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Get Paid to Write: 18 Educational Magazines That Pay Writers

Educational magazines can sometimes be difficult to get into. However, we’ve found some publications that actively encourage new writers to query or send work directly to them. All of the following magazines pay for the submissions they receive, which means that all you have to do is consult their website to see which one your […]

Travel Writing Jobs: 30 Travel Magazines That Pay Writers up to $1,000 Per Article

Travel magazines are great publications to write for. Work is always exciting and in most cases, your writing fee will pay for your travel adventures. There’s no other writing like it! Here are some great travel publications you can write for if you’re a freelancer; some of these magazines do not specify pay, but most […]

27 Culture Magazines That Pay Writers up to $1000 Per Article

If you’re a freelance writer looking for paid writing opportunities, here’s the most definitive collection on the Internet. This list is packed with all the best culture magazines that actively encourage freelancers to pitch them. If you’re good at research, have some experience or qualification (or you’re a student in the relevant areas of culture), […]

16 Business Magazines That Pay Writers Up to $700 Per Article

The potential for earning is extensive if you write for business magazines. This comprehensive article gives you the opportunity to peruse the best paying business magazines who hire freelance writers – all in one place. ┬áPlease make sure you read additional writers’ guidelines on the individual pages, as many of the publications listed have quite […]

16 Boating Magazines that Pay Writers up to $1,000 Per Article

Are you a boating enthusiast, or do you love to write about boating? We have good news! You can get paid to write about boating. The Writers in Charge team got to work and compiled this list of boating magazines that pay writers. Enjoy! Note: If you’d like to see more magazines that pay writers […]


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