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Beauty Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you a make-up artist, beauty blogger, or work within the beauty profession? If so, getting your posts published on beauty sites is excellent exposure for your business or blog. On top of that, some of these blogs give special perks to their writers, such as press passes and beauty boxes.

Guest blogging is ideal for connecting with new readers, growing your social media followers and attracting the right audience to your blog. To get started, read the guidelines of the beauty blogs listed below. When ready, submit your posts to the ones most suitable for your writing abilities or business knowledge.

Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts.

1.  Look Fantastic

Domain Authority: 62          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Do you enjoy writing about cosmetics, skincare or hair care? Send an email with some information about yourself and your beauty experience. Also, include a link to your previous work. Read more here.

2.  Julep

Domain Authority:  60         

How to Submit a Guest Post:  If you have a passion for nails, beauty, hair, fashion, etc., consider submitting a guest post to Julep.  However, you will be a better fit if you have photography, video or photo-editing skills. Read more in the guidelines here. Fill out this form to get started.

3.  Sweet Style

Domain Authority:  33         

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Write your articles in correct English with a minimum word count of 500. Also, ensure you meet their strict guidelines as stated here. Articles should be unique and not published elsewhere. Pitch your ideas via the contact form to get started.

4.  Lypsso

Domain Authority: 30          

How to Submit a Guest Post:  This site is about beauty fixes and grooming for men and women. Read previous articles to make sure yours hasn’t been covered before you choose a topic. Here is a tip on how to write a great post. Before emailing your submission, please read the detailed guidelines first.

5.  Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary

Domain Authority: 33          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You can write about anything relevant to this beauty blog. Check out the categories here. By submitting an article you agree to the site’s user agreement. Read more details here before you get started. Pitch your ideas via email.

6.  My Beauty Bunny

Domain Authority: 45            

How to Submit a Guest Post:  This is a cruelty-free beauty blog. Therefore, only reference cruelty-free products in your articles. Your content must be excellent, unique and not published elsewhere. Email your topic ideas for consideration, but read the guidelines first.

7.  Focus on Style

Domain Authority: 47          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Due to the high level of submissions, only experts in their fields will be considered. Articles must be evergreen and written from a modern style perspective – with actionable advice. Carefully read the detailed guidelines before considering contacting this site.

8.  Beauty and Personal Grooming

Domain Authority: 31          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Your topic should relate to the blog’s niche and not published anywhere else. You should also send a 150-word search/meta description, along with the submission of your article. Read the guidelines before making contact.

9.  Make-up and Beauty Blog

Domain Authority: 53          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write a product review, make-up looks, tutorial or tips. However, make sure you read some of the previous posts first. Read the guidelines here. Send your ideas via the contact form or by email.

10.  Make-up by Kim Porter

Domain Authority: 32          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Only registered subscribers can write for this blog. Articles should be engaging, original and not be published anywhere else. Read the guidelines and address your questions or send a pitch in the contact form.

11.  Yon-Ka

Domain Authority: 41          

How to Submit a Guest Post: This blog promotes skincare through health. Therefore, they prefer ‘how to’ articles with skin care advice and tips. Posts must be high-quality and contain knowledge of skin care to educate their readers. Read the guidelines before filling out the submission form on the same page.

12.  She Knows

Domain Authority: 84          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Think about writing an original, creative post with an interactive twist. This blog prefers articles based on research, interviews  and unusual topics while keeping within the categories. Check out the blog and read published articles before submitting yours. The guidelines have more details.

13.  Pins and Procrastination

Domain Authority: 31          

How to Submit a Guest Post: One of the topics for guest posting is natural homemade beauty products. Read the guidelines and submit your topic with a brief outline, using the form on the same page.

14.  Keeper of the Home

Domain Authority: 52          

How to Submit a Guest Post: To enhance the community of this blog, you’re required to share your published guest posts. However, read the detailed guidelines first to ensure your submission is acceptable. To submit your article read the share your story page.

15.  Sensual Appeal

Domain Authority: 43          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the beauty category for a feel of the writing style and the audience. You need to send writing samples when emailing your topic ideas. Read more details on the guidelines page before you get started.

16.  Geek Girl Pen Pals

Domain Authority: 36          

How to Submit a Guest Post: If you’re into geeky, fun writing, this site is for you. Also, you could qualify for press passes to local nerd conventions. Ideally, all writers should be active members of the IGGPPC club, and be familiar with – or be willing to learn WordPress. Head to the guidelines page for more information and email your ideas for consideration.

17.  5 Minutes for Mom

Domain Authority: 69          

How to Submit a Guest Post: First, sign up to be considered for a guest contributor position. When ready, choose a topic idea, keyword phrases or headlines. Next, fill out this application form. There is more detailed information on the guidelines page to get you up and running.

18.  Babble

Domain Authority: 88          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Look at the articles on the site and check for topics previously published. Email your article to Megan Sayers. State if you’ve written for Babble before and link to 3 or 4 of your published articles. Read and follow the guidelines exactly if you wish to be published on this site.

19.  Mom Fuse

Domain Authority: 42          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Beauty topics should be related to moms. Check out the beauty and style category for ideas. When you’re familiar with the blog, Email your article with your byline after reading the guidelines.

20.  Beauty and Fashion Tech

Domain Authority: 44           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Your article must be unique and high-quality. Please note that only guest bloggers with fashion or beauty blogs will be considered. Topics should be about make-up tutorials, make-up looks with original photos, or well-written, informative content. Please read the rules and criteria on the guidelines page.



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