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The Pomodoro Technique, Meditation, and Stress-free Writing

Guest post by Bill I don’t know about you, but I live a pretty busy life. A wife, kids, and a 40-hour work week. I also write eBooks and articles. In 2012, things got so hectic that I had to find some way to slow it down, regain my sanity, and figure out a way […]

How I Went from Earning $12/Article to $250/Article

Guest post by Sarah If you’ve read the bio on my new website, “Write Your Revolution,” you already know that web content writing is a career I stumbled into by accident.  I never set out to be a professional writer (in fact, I hold a nearly-worthless degree in Environmental Studies), but when a former website […]

7 Reasons Why Your Writing Skills Aren’t Improving

Guest post by Abass Just as you wouldn’t pay a huge price for a substandard product or service, no client will ever pay you well for writing crap – and that’s if you’re lucky to attract one in the first place. So if you really want to make money – real money, not crumbs – […]

How Confidence Can Make All the Difference to Your Freelance Writing Career

Today’s guest post is from Tom Ewer, a very successful freelance blogger. Tom just launched what I think is the ultimate guide to being a successful freelance blogger, and a guide I think you should check out! — Are you a writer? Let me tell you something — you’re better than you think you are. […]

How To Wake Up Every Morning With the Motivation To Write Great Content

Guest post by Tony Blogging in the first few months is intensely fun – you learn a whole new set of skills and really start to feel all techie (at least, that’s what I felt when I started). But after a few months, blogging becomes rather mundane, to the point where you’re literally dragging yourself […]


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