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The Best Subject to Blog about to Get Freelance Writing Clients

I published my first Slideshare presentation yesterday, and the feedback so far has been awesome. The slide has been viewed over 2,300 times at the moment, and I’ve embedded it for you below if you’re yet to check it out. How to Use Blogging to Fuel Your Freelance Writing Business

How I Made 5-Figures Freelancing in 2011, Revealed

I’m on track to make even more this year. This is all thanks to a very effective systematic approach I have in place – an approach a lot of other freelance writers ignore. This is all thanks to BLOGGING! The reality is that you probably know a dozen other freelance writers who have a blog, […]

10 Strategic Ways to Position Your Blog to Attract Clients Easily

Are you hardly getting by as a freelance writer by bidding on job boards? How about stepping up your game and getting a few clients of your own? This guest post by Michael Chibuzor explains 10 strategic ways to position your blog to attract more clients, and I’m in total support of most of the […]

Freelance Writing Jobs: 12 Quality Job Boards Freelance Writers Should Know

Tens of thousands of people throng the internet every month looking for freelance writing jobs, but unfortunately many eitherĀ fail to find writing jobs or they fall victim to low paying gigs. One of the best, and guaranteed, ways to get freelance writing gigs is by applying to jobs posted on job boards. I’m not talking […]

10 Real Ways to Beat the Beast that is Writer’s Block

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti of Sparring Mind. Writers of all types will deal with writer’s block, this we know to be inevitable. Where things change is exactly how you’ll deal with them. Will you let writer’s block eat up your productivity, and come back for seconds to devour more free time? […]


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