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5 Ways to Attract and Generate Leads through Link Building

link building to generate leadsThis is a guest post by Jason.

Link building is a process in search engine optimization, which is intended to make a site popular through links from other websites directing to the page(s) being optimized to have higher search rankings.

Basically, the quality and quantity of links on the web pointing to a certain website/page are used by search engines in weighing a site’s importance as well as relevance to its targeted search terms in order to provide online users relevant results when seeking for information over the web.

For small business websites, it’s important to gain the trust of users to improve the chances of getting leads or to simply convert incoming traffic. And one of the best ways to earn trust from users is to be visible to them by means of having high rankings on search engine result pages for your site’s targeted keywords and offering a solid content in which your targeted market should see or obtain real value from it once they land on your webpage.

To start off, there are several ways to attract and generate leads through the link building methods or process itself and through its end results (which is to gain higher search rankings). Here are some of the methods that can help your site’s online marketing campaign’s long and short-term goals:

Guest Blogging

Submitting a guest blog on authority blogs that have a similar theme to yours and have high traffic is certainly one of the best ways to attract leads to your business. This method offers a lot of advantages to your site’s SEO as well as marketing campaign, given that you are offering valuable information in front of a highly targeted market.

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Short-term advantages:

  • It can generate relevant traffic to your site as the hosting blogs’ followers get to see your content.
  • It allows you to showcase your expertise about your industry and helps to develop your brand.
  • Visitors to your site coming from this link building method have higher chances of being converted to leads, as they are already aware of what your site is offering through your submitted content.

Long-term advantages:

  • Your site is acquiring high quality links from authority blogs that can help boost your targeted keyword’s search rankings.
  • Links built through this method are more likely to stay on the web as long as the site is live, which means a robust, venerable and longstanding vote for your keyword rankings.
  • Helps in improving your site’s Pagerank, as links from your guest blogs have good link placements and are certain to be topically relevant.
  • It allows you to build relationships with authority blogs, which can eventually help your site get more exposure in the future.
  • Your content hosted on their blog will stay for a while, which in turn can generate consistent traffic to your site, particularly if it gets its own search rankings.

Using Your Content as a Resource

One concept of link building that hasn’t really been utilized by most marketers today is the idea of using and promoting their site’s informative and educational content as a resource in genuinely contributing to the community. There are many channels wherein you can promote your content and build quality links to boost your site’s keyword rankings and trust factor such as:

  • Q&A sites – answering relevant questions posted on sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers, and linking to your content or blog posts as the resource for your answers.
  • Forums – finding forum threads and sharing your knowledge by answering questions related to your expertise, and of course, providing a link to your content to offer more comprehensive details about the subject.
  • Blog Discussions – reading blog posts and discussions/comments related to your subject matter also gives you a good linking opportunity, as you can use your content as a resource in strengthening your opinion about the topic as well as in keeping your comment short but succinct.
  • Internal links – promoting your old contents through your newer blog posts as a resource is definitely a good way to build high quality links, given that internal links are very much capable of carrying the same amount of link value that backlinks (or links from other websites) do.
  • Link Requests – reaching out to sites/pages that might be interested to link to your content as a resource through email can enhance your contents’ visibility and can certainly boost its search rankings as the citations that you’ll mostly acquire from this method are able to generate your site’s content more editorial links.

Short-term advantages:

  • Can generate highly interested traffic to your site, since you’ve provided valuable information through social interaction.
  • Sharing your expertise through information-driven links improves the chances of attracting leads to your site. Given that the links you have generated are more likely to grab the attention of those who’ll be able to see it because it was used as a resource.

Long-term advantages:

  • You’re building highly trusted links in the eyes of search engines, seeing as the links acquired through these methods are offering real value to the community.
  • Naturalizes your site’s link profile through the ratio of the link attributes built (nofollow and dofollow links), variations of the methods used, nature of link growth (as you don’t get to obtain massive links everyday) and relevance of the linking pages.
  • The concept is non-manipulative, since links acquired through this process are directing to several inner-pages (your site’s contents) instead of just the homepage of the site. This enhances the site’s source of traffic, as these inner pages get more popular and get their own rankings on search engines.

Ebook Creation

Creating an Ebook that imparts extensive details and useful content related to your industry can help your marketing and lead generation campaign in so many ways:

  • Builds natural, quality and relevant links to your site when submitted to PDF directories like Scribd and Docstoc and if readers are encouraged to use your ebook as a giveaway to their own marketing campaign.
  • Placing links directing to your site’s important pages through your Ebook can generate traffic that have the motive to purchase.
  • It displays your brand’s expertise, which can leverage the trust they see in your business.
  • Promoting your free Ebook through your site’s opt-in will increase relevant people subscribing to your newsletter and to your email list.


  • Builds up your email list, where you can generate more leads.
  • Generates more virally driven links, since related sites do pick up and syndicate highly informative PDF files.

Web 2.0 Properties

Making use of web 2.0 properties in promoting your small businesses over the web allows you to give more in-depth information about how it works. There are many authority web 2.0 sites that you can utilize to publish promotional content (where you can link out to your site’s important pages as well as your free Ebook) – such as Squidoo and Hubpages.


  • Helps boost your site’s targeted keywords’ search rankings.
  • Pages from popular web 2.0 sites passes through a lot of link juice, since most have high domain authority.
  • Pages built from these sites have better chances of getting their own search rankings, seeing as they are highly trusted by search engines.
  • It’s a content-based method that often provides loads of information, which puts more emphasis in establishing trust for your business’ brand and in generating leads.

Press Release Submission

Press release is one of the most effective ways in generating natural links on the web to your site and getting more exposure for your business, because it can be picked up by news sites and generate buzz about your business, if done appropriately. It also develops your business’ lead generation tactic as you generate interest to the public.

Creating an angle for your Press Release story:

  • Industry expert views or Interviews (probably you, as the subject).
  • Business statistics (revenue, investments, etc…).
  • Your business’ charity works or upcoming events.
  • Breaking news in your industry, in which your business can provide solutions.
  • Upcoming products and/or services.

It’s also important that you promote your Press Release through social media to make the most out of it and for your submissions to have higher rates of generating leads. Making the submitted content extremely interesting, informative and well-researched will enhance the chances of making it go viral.

Short-term Advantages:

  • Press Release articles can easily get high rankings on search engine result pages as it shows to be very relevant and up-to-date.
  • Can go viral, when picked up by authority news sites or if mentioned by news articles as a resource.

Long-term Advantages:

  • Provides high quality, relevant and in-content links to your site.
  • Pages from these sites are more likely to be permanent on the web.
  • Allows you to obtain links from related blogs and news sites, if they have given proper attribution to your site as the original source of the news. This can also build up your site’s trustworthiness (seeing as you have been mentioned by top and authority blogs and news sites), which can attract more leads.

About the author: Jason Acidre is a Search Marketing Consultant at Affilorama and SEO-Hacker. He also writes and shares more SEO Strategies on his personal blog.

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39 Comments on "5 Ways to Attract and Generate Leads through Link Building"

  1. Eric says:

    Great content here Oni & Jason! As a new blogger (and still setting up my site) this is great information as to where to aim my resources.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Jason Acidre says:

      Thanks Eric! Glad this was useful to you.

      Just keep on going and enjoy blogging 🙂

  2. Another good stuff from Jason. Thanks for gusting him here Oni!

    • Jason Acidre says:

      Thanks for the support Jun! 🙂

      You should send over a guest post here man!

  3. Steve says:

    Hi Oni,

    This is truly a comprehensive and varied list from where to start to drive targeted traffic through link building. I am quite sure that if you post to these sites you will get tons of targeted traffic. 🙂


    • Jason Acidre says:

      Precisely Steve. And not just targeted traffic, traffic that will take actions, particularly if you have convinced them well through this mode of outreach 🙂

  4. Kevin @ says:

    Love how you touched on press releases at the end – after the Panda update it’s more important than ever to go after high quality links from authority news sites like the NYtimes.

    • Jason Acidre says:

      I agree, as the most powerful links come from those authority sites (news sites), and it also gives higher exposure for your brand that can in turn generate your site more natural links from relevant blogs who’ll be using that news item and you of course as the source.

  5. Zero Passive Income says:

    This is a great post. I knew about guest blogging but It wasn’t till I saw your link to your guest blogging guide that I seriously considered it. Thanks for the share!

  6. semmy @ Make Money Online says:

    Hi Jason really good content!! This is what I’m looking for! I’ll try one of your backlinks methods. Thanks man

    • Jason Acidre says:

      Glad I could help 🙂

  7. Tho Huynh says:

    Many people wonder why their websites have no visitor or a spike in traffic although the fact that they have produced valuable content. The answer is simple: good writing is not enough, you have to spread out of the world. And yet, link building is (always) great way to get your blog rank higher.

    Thank Jason for this post.

    It’s glad to see you here 🙂

    • Jason Acidre says:

      Agree! That’s why marketing is so vital to any form of online business, as the usefulness of their content/tools/products are of no real value if it’s invisible to their targeted market.

      Thanks dropping by man!

  8. Kristi Hines says:

    Great article Jason! If you look at link building as a way of generating leads, it will force you into creating better quality content for your links, which is the best way to go all around.

    • Jason Acidre says:

      Exactly as what I have been thinking. With this kind of quality of content (which have the main intent of generating leads) then search crawlers would definitely see those external support pages as highly relevant and obviously will have higher link value in serving as a vote for search rankings.

      Thanks Kristi and have a great weekend! 🙂

  9. Hi Jason,

    All are important points but for a blog guest posting is very crucial and for any business press release plays the same role.

  10. Carl Mueller says:

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for the post. I haven’t gone the press release route myself but do so after reading your highlights of the process.


    • Jason Acidre says:

      Thanks Carl. The method is worth trying 🙂

  11. Hi Jason,

    Excellent tips.

    Creating ebooks helps establish authority. Simply repackaging and editing articles is a great way to whip up a short and punchy ebook that can help with your link building efforts.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Jason Acidre says:

      Thanks for sharing that technique Ryan. Been thinking of creating a new ebook this coming may, perhaps I can do that tip of yours 🙂 I’ll just make my good old articles more in depth.

  12. Thanks a lot for the tips. All five seem very interesting backlinks methods. Thanks for sharing.

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    I learn so many useful things from your each and every post. and this also a good post for me. thanks for sharing this great information.

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    You have explained the advantages and disadvantages of linkbuilding very easy to understand. This is too beneficial for SEO’s.

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    Awesome post Jason! Using these methods will definetly help you build quality links! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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    Building links is very important for seo, and these tips are awesome. thanks for sharing

  17. Dakota says:

    Great timing for me Oni, thanks!
    What wonderful content and at the right time for me. I’m a young newbie, just getting into building traffic to my website. I have a music store to create revenue but also want to keep adding new content on a regular basis. Content that is informative, useful, practical, and interesting. So that part of my site is a work-in-progress. I try to add something new every week. (but school comes first) 🙂
    I had read a little about link wheels, back-linking, e-book creating and other stuff. But this article has given me a nice concentrated place to start when I get a bit frustrated or need to move onto something different. Thank you. I would love any other ‘free’ advice you could or would be willing to give me!
    Enjoying my musical journey!
    Piano Lesson Girl

    • Jason Acidre says:

      Glad to hear that Dakota 🙂 If ever you’ll need more help with your site’s marketing, you can always dig for more info on Oni’s blog or mine, and feel free to ask any time 🙂

  18. fazal mayar says:

    Good post, building links help a lot if you do it right. Traffic and leads will come.

  19. Map of Mass says:

    I like the first way as you said.Guest blogging is not so easy because you have to provide unique and quality content so that blog owner can approve your post.It will atractso much quality traffic to your website by putting your URL in your profile

  20. Symfony says:

    Hi, Jason
    Although some people claim that links are useless, only content matters, i can’t agree with them. I think links are obligatory and should be obtaines. Thanks for your article where you managed to collect practically all important points worth remembering.
    I also think that guest blogging is effective as you provide a good content and get links and traffic to your site.

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    Great Article Jason.

    I`ve learned a couple o things i didn`t know about SEO and link building.

    When we talk about creating an ebook we need extra knowledge about how to do the ecover stuff.

  24. abrablog says:

    Great one. I already do most of them. To be honest, it help me to get many lead every single day.

  25. Dell toner says:

    Those are great link building tips. I will apply them to my link building activities.

  26. Business Analyst Jobs says:

    Great tactics. Thanks for sharing. We tend to think there’s a secret tactic we’re still missing which would bring in all the traffic we need making our business successful, but truth be told, there is no secret- Unless you’re not telling us Oni!?! 🙂 I guess it just boils down to taking action and having patience.

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  28. Hey Jason,

    You are offering again some amazing value to all online marketers. You will notice how powerful this link building concept is when you brought it to a conscious level. Have to agree with Kristi Hines as well, to make the most of this method, it is also necessary to create better quality content for your links. Can’t wait to see another valuable post from you.

    Thanks for sharing,


  29. Paul says:

    I have written several ebooks on Property.

    with tips ideas or examples in them

    What have people used as there call to action at the end ?
    I use a FREE consultation and some free software to get people to sign up or meet me.



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