like a businessThis is a guest post by Rick Nielsen.

Heard this oldie but goldie? “If you treat your business like a hobby, it will cost you like one. If you treat it like a business, it can pay you like one.”

I love that one.  Why? Because that clever little cliché rings so true in the jolly ole world of blogging! Let’s look at the 11 sure ways to treat your blog like a business.

Before you begin, first ask: what is the purpose of my blog?  If your answer is “just for fun with no intent of ever making a profit or selling for profit,” then bail on this blog post and head on over to Facebook to see what’s happening with your friends.

But if you want to make some blogging bucks and have millions of fans reading your stuff each day, these 11 tips are a must.

1. Be at The Office Every Day: Whether you are a full time or a part time blogger, you must emphatically keep to a schedule, just like a job.  Bloggers often fail when they do not treat blogging as a job.

2. Create Deadlines and Stick with Them: Creating and following a content calendar builds trust with your readers.  They know what to expect. They know when to return for fresh content. And they develop plenty of confidence to share your blog with their friends and fans. No one wants to refer a flaky blogger.

3. Eliminate Distraction: My distraction is another person’s motivation.  You’ll have to figure what keeps you from being productive.  However, some of the things that help me stay focused are turning off email, phones, Facebook, Twitter and the TV. Find what works for you, but email, phone and Facebook are definite concentration killers.

4. Do Your Research: Make sure your blog posts are filled with correct, accurate facts.  Believe it or not, not EVERYTHING on the Internet is true! Use  multiple sources to get your information and use your own personal experiences to make your post personal and engaging.

5. Hire an Editor: This is often overlooked, but SUPER important if you want the blogging world to take you serious as a professional blogger. Trust me, the investment is so worth it. I didn’t begin with an editor, but thank goodness I have one of the best in the business,Terri S Turner. It will pay big dividends in the near future!

6. Invest In Your Blog: Day after day I meet bloggers who are looking for the best FREE solution for their blogs. What?  I just don’t get it! Why would you only look for the free solutions when we are talking about your livelihood? Whether it’s a WordPress theme, a plugin, design work or any other tool, free is not always the way to go. I’m not advocating spending like a drunken sailor, but sometimes you need to invest money in your blogging business. Here’s my best advice when making purchasing decisions, consider how the blogging tools move your business forward as well as the price of the tool.

7. Stop Overthinking: Blogging is not rocket science, which I hear is a bit tough. It’s more about helping your community. Create great, useful content the way you would like it presented and then run with it.

8. Measure Results: Use some of the most popular analytic tools to measure the progress of your blog. Start with Google Analytics. Remember, you can’t get where you are going until you know where you have been.

9. Tell the World: Believe it or not, many bloggers don’t even use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + to share their own posts when they are published. Seems like a duh, but if you don’t tell your friends and fans about your posts, how do you expect anyone else to do it for you? Also encourage your friends to spread the word for you as well. Don’t be afraid to ask.

10. Reward System: Yes, we all like rewards! And you should set a reward system for yourself as well.  Try something like this. If you complete your scheduled blog posts for the week, then treat yourself to a couple hours of golfing, shopping or whatever floats your boat. Yet, if you miss your deadline, be prepared to work Saturday morning ‘til noon. Consequences, my friend. If success is what you are looking for, implement a structure with checks and balances.

11. DO NOT QUIT: You WILL get better as a blogger the more you do and you WILL get more followers the more consistent you are. There are millions of dead blogs on the Internet because the blogger quit. Don’t go the way of the dead blog. Oh, and did I mention…DON’T QUIT!!!!!

Sure, I could offer tons more advice on what to do to run your blog more like a business, but in my two decades as a web trainer, these 11 tips have served me well. Always remember, the fundamentals of running a business have not changed over the last 200 years. A blog is no different. Enjoy blogging. It’s one of the greatest business models available to us today! Rock On!

Zuckerberg was toddling with his blankie when Rick Nielsen, TheWebTrainer, ventured into the World Wide Web.  Now, nearly 20 years later, Rick’s passion to share his untold secrets for online success continues to grow.  His motto: “Do it right, or go home!”   Don’t know how? He’ll train you. A WordPress specialist, speaker, blogger and video expert, Rick has built more than 500 websites, trained thousands of business owners and is creator of, an online resource chock-full of advice to navigate the complexities of Web World (not Wally World) as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

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25 Comments on "11 Ways to Run Your Blog like A Business"

  1. Kenny Fabre says:


    I learned so much from these tips. Blogging is very powerful but its so sad that most people treat their blogs as hobby like you put it. I myself cant lie I use to underestimate my blog too, but now I know not to do that because my blog is becoming a household name little, and step by step.

    and I’m monetizing it pretty well. I think the four most important tips you have up there is Do not quit, tell the world, invest in your blog, and stop distractions

    Kenny Fabre
    Internet Marketing Blog

  2. Phil says:

    I like #7 and #11.

    I remember there were times when I could just sit thinking about tens of things to do to make my blog be just what I wanted it to be. Most of the times I never did what i wanted to do and sometimes could find myself treating the whole blogging thing as rocket science.

    Oh and #11 should be read carefully. Bloggers need to find that motivates them, things that keep the desire burning and things that makes it easier for them to stay on and work on their blogs.

    Hsppy blogging.

  3. Sanna Hellström says:

    Thanks for that great post! Today I had to do a couple of other things and “snuck” out of the office = kitchen.

    What happens then? The whole day becomes unstructured and I get angry and can´t get that good, productive time back:(

    Thanks again!!!! Tomorrow is a new day:)

    Sanna Hellström

  4. All 11 tips are right, but the most important word to me is PLAN, if you plan it you will incorporate a few of the 11 tips, and you will have a great chance at being successful.

    • Rick Nielsen says:

      Planning will be your #1 success tool. A little planning can go a long way toward your success online.
      Thanks man!

  5. Great tips. I’ve recently made a blogging time table and aim to stick with it. I find it gives me so much more focus.

    It’s probably the editor in me, but you may want to change that part in your bio that says, ‘Don’t know how, he’ll train you’. It should be, ‘Don’t know how? He’ll train you.’ At the moment it’s misleading and can be read to mean ‘don’t have any idea of how he’ll train you’. Sorry about being a pedant. 🙂

    • Bamidele says:

      Thanks so much for pointing out the error in the bio, Anne! It is now fixed 🙂

      • Rick Nielsen says:

        Thanks Bamidele! What a guy!

      • You’re welcome. 🙂

  6. Mark Aylward says:

    All good stuff
    I would vote for persistence over just about all your other tips. Not to say that the other 10 aren’t important, it’s just that if you never quit, you beat 95% of those who start. I remember reading about the Mashable guy and he said something when asked about his success like “I just kept writing when everyone else told me I was crazy”.
    When you keep trying you keep learning and you get braver too which makes your stuff resonate because it’s personal and passionate (check out my latest if you have a chance-thx)

  7. Movies Netflix Wihome says:

    I find all these tips inspiring. But I’m going home with one only. Invest in your business. I think that’s very important. If you actually make money blogging, there is nothing stopping you from investing and improving it.

    I appreciate your time in compiling this. Have a great day

  8. cash4wealth says:

    great post you ve got there,especially for investing on your blog which is important,it covers hiring an editor.

  9. Daniel Wood says:

    Rick i think all 11 tips are equally important.To be a successful blogger, all 11 should be taken care. Not only having a consistent posting schedule is enough nut also you should offer some valuable and useful information to your users. With time you should analyze your work and results. So i think, you can’t leave a single thing.

  10. These points are must if you want to make money from your blog. I loved few points such as:-
    1.”Go right or Go home”.
    2. If you will not share your own post how you expect from others to that.

    I am just impressed with this post. Loving it. Thanks.

  11. For me, what I had not been doing on a regular basis is sticking to the deadlines. I make some but often personal and official work come in between and I falter in promises made to myself

  12. The point I have always struggled on is promotion. To have a successful blog not only requires time for producing quality content but time to manage all your social networks. Unfortunately the days of large websites dedicated to blogging communities are over and we all must work much harder for our voices to be heard. To be consistent with online promotion and content production takes huge amounts of time. Your heart must be in it.

  13. Meronagar says:

    This is so really a great article. I am always at my office still I need to improve on some other things so that I can improve. Thanks and Regards.

  14. Becca says:

    All your tips are equally important. But quitting has a lot of make sense it shows how persistent you are on your business.

  15. Dean Saliba says:

    What a fantastic post! I follow pretty much all of the tips that you mentioned apart from numbers 3 and 5.

    Distractions are something that is my biggest problem as I will easily let things like a game on Facebook, reading a blog or even doing some cleaning, pull me away from writing.

    I don’t find the need to hire an editor as when I’m not distracted I can handle all the work myself easily.

  16. Mategyero says:

    In just a few words, this is a real blog post, so simple, short and articulate. Kuddos Nick. 😉

  17. Ahsan says:

    I think every new blogger needs to have patience. In blogging, patience is the key to success. If a new blogger follow these 11 tips, he’ll be master of blogging world

  18. Raj Mehta says:

    I like the 2nd point create deadline and stick with them !

  19. Gaurang says:

    Great Tips,. Esp I like the Investment part the most.. Thanks For the article:)

  20. Myrna Yech says:

    I don’t know what the statistics are but I know that from those 40,000 new blogs many, as you already said, are just free and blogs about personal rant and the other serious blogs close in a proportion if 90% in the first year for various reasons.

    In the today market you have to outsource some of your daily blog chores if you want to deliver great content and help you not to be run down by too many tasks.
    So the investment part comes as a consequence of the outsourcing part.

  21. RE says:

    Invest in your blog : I think this is what has been missing from my blogging strategies ; I invested thousands of man hours, but I never invested a dime, except maybe for my private domain names. I will try to find out how I could improve my blogs by investing some money in them , a professional blog designer would be a good start!


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